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SCP-3700: Tides Of War

Item #: SCP-3700

Depiction of SCP - 3700's area of effect
Depiction of SCP - 3700's area of effect

Object class: Heimal

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Naval Task Force Delta-7 ("Northern Storm") is currently assigned to patrol an area 800 km in diameter encompassing the Orkney, Shetland, Faroe Archipelagos in the North Sea. 2 refurbished battleships, purchased from the United States military, have been assigned to this task force. 13 destroyers, 5 cruisers, and 15 small support craft are to accompany these vessels. Delta-7 has been instructed to patrol in a spiral pattern, moving outwards from a central predetermined location, known as the Origin. This pattern is to be maintained until Delta-7 encounters SCP-3700-1, or reaches the edge of the designated 800 km zone wherein they will return to the origin and begin the process again.

Information regarding SCP-3700's actual depth is to be retracted from all public texts and scientific publications. Should SCP-3700-1 be encountered, Delta-7 is to accompany the entity until it encounters SCP-3700-2, or it de-manifests. SCP-3700-1 has been implanted with 32 large scale Donovan holoprojectors which gives the entity the appearance of a pod of humpback whales. Delta-7 is authorized to dissuade SCP-3700-1 from directly approaching any of the archipelagos, via force if necessary. Inquiry in Delta-7's presence is to be explained via maritime exercises between international peacekeeping forces. High ranking elements of the British Royal Navy have been informed of Delta-7's presence and purpose.

Should SCP-3700-1 encounter SCP-3700-2 at any point, Delta-7 is authorized to engage Protocol "Winter Maelstrom".

Protocol Winter Maelstrom

Upon encountering SCP-3700-2 in the presence of SCP-3700-1, Delta-7 is to take the following actions.

  • Destroyers are to deploy harpoon based anchors into SCP-3700-2's skin on its head, securing it in one location.

  • Destroyers are to move in a circular pattern at a distance of 200 m, and engage the entity with both L - cannons, and standard armaments, with anchors at full taut to ensure the entity cannot orient properly in any one direction.

  • Cruisers are to draw SCP-3700-2's attention away from the destroyers and battleships, via use of Class 3 L - cannons and standard armaments. Cruisers should engage in a circular serpentine pattern at 300 m.

  • Battleships are to employ Class 4 L - cannons in systematic continuous barrages, at 180 degrees on either side of the entity, 400 m away. Both vessels should coordinate as to launch each barrage at the same time as their counterparts.

  • All vessels shall follow this protocol until either entity subdues the other.

As conventional weaponry and L - cannons are only capable of doing limited damage to SCP-3700-2, Delta-7 should not engage it in the absence of the other entity. Should SCP-3700-1 prove unable to subdue SCP-3700-2, or should SCP-3700-1 encounter SCP-3700-2 before Delta-7 encounters the entity, protocol "Tumult" will be put in place.

Protocol Tumult

The following procedures are to be enacted upon failure to properly contain SCP-3700-2.

  • Evacuation of naval and civilian craft from the 800 km area of effect.

  • Rerouting of trade and ferry routes to the archipelagos for a period of no less than six months.

  • Continuous aerial and naval reconnaissance of, and engagement with SCP-3700-2.

  • Increased monitoring of SCP-3456 activity, due to SCP-3700-2's regurgitation of instances and a result of the changing and hazardous weather patterns.

  • Continued surveillance for the reappearance of SCP-3700-1.

  • Activation of land based aquatic defenses.

Due to SCP-3700-1's degrading physical condition, inquiries into the potential damage caused by allowing SCP-3700-2 to subdue SCP-3700-1 twice every 5 years is ongoing. Cooperative requests to local GOC forces are pending via review of GOC demand.