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More In-Hand Pictures Of Godzilla vs Kong Toys Have Surfaced (No Spoilers)

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Last week, we witnessed the release of the 11" Godzilla and Kong figures and the reveal of the 6" Kong w/ Battle Axe figure on Walmart's website. At the time, people were not so happy with PlayMates Toys due to NECA revealing they were stopping all selling and manufacturing of their Godzilla toys that same week. Now, things have simmered down since then and just in time too. On Thursday, July 23rd, a person on Instagram that goes by the username @sb_toyz, has revealed three more toys from PlayMates Toys will be released along side the other three that were already released. These three figures are Godzilla w/ Radio Tower, Godzilla w/ Heat Ray, and Skull Crawler with HEAV. There are two other figures that were unofficially revealed, but one of them is a spoiler. So keeping true to my promise of not showing spoilers the figure is censored until more information of the movie is released.

Godzilla w/ Radio Tower:

Godzilla w/ Radio Tower is basically the 11" Godzilla figure shrunk down into the 6" scale. It comes with a crushed radio tower and the battle damage gimmick on his chest. This is a really cool call back to the original 1954 movie when Godzilla was attacking a radio tower during his rampage through Tokyo. So this might be a scene we will get to see play out in Godzilla vs Kong.

Unlike the Kong w/ Battle Axe figure, Godzilla does not have much articulation other than the swivels on the arms, legs, and tail. This actually makes me question why they would not add a little more articulation on Godzilla if they could do it for Kong and the Skull Crawler. I understand that adding articulation is expensive, but I think they could've done a little more with Godzilla if they could do it with the other two figures.

Godzilla w/ Heat Ray:

Godzilla w/ Heat Ray is the same 6" Godzilla figure as the Godzilla w/ Radio Tower figure with a few differences. This Godzilla is much darker with a charcoal grey or black paint, the dorsal fins on his back are translucent blue, a minor sculpt change with the hands, and it comes with an atomic breath accessory.

This Godzilla still has the battle damage feature, which to me looks like it would make more sense with this figure than the other Godzilla if you want to do an action scene with Kong.

Skull Crawler w/ HEAV:

Ever since Kong: Skull Island, collectors have been asking for a more articulate and screen accurate figure of the Skull Crawler. While this Skull Crawler is not exactly accurate to that movie, this version could either be a whole new species for Godzilla vs Kong or just a design choice from PlayMates Toys. This Skull Crawler figure has a much lighter skin color with a red stripe that begins on the back of the head and ends at the tail.

Following the gimmick trend as the other figures, this Skull Crawler comes with the battle damage gimmick. This time the battle damage is located on the Skull Crawler's back, which looks really meaty like another monster tore a chunk of its skin off.

Lastly, the Skull Crawler comes with a new miniature vehicle called the "Hollow Earth Anti-Gravity Vehicle" aka HEAV. The name of the vehicle came from a leaked photo of the back of the toy's packaging. It is unknown if this will be piloted by someone from Monarch or from APEX, but we do know now how the characters in the movie will travel through the deeper depths of the hollow Earth safely without worries of the pressure.

Kong w/ Battle Axe:

Here are two more photos of the Kong w/ Battle Axe figure. I have done a segment on this figure last week. Click here if you want to read my analysis on this figure.

Size Comparison:

Kong and the the two Godzillas are measured in the 6" scale, but it looks like Kong is a little shorter than Godzilla. While the Skull Crawler is the shortest in height, it is definitely the widest and the longest out of the other three. So just like with the 11" Giant Godzilla figure, you're gonna have to make some major adjustments on your display shelf for the Skull Crawler.

Unofficial Reveals:

On the same packaging for the Skull Crawler figure, the back of the box revealed two more figures unofficially revealed from the picture. The first figure is another Kong figure similar to the Kong w/ Battle Axe figure, but this time the design of the toy is closer to the 11" Giant Kong figure and will come with a fighter jet for Kong to swat at.

The second toy revealed I cannot show for right now due to this being a new monster. It is unknown what role this monster will play in the movie, yet this figure will come with an Osprey helicopter to display with. As a warning, if you already know what this is please refrain from spoiling it in the comments. I have made it a rule in February and last week that I will not post spoilers and that rule still applies today. If you do spoil it in the comments section, then I will block you and delete your comment.

Overall, I really like the design for Kong and the Skull Crawler and I like that PlayMates Toys is making these figures more articulate. It is a shame they did make the two Godzilla figures as articulate as Kong, but they did allow us to picture possibilities of what may happen in the movie Godzilla vs Kong.

What do you think of these figures? Do you see one that you like more than the other? Do you plan to pick up one of these toys? If so, which ones? Leave a comment in the comments section on your thoughts of the first in hand look at these PlayMates Toys Godzilla vs Kong figures. Make sure to follow me on my Facebook, Twitter, and Minds pages to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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