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NECA Reveals More Godzilla Figures

If you're a toy collector, then you have probably seen the reveal for NECA's Shin Godzilla "Awakening" version. Last year, NECA released the standard version and nothing else was revealed since then. NECA supposedly had a Godzilla figure ready to show off back in February just in time for Toy Fair 2018. However, the figure needed to be approved by TOHO Co. and the figure was given the thumbs down and scrapped at the last minute. Ever since then, collectors were kept in the dark and wondering if the Godzilla line was going to be dropped. As it turns out, this was not the case. Even though NECA has the rights for Godzilla, TOHO Studios are really strict on which designs are allowed to be made into action figures. This issue was not the only problem occuring with NECA, but also happened with BlueFin (Bandai Japan's American distributor) when it came to their Godzilla figures as well. Bandai Japan with their branch company, Tamashii Nations, has a line of action figures dedicated to Godzilla (most of the time) that are hyper articulated and "super" detailed called, S.H. Monster-Arts. Back in 2016, Tamashii Nations released their SHMA Shin Godzilla figures and do to BlueFin's licensing issue, these figures became Japan exclusive and collectors had to pay an arm and a leg to get one of them imported. With NECA, collectors have a much cheaper option without having to import the figures. NECA's Shin Godzilla "Awakening" version will be released some time in November with Big Bad Toy Store listing the price for $23 (original market price is $28). So if you want to pre-order this figure you can or you can wait until they're on store shelves.

Despite after a year of waiting from NECA, the "Awakening" version of Shin - G is not all that is revealed. Revealed on their Twitter page, they announced that more Godzilla figures will be shown at San Diego Comic Con. I have four guesses on what they could be.

  1. A 12 x 24 inch Godzilla figure similar to their Godzilla 2014 figure.

  2. Godzilla Earth and/or Godzilla Filius from Godzilla: Monster Planet.

  3. Any of the Godzillas from the Showa (1954 - 75) or Millenium (1999 - 2004) eras

  4. All of the above

As excited to see what NECA reveals, their figures can either be a hit or miss. The ones that are a miss are usually because it is either a repaint or just odd design choices. When the figures are a hit they are really worth the $25 ($50 if it's the 12 x 24 inch figure).

Are you going to get NECA's Shin Godzilla figure? Are you excited for more figures being revealed at San Diego Comic Con? Leave a comment of your opinion and make sure share my page with your friends. I will see you guys next time.

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