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Threat ID:

LTE-2712-Bosch "Titanic Terravore"


5 (Immediate Response) N/A (Confirmed Destroyed, File Archived)

Description: A series of teeth (40 confirmed instances) which appeared spontaneously in and above the Arctic Ocean on 04/08/2███. Instances resembled those of an adult member of the species Canis lupus; these teeth were massive in proportion, with cuspids estimated approximately 3km from base to tip. Extensive mapping (via satellite imagery/bathymetric survey) of the area inhabited by LTE-2712-Bosch revealed that the teeth were oriented in an anatomically correct fashion.

The incisors of the maxillary (upper) dental arcade were located in the upper troposphere (10 MASL), and the mandibular dental arcade incisors rested at an ocean depth of approximately 2.3km. Both sets of incisors were located near 80ºN 147ºW, and rear molars have been discovered over 300 km away at 82ºN 160ºW.

Each instance terminated at its base, with no visible gingiva in our dimension, though it was later verified during the liquidation process that the entity in its entirety was indeed a colossal specimen at least superficially similar to a member of the species Canis lupus. The entity was estimated to be around 7,200 km in length, with height at the shoulders of 3,200 km. Of note is the fact that the entity had a thin chain around its neck, which apparently had been severed. The destroyed portion was coated in a blue, lustrous substance.

Agents described the area it inhabited as a seemingly endless ocean, shrouded in mist, with no visible landmarks or horizons.



Timeline of notable events.


04/12/2███ 03:32: ICSUT Blue Assets perform a working to gain access to the entity's primary dimension. The process is completed within the hour.

04/12/2███ 04:39: SCPS Quarantine enters the aperture, Mu-90 and AT-743 on board. Orders are to observe and report only. Communications are lost instantaneously upon their crossing.

04/12/2███ 05:17: SCPS Quarantine returns to report on the entity and the dimension it resides in.

04/12/2███ 07:20: UHEC units and Eta-5 are deployed aboard GOCA Legacy.

04/12/2███ 15:35: LTE-2712 rapidly withdraws its lower fangs, leaving no remaining evidence of its existence. This event affected the ICSUT created aperture, however, which became unstable.

04/12/2███ 15:48: LTE-2712 slowly withdraws its upper fangs, also leaving no trace. It was at this point that the liquidation was considered a success; though the aperture fully collapsed, trapping those aboard the Legacy.

04/12/2███ 20:58: ICSUT Blue Assets are still unable to reopen the aperture. Task forces considered lost.

04/12/2███ 23:02: Assistant Director "Papa Romeo" receives a call from XO Sheryl ████████, thought to have been KIA aboard the Legacy. ████████ requested immediate evac for surviving personnel, now located outside an abandoned apartment in North Carolina.

Note: Of over 4,000 staff aboard the Legacy, only 112 survived. Survivors were escorted to US Outpost-██ for medical treatment and debriefing.


Testimony from the survivors of Joint Task Force 2861-Omega ("Ragna-blök") revealed that the threat proved immune to all forms of conventional and tangential weaponry after a prolonged period of assault.

Acting on orders from High Command, UHEC operators attempted an incursion into the entity, with the objective of planning their respective compressed thermonuclear devices within it. Unfortunately, a suit malfunction hindered their progression, and UHEC-656 was lost. The suit landed in the lower jaw of the entity, weighing it down and retracting the teeth from the baseline dimension.

Following advice from Michael Hauer, Legacy pilots brought the ship within its jaw and the crew affixed a GOC anti-gravity turbine to the roof of its mouth. Liquidation was subsequently achieved after remote activation of the turbine. Cause of death was exsanguination following violent severance of the lower mandible. The entity struck the Legacy in its death throes, compromising the ship and killing most on board. Survivors escaped through a transdimensional rift generated by a device belonging to the Eta-5 member.

With the liquidation a success, High Command began an investigation into the situation. It was determined that enough evidence existed to suggest that an Unknown Threat Entity had attempted to initiate an eschatological scenario. The identity and motives of this entity are unclear. Research is hindered, however, by the fact the Foundation forces have sole access to the dimension previously occupied by LTE-2712.



The following missive was delivered to GOC Director D.C. al Fine prior to the emergence of LTE-2712. No action was taken initially, due to unsubstantiated claims from this individual.

Letter excerpt: 04/07/2███

Sender: Cynthia Fume (Speaker: Fellowship of the Faith of the Æsir)

Recipient: D.C. al Fine


I have practiced seiðr all throughout my tenure, yet this was an experience far removed from my previous divinatory sessions. Though I had never before gazed upon the true visage of a member of the Æsir, I still knew her face. It was our lady Frigga, The Beloved, The Weaver of Fate.

