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New Godzilla vs Kong Plot Details/Justice For Melissa

This week is already starting off with tons of news. Collider has released today two articles for Godzilla vs Kong. One of them is an interview with Adam Wingard and the other are plot details of the movie. Collider will be releasing more articles this week. Tomorrow, they will be releasing an article interviewing Millie Bobby Brown and Julian Dennison. Then, another interview with Brian Tyree Henry later this week. Lastly, Adam Wingard will be at IGN FanFest on February 26th promoting the movie with a Q&A and a sneak peak. So there is a lot of Godzilla vs Kong content coming this week and today we get more plot details on the movie.

One of those details is from the interview with Adam Wingard. He was asked about what kind of elements he wanted to reconnect and disconnect in terms of execution in Godzilla vs Kong. His reply was that he wanted the monsters still feel like they're the same monsters we knew from the previous three movies while still having a sort of new interpretation. Wingard mentioned he wanted Kong to feel like the Kong that was in Skull Island so that when they (Godzilla and Kong) fought it really felt like they're going at it. He mentioned that he could've made changes to Godzilla if he wanted to seeing how each director liked to put their own spin on the character, but he liked Dougherty's Godzilla the way it is.

Wingard even uses Batman V Superman as an example for a mistake he should avoid. The mistake he had with the movie was introducing a new Batman. He didn't know anything about this new Batman since that version was played by Ben Affleck and not Christian Bale as he saw Christian Bale as the definitive Batman. So introducing a new Batman in Batman V Superman was basically restarting Batman, which meant a different movie universe and he didn't want Godzilla vs Kong to feel like he is introducing a new version of Godzilla and Kong.

In Collider's other article, 51 Things We Learned While Visiting the Set of the Monsterverse's Epic Smackdown, the article gives bullet points of plot details. Here are the major details the article gives:

  • The movie is set five years after Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

  • Godzilla has been reinstated as the Apex predator, but he has been acting erratically and Madison (Millie Bobby Brown) believes there is a reason for his actions.

  • Monarch has been creating access points to the Hollow Earth in an attempt to lure the monsters back beneath the surface and stem their rampage.

  • An attempt to take Kong off Skull Island brings him into conflict with Godzilla.

  • Bernie Hayes (Brian Tyree Williams) is described as a former Apex technician turns into a conspiracy theorist after his wife dies.

  • Madison, Josh (Julian Dennison), and Bernie Hayes work together to investigate Apex.

Last thing that is brought up is somewhat a spoiler. Usually, this is where I would ask you to tab out of the article, but I prefer you scroll to the bottom before you do so. There is an awareness that needs to be brought to attention. If you have some time, please scroll down to the bottom and read the second half of this post.

The last thing that many people are talking about is how King Ghidorah plays a role in Godzilla vs Kong. If you remember back in the post credit scene of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, we see Alan Jonah (Charles Dance) buys Ghidorah's head from a fishing warehouse. Michael Dougherty did explain in an interview that the head of King Ghidorah would play a significant role and we sort of got it revealed in Collider's article.

When Collider was on set for Godzilla vs Kong, they described the set being a gigantic skull of Ghidorah being all wired up and made technological. This is not hinting towards Mecha-King Ghidorah, but it has to do with how MechaGodzilla functions. They even got the chance to watch a scene take place on this set. This is how they described it:

"In the scene we watched, Madison, Josh, and Bernie work to infiltrate the skull and find out what exactly Apex is up to. A take we watched repeatedly is where a sinister character played Shun Oguri comes in, talks to an unseen pilot, and says in disturbingly calm voice, “Thank you for your service.” It’s a bit uneasy, but obviously whatever this monster skull is doing is something big and important to the bad guys."

Based on how they described the scene, Ghidorah's skull must be powering MechaGodzilla some how. It would be interesting to find out how that is possible when the movie releases.

I am certainly interested to find out what else gets revealed this week in terms of the characters. I would like to know more about what Madison has been up to through out those five years and how Julian Dennison's character fits into this movie. I can already see Brian Tyree Henry's character, Bernie Hayes, will be similar to Brian Cranston's character, Joe Brody, in Godzilla (2014) based on Bernie's background as a former technician that turned conspiracy theorist after a tragedy. So it makes me wonder if maybe Joe had met Bernie at some point and influenced Bernie the same way Joe had after his wife died.


I want to bring up an awareness that is very important. This awareness is called Justice for Melissa Sue Platt. Melissa is the sister of a friend of mine from The Nation Facebook group that goes by the username, OmniBlast. What happened was that many years ago, Melissa passed away from being abused by her boyfriend and OmniBlast and her family have been working to get the funds needed to hire a private investigator.

OmniBlast does have a petition, a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and a GoFundMe page that I will link down at the bottom of the page. A YouTuber that goes by Kendall Rae has a video that goes into detail about Melissa's case as well as OmniBlast's own testimony. Kendall Rae has even pledged that whatever money her video makes she is donating it to OmniBlast and her family to help support their investigation.

Currently, OmniBlast has raised $14,000 on her GoFundMe at the time of I post this. Just to note, this fundraiser is just to hire an investigator. As the investigation begins to open, there will be fees on top of it.

So I would really appreciate it if any of you could go to any of those pages. If you can't donate, then you can help out by watching the video or signing the petition. You can even help spread awareness by even posting the links onto your Facebook or Twitter and asking your friends to chip in. Right now, the biggest thing that needs to happen is the expansion of awareness.

So please, go check out the links below. Even if you can't donate, you can help by watching Kendall Rae's video, which every view counts as a donation. Rob from Entertainment Talk Nation is doing a fund raiser stream with OmniBlast. They're still working out the details, but I will give an update on when and where it will happen.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this portion of the article. Thank you all in advanced that want to help out. Omni, thank you for letting me spread awareness for your sister's case. I pray for you and your family that all of you get the justice your sister deserves. I have a feeling that it will be a massive success. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.


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