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PlayMates Toys Godzilla With Radio Tower (Review)

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Here we go again with another review on one of PlayMates Toys Godzilla vs Kong figures. This time, we are taking a look at the Godzilla w/ Radio Tower figure. This figure is part of wave 1 of the Godzilla vs Kong line that includes the 11" Giant Godzilla and Giant Kong figures, Godzilla w/ Heat Ray, Skull Crawler w/ HEAV, and Kong w/ Battle Axe figures. Godzilla w/ Radio Tower is exclusive to Walmart and being sold for around $10. Is it worth the purchase or is it an easy skip? Let's dive in and found out.


You know the deal by now. Godzilla w/ Radio Tower comes in an open box style packaging. Nothing too exciting here. On the front of the box, you can see the movie title, all of the logos, the promo image of the battle damage gimmick, and the name of the toy.

There is nothing special on the sides of the box other than the name of the toy and the movie title. On the back of the box, you can find the movie's synopsis on the top right corner. In the middle, you can find a promotional picture of the toy. On the left of the promo picture, there is the description of the toy, which reads, "Harness the awesome power of Godzilla's thunderous roar and devastating tail-swipe as the king of the monsters battles Kong to settle an ancient rivalry." So it is the same description as the one for the Godzilla w/ Heat Ray figure.

Lastly on the bottom of the box, you will find promotional pictures for other toys that you can buy right now or will be releasing in the near future. The two new figures are the Kong w/ fighter jet figure and another monster that I cannot reveal as of yet. You know the rules. If you know what this monster is please do not spoil it in the comments in consideration of others that want to go watch this movie blind.

Sculpt, Paint, and Articulation:

The sculpt for this Godzilla is the same exact sculpt for the Heat Ray version, but just with paint that matches the Giant Godzilla figure. All of the scales and scutes on the body have been smoothed out just like with all of the other figures from PlayMates Toys in this line.

This Godzilla has a lighter grey paint all over the body with orange eyes, pink tongue, and white teeth. The battle damage is is painted red. Make sure to not lose the chest piece that hides the battle damage, and the dorsal fins are dark grey with blue paint. What I do like is that the blue extends past the base of the tail, but doesn't go all of the way to the tip of tail, which is fine.

The articulation on this Godzilla is even the same. The jaw is on a hinge, so it can open and close. The head can turn, but only a little bit. The arms and legs swivel up and down; and the tail is on a stationary ball joint, however, the most articulation you will get out of the tail is twisting and turning. With this very little articulation, it is quite a shame that PlayMates has not done more, especially with the Kong w/ Battle Axe figure that has a bunch of joints that can allow different poses. They could have at least added hinges on the knees and swivels at the elbows so Godzilla can be a little more expressive to pose. So expect this figure to stay displayed in his default stance.


This Godzilla figure comes with a radio tower as advertised on the box. It is mainly metallic grey with two red bands around the tower. This accessory is also made from a very soft plastic so there is a chance for this to tear if you bend it or twist it enough. Just like with the Kong figure with the battle axe, the radio tower can be held in Godzilla's hand suggesting it could be used as a weapon of some sort.

Since this Godzilla uses the same mold as the Godzilla w/ Heat Ray figure, you can even use the heat ray accessory with this Godzilla too. So now he can look like he is burning down the radio tower instead of holding onto it.

Size Comparison:

Godzilla w/ Radio Tower is your standard 6" figure just like the Godzilla w/ Heat Ray figure. It does not blend in well with any of the S.H. MonsterArts and NECA figures like the Kong w/ Battle Axe figure could. So a new display dedicated to the PlayMates Toys figures will be needed if this bothers you.

Final Thoughts:

I know that I breezed through this review, but I am not impressed. It's not a bad figure by any means, there is just more tweaking that is needed. Why not add some green or brown on the body? Why not add hinges to the knees and swivels to the elbows to add a little more articulation? Just anything to make this Godzilla figure stand out from the other two Godzilla figures PlayMates released. If that was done, then I would give Godzilla w/ Radio Tower a recommendation, but I can't. If you already have the Godzilla w/ Heat Ray figure then Godzilla w/ Radio Tower is an easy pass. If you are gonna get this figure, keep in mind that this is meant to be a kids toy and not meant to be collected.

What are your thoughts on the Godzilla w/ Radio Tower figure? Do you think I over looked something that would make this toy more enjoyable or do you feel the same way? Let me know in the comments section on your thoughts on the Godzilla w/ Radio Tower figure. Make sure to follow me in my Facebook, Twitter, and Minds pages to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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