She spoke to me of The End Times, and a violation to the order of things. Her testimony in its entirety escapes me, as details were lost in the fugue between states of consciousness; this is what remains in my mind.

…Glepnir has given way, the Great Chain now gone

and fierce Fenrir is freed, unfettered for his feast.

Prepare! For he shall pierce your plane, as a precursor to pandemonium

Accept my advice, as annihilation is avoidable yet.

There was more, of that I am certain. I have no doubt that this was a genuine warning, as the future is known to Frigga, yet she cannot directly affect its outcome. It is in our hands now. The Coalition must make preparations to neutralize this threat, whatever the cost.


Between 2:10 - 3:30 on 04/11/2███, tsunamis struck along the Northern borders of Russia, Alaska, and the Canadian Arctic Archipelago Nunavut. By the end of the day, the death toll had been estimated to have peaked at roughly three thousand civilian casualties.

Video evidence recorded by civilians in several countries from the Northern hemisphere were uploaded onto several video-sharing websites within the first several hours of the disaster; claiming to depict 'UFOs' in the sky. Media blackout and censorship protocols were automatically initiated in accordance with Second Mission (Concealment) concerns. [Queries concerning informational security regarding this incident should be forwarded to Jules Whitaker - DPRIC Supervisor]

Assessment Team-743 "Snow Blind" was deployed at the behest of Assistant Director "Ursus Major". AT-743 was chosen due to proximity, and arrived on the scene at roughly 4:20. The team observed Foundation forces aboard the SCPS Quarantine interacting with the anomaly. AT-743 was successful in intercepting Foundation communication channels; which revealed the fact that Foundation operatives were focusing on information suppression with regards to the entity, as wholesale containment was considered unfeasible.

AT-743 relayed this information to High Command and an emergency Convergence was called. Assistant Director "Papa Romeo" was instructed to reach out to the Foundation in order to form a joint task force due to his position <CLASSIFIED LEVEL Q BY ORDER OF GOC HIGH COMMAND> with the express purpose of neutralizing the entity.

With acquiescence from Foundation Command, the task force was formed. 2861-O consisted of:

  • 2 members of Strike Team 9999 "Max Damage": UHEC-656 ("Robo-Top") and UHEC-300 ("Spartiguts")

  • Assessment Team-743 "Snow Blind"

  • 20 Blue Assets from the Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatology

  • Michael Hauer, Fellowship of the Faith of the Æsir (Lore Consultant)

  • GOCA Legacy

  • A single member of Foundation Mobile Task Force Eta-5 ("Jäeger Bombers")

  • Foundation MTF Mu-90 ("Water Logged")

  • Foundation SCPS Quarantine



Department of Public Relations and Information Concealment

Sender: Jules Whitaker

Recipient: April ██████ (Operations Lead)

Subject: RE:2712

Post-Incident intel suggests that the joint effort between the GOC and the Foundation was unable to completely intercept civilian footage documenting LTE-2712. The Foundation was able to launch a campaign discrediting what was already in circulation after the fact, though this is considered to be insufficient for the fulfillment of Second Mission (Concealment) goals. DPRIC is hereby requesting permission to implement Procedure-9102 "Déjà Oublié". Data projection indicates that LTE-2712 will fade from public consciousness with 98% of the affected population losing the ability to recall witnessing the event. This is considered to be an acceptable amount, as combined with the applied information suppression techniques and the Foundation's targeted anti-memes, civilians who witnessed LTE-2712 firsthand should be summarily dismissed.



AT/ST Patrol Report (Debrief)

Photo taken by 14736209/743 "Matches" aboard the SCPS Quarantine

Involved Assessment/Strike Team:


Filing Operative:

"Hare" 20947361/743

Mission (Location/Objective):

Foreign TE encroaching on our world, situated in the Arctic Circle. Our team was deployed aboard the SCPS Quarantine, with orders to observe and report only.

Encounter Report/Enemy Description:

We had to sail a good distance away just to get a good look at this thing. Definitely some kind of wolf, looks to be the size of a small country. VERITAS picked up some heavy ARad coming off something coating the beast's chain at the severed bit. 4,100 Kilocaspers, Sapphire, Flat, Locked.


The Foundation researchers were able to get some measurements of the entity. Didn't seem to pick up on the ARad, though. Other than that, we were in and out in one piece, can't complain.

Personnel Condition:

Optimal. Did not engage threat. Don't think it even knew we were there. Come to think of it, poor bastard looked stuck.


Hereby requesting High Command investigates this matter further; Captain Burgess is going to file an Unknown Threat Entity report. From what we've seen so far, this thing sure as hell didn't break free on its own.

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