Threat ID:

LTE-2712-Bosch "Titanic Terravore"


5 (Immediate Response) N/A (Confirmed Destroyed, File Archived)

Description: A series of teeth (40 confirmed instances) which appeared spontaneously in and above the Arctic Ocean on 04/08/2███. Instances resembled those of an adult member of the species Canis lupus; these teeth were massive in proportion, with cuspids estimated approximately 3km from base to tip. Extensive mapping (via satellite imagery/bathymetric survey) of the area inhabited by LTE-2712-Bosch revealed that the teeth were oriented in an anatomically correct fashion.

The incisors of the maxillary (upper) dental arcade were located in the upper troposphere (10 MASL), and the mandibular dental arcade incisors rested at an ocean depth of approximately 2.3km. Both sets of incisors were located near 80ºN 147ºW, and rear molars have been discovered over 300 km away at 82ºN 160ºW.

Each instance terminated at its base, with no visible gingiva in our dimension, though it was later verified during the liquidation process that the entity in its entirety was indeed a colossal specimen at least superficially similar to a member of the species Canis lupus. The entity was estimated to be around 7,200 km in length, with height at the shoulders of 3,200 km. Of note is the fact that the entity had a thin chain around its neck, which apparently had been severed. The destroyed portion was coated in a blue, lustrous substance.

Agents described the area it inhabited as a seemingly endless ocean, shrouded in mist, with no visible landmarks or horizons.


Timeline of notable events.

04/12/2███ 03:32: ICSUT Blue Assets perform a working to gain access to the entity's primary dimension. The process is completed within the hour.

04/12/2███ 04:39: SCPS Quarantine enters the aperture, Mu-90 and AT-743 on board. Orders are to observe and report only. Communications are lost instantaneously upon their crossing.

04/12/2███ 05:17: SCPS Quarantine returns to report on the entity and the dimension it resides in.

04/12/2███ 07:20: UHEC units and Eta-5 are deployed aboard GOCA Legacy.

04/12/2███ 15:35: LTE-2712 rapidly withdraws its lower fangs, leaving no remaining evidence of its existence. This event affected the ICSUT created aperture, however, which became unstable.

04/12/2███ 15:48: LTE-2712 slowly withdraws its upper fangs, also leaving no trace. It was at this point that the liquidation was considered a success; though the aperture fully collapsed, trapping those aboard the Legacy.

04/12/2███ 20:58: ICSUT Blue Assets are still unable to reopen the aperture. Task forces considered lost.

04/12/2███ 23:02: Assistant Director "Papa Romeo" receives a call from XO Sheryl ████████, thought to have been KIA aboard the Legacy. ████████ requested immediate evac for surviving personnel, now located outside an abandoned apartment in North Carolina.

Note: Of over 4,000 staff aboard the Legacy, only 112 survived. Survivors were escorted to US Outpost-██ for medical treatment and debriefing.

Testimony from the survivors of Joint Task Force 2861-Omega ("Ragna-blök") revealed that the threat proved immune to all forms of conventional and tangential weaponry after a prolonged period of assault.

Acting on orders from High Command, UHEC operators attempted an incursion into the entity, with the objective of planning their respective compressed thermonuclear devices within it. Unfortunately, a suit malfunction hindered their progression, and UHEC-656 was lost. The suit landed in the lower jaw of the entity, weighing it down and retracting the teeth from the baseline dimension.