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New Monster Revealed For Godzilla Aftershock

As expected from Los Angeles Comic Con, another photo from the upcoming graphic novel, Godzilla Aftershock, has been revealed. This time, we get another mosaic of Godzilla, but fighting another monster. There is no name for this monster at the moment, but I have seen people call it Super MUTO like it's the alpha of the MUTOs and others calling it Orga, which is the space monster from Godzilla 2000. I am not going to call it Orga since there is no resemblance to that monster other than the bulky arms. So maybe for now I'll call this thing Joe. Why Joe? Because there is no other name I can come up with. Well, I guess I could have called it Tom....or Bill....maybe Steve? Anyways, hours after this image appeared, a trailer for this graphic novel appeared online showing more details of Joe. If you want to see the trailer, scroll down to the bottom of this post. So let us dig in and find out what we do know. I apologize in advance for the poor quality of these photos since they were taken from the video itself.

Right off the bat, we can already safely say that, in appearance, Joe is related to the MUTOs from Godzilla (2014). More equivalent to the Female MUTO, to be exact. Even the photo on the right shows that this monster shares similar traits with the MUTOs even in the face area. The difference is that this is much bulkier, larger, and spikier than the the MUTOs from the 2014 movie. In the photo above, we can see debris crumbling off of Joe. Perhaps, this creature is molting? That is usually what happens when bugs grow bigger. The MUTOs are like bugs, so perhaps the MUTOs that we have seen in the movie were not fully mature and Joe is the result of a MUTO growing to full maturity.

Now, these next 2 photos are interesting because not only do we see more details of Joe showing of its bulky red arms and body, but we something else going on in the mouth region. It looks like some sort of thin wires made of energy coming out of the mouth. We have not seen the MUTOs do something like this in the movie, so a new power is always neat to see. What these energy wires do I don't know yet.

This is where now I am wondering if Joe can shape shift. I say that because we have Joe all bulky and then we have two other pictures where in the first picture Joe is even bigger and he is standing upright without any support from his arms. Then, we have the second picture where Joe looks like the Queen xenomorph from Aliens. It could all be going back to what I have stated at the top that Joe could be growing and we are seeing different stages of its growth.

All in all, I'm not entirely impressed with Joe since it is a MUTO 2.0, but there are some interesting design choices that I do like. I do like the red bulky arms, I am interested in knowing what that wire thing is and what it can do, and interested in seeing if Joe goes through a growth spurt or has the ability to change forms. What do you guys think of Joe the MUTO? Do you like his design or is it sort of meh? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Make sure to follow me on my Facebook page to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions. As promised, the video of the trailer for Godzilla Aftermath is right below.

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