SCP-3700: Tides Of War

Item #: SCP-3700

Depiction of SCP - 3700's area of effect
Depiction of SCP - 3700's area of effect

Object class: Heimal

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation Naval Task Force Delta-7 ("Northern Storm") is currently assigned to patrol an area 800 km in diameter encompassing the Orkney, Shetland, Faroe Archipelagos in the North Sea. 2 refurbished battleships, purchased from the United States military, have been assigned to this task force. 13 destroyers, 5 cruisers, and 15 small support craft are to accompany these vessels. Delta-7 has been instructed to patrol in a spiral pattern, moving outwards from a central predetermined location, known as the Origin. This pattern is to be maintained until Delta-7 encounters SCP-3700-1, or reaches the edge of the designated 800 km zone wherein they will return to the origin and begin the process again.

Information regarding SCP-3700's actual depth is to be retracted from all public texts and scientific publications. Should SCP-3700-1 be encountered, Delta-7 is to accompany the entity until it encounters SCP-3700-2, or it de-manifests. SCP-3700-1 has been implanted with 32 large scale Donovan holoprojectors which gives the entity the appearance of a pod of humpback whales. Delta-7 is authorized to dissuade SCP-3700-1 from directly approaching any of the archipelagos, via force if necessary. Inquiry in Delta-7's presence is to be explained via maritime exercises between international peacekeeping forces. High ranking elements of the British Royal Navy have been informed of Delta-7's presence and purpose.

Should SCP-3700-1 encounter SCP-3700-2 at any point, Delta-7 is authorized to engage Protocol "Winter Maelstrom".

Protocol Winter Maelstrom

Upon encountering SCP-3700-2 in the presence of SCP-3700-1, Delta-7 is to take the following actions.

  • Destroyers are to deploy harpoon based anchors into SCP-3700-2's skin on its head, securing it in one location.

  • Destroyers are to move in a circular pattern at a distance of 200 m, and engage the entity with both L - cannons, and standard armaments, with anchors at full taut to ensure the entity cannot orient properly in any one direction.

  • Cruisers are to draw SCP-3700-2's attention away from the destroyers and battleships, via use of Class 3 L - cannons and standard armaments. Cruisers should engage in a circular serpentine pattern at 300 m.

  • Battleships are to employ Class 4 L - cannons in systematic continuous barrages, at 180 degrees on either side of the entity, 400 m away. Both vessels should coordinate as to launch each barrage at the same time as their counterparts.

  • All vessels shall follow this protocol until either entity subdues the other.

As conventional weaponry and L - cannons are only capable of doing limited damage to SCP-3700-2, Delta-7 should not engage it in the absence of the other entity. Should SCP-3700-1 prove unable to subdue SCP-3700-2, or should SCP-3700-1 encounter SCP-3700-2 before Delta-7 encounters the entity, protocol "Tumult" will be put in place.

Protocol Tumult

The following procedures are to be enacted upon failure to properly contain SCP-3700-2.

  • Evacuation of naval and civilian craft from the 800 km area of effect.

  • Rerouting of trade and ferry routes to the archipelagos for a period of no less than six months.

  • Continuous aerial and naval reconnaissance of, and engagement with SCP-3700-2.

  • Increased monitoring of SCP-3456 activity, due to SCP-3700-2's regurgitation of instances and a result of the changing and hazardous weather patterns.

  • Continued surveillance for the reappearance of SCP-3700-1.

  • Activation of land based aquatic defenses.

Due to SCP-3700-1's degrading physical condition, inquiries into the potential damage caused by allowing SCP-3700-2 to subdue SCP-3700-1 twice every 5 years is ongoing. Cooperative requests to local GOC forces are pending via review of GOC demand.

Information on SCP-3700-1: SCP-3700-1 is an arthropod, which resembles Homarus gammarus (European lobster), is six km in length, green in pigmentation, with a mixture of blue, yellow, pink, and red markings etched along the top forming a facsimile of a woman's face. It possesses six prehensile limbs attached to an elongated crescent shaped segment of its abdomen on the anterior end, with eight legs attached to a cylindrical segment stretching roughly 4 km in length. The entity possesses four compound eyes, orange in pigmentation, attached to stalks at the front of the crescent. SCP-3700-1's carapace is is heavily damaged, with large amounts of scarring, cracking, and small holes that expose softer tissue.

Other than its size, SCP-3700-1 possesses anomalous capabilities, a number of which are used to subdue SCP-3700-2. The entity is capable of using its club - like appendages in a similar manner to a Peacock Mantis Shrimp, where both the strike and the resulting cavitation bubbles produce a force in excess of several tonnes of dynamite. Two of SCP-3700-1's eyes are capable of projecting concentrated blasts of gamma radiation. The entity is capable of dispelling/dispersing storms, and other aberrant weather phenomena, while simultaneously increasing rates of erosion on any land mass it comes within 100 m of. SCP-3700-1 is also capable of reaching speeds in excess of 100 km/hr, and has demonstrated an ability to de-manifest entirely if it is unable to locate SCP-3700-2 within a certain time frame (15 days post appearance, with the exception of the previously mentioned spring and autumn equinoxes).

SCP-3700-1 is benign in nature, and displays rudimentary signs of sapience. When accompanied by Delta-7, it will either ignore the presence of Foundation vessels, or provide some primitive form of aid via propelling disabled craft away away from peril. The entity travels the 800 km area in which it manifests in a spiral pattern, moving out from a central location (aka the origin) towards the edge. Since its discovery, and the subsequent implementation of containment protocols, the entity has slowed considerably in its movements, suffered several notable decreases in mass (originally 16 km in length when measurements were first recorded in 1932) and has weakened considerably in its ability to subdue SCP-3700-2.

When SCP-3700-1 subdues SCP-3700-2:

  • Storms, and harsh weather are immediately dispelled, despite meteorological conditions in areas outside of the 800 km zone.

  • Reproductive rates of local oceanic and island fauna increase by a factor of three, and crop yields double for the duration of the six month period. Careful culling of ocean fauna must be undertaken, due to unintended creation of dead-zones as a result of overp