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SCP-682: Hard-To-Destroy Lizard

Item #: SCP-682

Object Class: Keter

SCP-682, shortly after escaping containment, still recovering from acid immersion

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-682 must be destroyed as soon as possible. At this time, no means available to SCP teams are capable of destroying SCP-682, only able to cause massive physical damage. SCP-682 should be contained within a 5 m x 5 m x 5 m chamber with 25 cm reinforced acid - resistant steel plate lining all inside surfaces. The containment chamber should be filled with hydrochloric acid is submerged and incapacitated. Any attempts of SCP-682 to move, speak, or breach containment should be reacted quickly and with full force as called for by the circumstances.

Personnel are forbidden to speak to SCP-682, for fear of provoking a rage - state. All unauthorized personnel attempting to communicate to SCP-682 will be restrained and removed by force.

Due to its frequent attempts at containment breach, difficulty of containment and incapacitation, and high threat of Foundation Exposure, SCP-682 is to be contained at site [REDACTED]. The Foundation will use the best of its resources to maintain all land within fifty (50) kilometers clear of human development.

Description: SCP-682 is a large, vaguely reptile - like creature of unknown origin. It appears to be extremely intelligent, and was observed to engage in conversation with SCP-079 during their limited time of exposure. SCP-682 appears to have a hatred of all life, which has been expressed in several interviews during containment. (See Addendum 682-B)

SCP-682 has always been observed to have extremely high strength, speed, and reflexes, though exact levels vary with its form. SCP-682's physical body grows and changes very quickly, growing or decreasing in size as it consumes or sheds material. SCP-682 gains energy from anything it ingests, organic or inorganic. Digestion seems to be aided by a set of filtering gills inside of SCP-682's nostrils, which are able to remove usable matter from any liquid solution, enabling it to constantly regenerate from the acid it is contained in. SCP-682's regenerative capabilities and resilience are staggering, and SCP-682 has been seen moving and speaking with its body 87% destroyed or rotted.

In case of containment breach, SCP-682 is to be tracked and re-captured by all available Mobile Task Forces, and no teams fewer than seven (7) members are cleared to engage it. To date (██/██/████), attempted breaches have numbered at seventeen (17), while successful breaches have numbered at six (6).


Addendum 682-B: Portion of recorded transcript of [REDACTED].

<Begin log, skip to 00h - 21m - 52s>

Dr. █████: Now, why did you kill those farmers?

SCP-682: (No verbal communication)

Dr. █████: If you don't talk now, we will remove you from this attempt and place back into–

SCP-682: (Incomprehensible)

Dr. █████: Pardon? (Motions to move microphone closer)

SCP-682: (Incomprehensible)

Dr. █████: Speak up. (To personnel D-085) Move the mic up closer.

SCP-682: ...they were (Incomprehensible)...

Dr. █████: (To personnel D-085) That microphone has only so much to gain, move it closer to it!

Personnel D-085: His throat's messed up, man! Look at it! He ain't talking– (Gasps and screams)

SCP-682: (Appearing to assault Personnel D-085's body) ...they were...disgusting...

Dr. █████: (Retreats from the room)

<End Log>


Addendum 682-E: Termination Options:

Log of event 68-E18: Dr. █████ attempts to use SCP-409 on SCP-682. General ████, General ████████, and Dr. ██████████ observing.

0400: Exposure. SCP-682 began to tear at the point of contact, causing massive trauma to the area. SCP-682 requests several times to know what it has been exposed to.

0800: Crystallization begins, spreading much slower than normal.

1200: SCP-682 shows signs of extreme pain, and begins having seizures.

1300: Crystallization stops at 62% conversion. Crystallized area explodes, causing massive physical trauma to SCP-682.

1400: SCP-682 recovers from exposure, despite the loss of limbs and organs. SCP-682 begins regeneration, stating that it will attempt to kill and consume all staff involved in Event 682-E18.

SCP-682 appears to now be immune to SCP-409. Use of other SCP items to terminate SCP-682 must now first be tested on samples of SCP-682 before full scale testing.

In accordance to Dr. ███████'s recommendations (see Document 27b-6), Dr. ██████ and Dr. ████████ have requested permission to attempt the termination of SCP-682 using SCP-689. The request is currently pending for approval from the ████████.

It has also been suggested by Dr. Gears to use SCP-182 in an attempt to communicate with SCP-682. SCP-182 has expressed reluctance, and refuses to enter the containment center of SCP-682, if it all possible.


Addendum 682-F: Termination Log

Experiment Log T-98816 - OC108/682

Cross-SCP Termination Testing for SCP-682

Due to the highly aggressive, adaptive, and intelligent nature of SCP-682, termination testing has been ordered, with clearance of O5 Command. With major concerns raised about