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New Godzilla: Singular Point Trailer Adds Two More Contenders

A new trailer for the upcoming anime series Godzilla: Singular Point dropped last night. In this new trailer, Godzilla is the main focal point along with other monsters that we get a better look at. At this time, there is no version of the trailer with English subtitles, but I hope one does drop soon because there seems to be more story elements that I would like to talk about. For now, we will talk only about the monsters, including two more returning contenders: Megalon and Hedorah.


The trailer starts off right away showing off Godzilla's size, which this incarnation of Godzilla looks smaller than his other previous versions. Yet at the same time, he is still massive. When the full design was first revealed, I actually liked the new design. I was not a fan of how the feet were designed like Kangaroo feet, but I still enjoyed the rest of the design.

After seeing how this design looked from other angles, I found myself not liking it as much little by little and it has to do with face in general. I find that his face is too narrow and his eyes being too close together making Godzilla look sort of goofy. Also, the largeness of his jaw looks very weird too. I'm not a fan of how his mouth looks like he is grinning like the cheshire cat.

Other than that, there are moments where Godzilla looks absolutely awesome. They bring back Godzilla's purple atomic breath from Shin-Godzilla, which looks beautifully shot. I love how he is silhouetted in this blood red fog and all we see is Godzilla's dorsal plates and maw glowing bright purple. I even find it interesting that Godzilla has a new power that is similar to Minilla's smoke rings, but there are many of them that Godzilla fires instead of just one ring that Minilla puffs out.


Through out the trailer, we see three different Rodans that appear. So far, most of the other monsters have shown to be much smaller than Godzilla (excluding Manda and Titanosaurus), but I think from what was shown in this trailer these monsters will mutate and grow bigger over time.

We start off seeing Rodan's first form which has the outdated anatomy of a pteranodon. Then, we see a flock of Rodans with the modern anatomy design of a pteranodon. Again, they're still very small, but I really dig the design. The original Rodan from the movie Rodan was actually based on pteranodons. So Rodan's second form is as accurate with the prehistoric reptile as you are really going to get.

Finally, we see a third form of Rodan that is much bigger than his previous two forms. This new design is much closer to his classic design with his crest being smaller and stubbier just like the classic version. The third form is also much darker. Almost like he has been charred by Godzilla's atomic breath. Also, we see that this form of Rodan has a beam of his own. So I believe that this third form is not just any Rodan, but possibly Fire Rodan, which first appeared in the 1992 movie Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla II. A regular Rodan does not have a special ability to shoot beams from his mouth like Fire Rodan can.

Much like his previous incarnations, Rodan in this series is extremely aggressive. Of course, all of these monsters are aggressive, but Rodan is more of a hot head aggressive. It just attacks whatever it sees and we see Rodan sort of attacking Jet Jaguar a couple of times. We even see them appear in what looks like part of a Japanese legend that may unravel the mystery behind the red fog and the monsters. So Rodan is going to be playing a big role in Singular Point.

Megalon & Hedorah:

Two more classic monsters, Megalon and Hedorah, return in Singular Point. Last time we saw Megalon, it was only featured in one movie, Godzilla vs Megalon. Since then, it has appeared in many comics and video games, but never in any other shows or movies.

Megalon still retains some noticeable features such as its face and the drill arms, but just like much of the other monsters in this series it has an entirely new design. Megalon has went from being orange and standing on two feet to being blue and looking more like an insect. Now, I will admit. When I first saw Megalon I did not recognize the monster. I thought it was Kumonga, at first, because all I saw was that the body was blue with yellow stripes, the four blue eyes, and the arachnid legs. I did see the drill arms, but it didn't register to me that it was Megalon at the time. What confused me on the monster's identification the most was the lack of a horn. I think I would've picked up the identification right away if a horn that was similar to the classic design was present.

In Godzilla vs Megalon, Megalon had this ability to spit bombs from its mouth. Through out the Singular Point trailer there is one shot where a building was covered in egg like sacks. Those could still possibly be eggs, but I think a cool is if those sacks were Megalon's bombs that it lays and one touch would set off a chain reaction.

What I love is that in most of Megalon's appearances in the trailer is that it isn't just one. There is a whole swarm of them and Jet Jaguar is just slaughtering them. When they're slaughtered, blue blood is splattered everywhere. I think this blood may have to do with how Hedorah is born.

Hedorah originally appeared in Godzilla vs The Smog Monster and made brief appearances in Godzilla: Final Wars and Godzilla: Monster Planet. Hedorah was originally an alien that mutated from Earth's pollution, but in Singular Point its origin could possibly change.

The only shot we see Hedorah goes by very quick in the trailer, but what we see is Hedorah attacking one of the Megalons. It is very similar in color to Megalon's blood and just from this small clip Hedorah looks like it is trying to wrap around Megalon like an octopus. I think what we are going to find out is that Megalon's blood will have sentience of its own, attack other Megalons for blood, and Megalon's blood would become Hedorah.

Jet Jaguar:

Last time we saw Jet Jaguar, fans were not too thrilled about the lack of legs and torso. There was no way Jet Jaguar could hold a fight with those stumpy legs. In this trailer, fans were relieved to see that design being only temporary and the robot will go through many changes over time in the show much like Rodan.

I know this will make me sound like I have some weird foot fetish even after talking about Godzilla's feet, but I am quite relieved that Jet Jaguar actually has legs and feet in the final design. Another change in the final design is the lack of an entrance to the cockpit on J.J.'s chest. In the robot's beginning stages of construction, the chest had a very noticeable door to the cockpit and in the final design it is not noticeable at all.

What also makes me happy to see is Jet Jaguar using weapons. In one scene, the robot is carrying a gun while chasing down Anguirus. Then in the scenes where J.J. is fighting the swarm of Megalon, it has what looks like a spear or lance that it uses to stab, slice, and chop up monsters with and it looks awesome.

The Other Monsters:

The trailer shows off more scenes with Anguirus, Manda, Titanosaurus, and Gabara, but they are still hard to tell what kind of role they play in Singular Point.

For Anguirus, we can see that his personality is more territorial in nature especially when he takes a defensive stance after spotting Yun at a pond.

We get our first look at Manda in this series and its face sort of resembles a shark. Most of the time, Manda is shown either attacking Titanosaurus or Godzilla.

Gabara definitely looks terrifying like he came out of a nightmare and yet not much is known about him. He was originally from Godzilla's Revenge as a monster made up in a child's dream that bullied Minilla. I'm not sure how Gabara is going to work in this series, but it would be cool if he was pulled out of someone's nightmare from the red fog and went on a rampage just like the Crackler in Godzilla: The Series.

Overall, the trailer does have me getting excited for Singular Point and it makes me want to watch the show now rather than six months from now. I hope that we get a trailer with English subtitles soon because I am curious about the show's story, but I am hoping it is good.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Does it have you excited? Which monster design do you like the most? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on the trailer and the monsters. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and Parler to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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