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Pacific Rim Uprising's Easter Egg

Easter is just a few days away and everybody celebrates Easter differently, but if you're a kid there is nothing more fun on Easter than a scavenger hunt for colorful eggs hidden by a rabbit. As it so happens, colorfully dyed eggs are not the only type of eggs that people go looking for, especially for movie viewers. The term "Easter egg" refers to something hidden from one series that is recognized in another series that fans won't notice right away.

In Pacific Rim Uprising, before Mako Mori's helicopter crashed she sent a transmission to her adopted brother, Jake Pentecost. The image in the transmission at the time looked like a kaiju, so they try to identify if it is any of the ones that they encountered before. On the side of the screen are icons of all the listed kaiju that were encountered during the war. Among the list are monsters from the Godzilla, Gamera, and Cloverfield series.

I thought that this was a cool tribute to share. I was able to identify most of them with some help, but I want to know what you can find. Can you be able to identify all of the monsters on the list? Leave a comment in the comment section what you can find. Share this with your friends as well to find out what they can see. Make sure to keep yourself up to date by bookmarking or subscribing to my page for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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