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NES Godzilla Chapter 6: Extus

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

DISCLAIMER: This story will have graphic imagery. If you are squeamish, I highly recommend not reading any further.

In the brief instant before the transition between Entropy and Extus, I was hoping that I would get Godzilla and Anguirus back. As the board appeared, I saw that my wish was half granted. I had Godzilla back, but no Anguirus. I would have preferred both, but despite Anguirus's neat abilities I would have chosen Godzilla if I had to pick between the two.

Extus had two different colored temples, white and pink, a pyramid, what looks like some modern buildings, and two other icons I couldn't figure out at the time. The new bosses were Kumonga, Gorosaurus, and Not Ghidorah (whom I was dreading to see, let alone fight).

With Godzilla back, I was excited again and eager to explore, yet still cautious. I went to the quiz level first, just as before. This time, Face's questions were more random than ever:

Quiz 4

1. Do elephants breathe?

Answer: Yes, Reaction: Weird Face #2

2. Have you ever been molested by a family member?

Answer: No, Reaction: Weird Face #6

3. Have you ever raped anyone?

Answer: No, Reaction: Weird Face #8

4. Is green your favorite color?

Answer: Yes, Reaction: Weird Face #10

5. Is the computer the pinnacle of modern technology?

Answer: Yes, Reaction: Weird Face #4

6. Are you a tough guy?

Answer: Yes, Reaction: Weird Face #12

7. Can you fly?

Answer: No, Reaction: Weird Face #9

8. Can you stand on your head?

Answer: Yes, Reaction: Weird Face #7

9. Do you hate raccoons?

Answer: No, Reaction: Confused

10. Do you feel blame?

Answer: No, Reaction: Weird Face #11

11. Would you like a new monster?

Answer: Yes, Reaction: Surprised

12. Will you miss me?

Answer: Yes, Reaction: Sad

I was happy that I was getting a new monster, but that last question kind of bothered me. "Will you miss me?"

"Is Face referring to when I finish the game," I thought. Ever since the revelation of the game's truly otherworldly nature, I wasn't sure what to think of Face or anything else in the game. But something about that last statement gave me a genuine feeling of sadness from Face.

As I was thinking about this, the game had gone back to the board. I have a new monster, but I have no idea who it was supposed to be. The sprite had a slight resemblance to Rodan, but the head was totally off. I moved this mysterious newcomer to a white temple icon and started the level. When I started the level, this screen appeared with the text, "FIND THE GEM." Presumably instructions for beating the level.

After that, I got my first look at my new playable monster. A hairy, dark blue creature with bat wings and a skull like face. His name was Solomon.

At the start of the level, I found that my path was blocked by a beam of light and a small pillar with a plate on it. I figured that this beam of light was blocking the exit, so I have to find the gem and drop it on the plate to deactivate the beam.

How was I going to do that, I didn't know. There wasn't anything in the original game that required you to find an item to beat a level. I'd have to find out when I obtained the gem. The only direction I had to go was left, so on I proceeded.

Solomon was an interesting monster, to say the least. He was capable of both flight and a heat beam, both of which proved to be very useful. He could also kick and slash with his wings, but he couldn't duck.

The white temple's music was a vocalizing choir or a video game approximation of such. It's hard to describe, but it had a very "holy" sound to it.

It wasn't long before I started running into waves of strange new enemies. They did little to stop me. I ran past them while slashing and I didn't take any damage. There was a "pause" between each wave of enemies after you had killed about ten of them. There wouldn't be any for a minute, then the next wave would appear.

After five minutes, I noticed holes in the floor. Guillotine mouthed creatures were rapidly flying up and down these crevices, so I had to time my jumps carefully because I didn't know if I'd get another shot at this. Luckily, I was able to get through without a scratch. I'm just lucky, I guess.