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SCP-939: With Many Voices Part 2


Document #939-00-62: Reproduction of SCP-939

On September 25th, 1992, SCP-939-1 gave birth following a gestation period of roughly twelve (12) months. Litter SCP-939-A contained six specimens, numbered SCP-939-A1 to SCP-939-A6. SCP-939-A1, A4, and A5 were male, while A3 and A6 were female. SCP-939-A2 was stillborn and was immediately cannibalized by SCP-939-1. SCP-939-1 made no attempts to interfere with confiscation of its offspring.

Vivisection of SCP-939-A1, A3, A4, and A5 found them to be morphologically and genotypically indistinguishable from healthy human infants.* The remains of SCP-939-A1 and A3 are kept preserved in Biological Materials Storage Units 939-026C and 939-026D, respectively, within Bio-Research Area-12. Remains of SCP-939-A4 and A5 were incinerated.

SCP-939-A6 will be transferred to [REDACTED] for observation as it matures. It will undergo monthly physical examinations, supplemented with any additional measures deemed necessary.

* Note from 05- █: Several researchers who participated in the vivisections subsequently requested Class B amnestics. It should be standard policy to grant these requests after all relevant data has been collected.


Document #939-A6-16: Transfer of Dr. █████


Note 03-16-1997: After overhearing numerous conversations between personnel, SCP-939-A6 has come to believe its name is "Keter". Given the marked positive effect on its mood, staff are advised to neither encourage nor discourage this assumption. Both its mental and physical development have remained consistent with human norms.


Document #939-A6-33: Emergency Medical Log of SCP-939-A6

Date: 01-09-2001

At approximately 20:00 hours, SCP-939-A6 began acting increasingly unsettled. When questioned, it reported a sense of malaise. Breathing was observed to be rapid and shallow. SCP-939-A6 was escorted to the medical ward for further examination. Heart rate was measured to be erratic, averaging one hundred ninety (190) beats per minute. No further anomalies were observed; SCP-939-A6 was administered a benzodiazepine and returned to containment. Probable panic attack; trigger undetermined.

Date: 01-10-2001

At 04:30 hours, SCP-939-A6 reported the same symptoms, accompanied by a mild headache and aversion to light. Examination returned with identical results to the previous day. SCP-939-A6 was instructed to rest, administered a sedative, and returned to containment.

Date: 01-24-2001

Symptoms outlined above persisted for two weeks before intensifying. SCP-939-A6 destroyed the lighting fixture in its enclosure and was found to have assumed the fetal position underneath its bed at 01:40 hours. A6 staunchly resisted leaving its chamber, requiring it be carried to Area-██'s medical ward. It complained of a severe headache, intense aversion to light, hypersensitivity to auditory stimuli, intense chest and abdominal pain, and uncomfortable warmth, commenting that it "hurt too much to cry." A6's core body temperature measured to be 41.2°C. Technicians were unable to locate a pulse.

MRI indicated [REDACTED]

A reinforced concrete containment cell was immediately prepared for SCP-939-A6. The cell's lighting was dimmed and a large basin full of water was provided at its request.

Date: 01-26-2001

SCP-939-A6 immersed itself in the provided water basin and remained inactive for a period of forty-one (41) hours, at which point it began violently tearing at its skin. It displayed a considerable amount of distress upon realizing its skin was sloughing off, but appeared unable to stop. At 22:36 hours, Dr. █████ reported SCP-939-A6's head detached itself. By 22:40 hours, it appeared morphologically identical to, albeit much smaller than, SCP-939-1.

Addendum 02-13-2001: SCP-939-A6 has been re-designated to SCP-939-101. It will be transferred to Bio-Research Area-12 for further study.


Document #939-101-77: Audio Log 939-101A #13

<Begin Log, 10:16 hrs, 05-22-2004>

<Access to Cryogenics Preservation Room 939-101 granted to: Dr. ██████.>

<Access to CGPT 939-101 granted.>

SCP-939-101: Excuse me, mister? Why are we here? It's bitterly cold and we would like to go home now. We're very late for our bedtime, and we're very sorry. We didn't mean it.

SCP-939-101: Have you seen our pictures? We like drawing. Daddy hung them on the wall except for sometimes when the others in white coats took them away. Daddy told us not to draw pictures like those. They made him sad, so we did our best to draw other things, but sometimes we forgot. Sometimes Daddy hid the pictures or ripped them up. He told us it wasn't that he didn't like them. He said it was to keep us safe from the mean doctors in the white coats, but then the doctors took Daddy away.

SCP-939-101: They made us get shots and told us to forget about Daddy, but we're scared of needles without Daddy around. We didn't forget Daddy. Daddy forgot us, though. We think it's the doctors' fault. Daddy wouldn't forget about us, would he?

SCP-939-101: They gave us a fake Daddy and told us it was real Daddy, but we knew better. The doctors made us get more shots. They kept telling us fake Daddy was real Daddy, but they couldn't fool us. We told them it was wrong to lie just like Daddy told us and then they stopped lying.

SCP-939-101: They made us be by ourselves, but they gave us paper and pencils and paints and told us we could draw whatever we wanted so we did. Sometimes we drew Daddy. Sometimes we drew what Daddy told us not to draw. The doctors took all our pictures.

SCP-939-101: Sometimes the doctors in the white coats and the people in the black shirts with lots of pockets and helmets that carried bent windows and…what did Daddy call them? I forgot. They walked with us down the hall for our checkups. We didn't like those.

SCP-939-101: Sometimes we had to lay in a dark place and be really, really still. Daddy would tell us stories. We didn't always understand them, but we liked them anyway. There were stories about places that didn't have ceilings, where up was forever and the ground wasn't white. We think it's silly. Everywhere has ceilings, doesn't it? After the doctors took Daddy away, we didn't get to hear stories anymore.

SCP-939-101: Then, we didn't feel good.

SCP-939-101: The doctors made us get lots of checkups and we think they got scared so we got scared too. We had a really bad headache and the lights bothered us and so did noises. We wanted to find lots of cool water away from the bright lights until our headache went away.

SCP-939-101: They let us be in the dark and gave us lots of water, but the water made us itch all over. When we scratched, sometimes our skin came off. We were so scared. We kept asking for Daddy, but he never showed up.

SCP-939-101: Eventually, we didn't have any skin left, but it was okay because we didn't need it anymore. We stopped itching after that. The lights stopped bothering us so much and the headache went away after our old head came off. Lights still bother us, but not as much as they did. We don't see right anymore.

SCP-939-101: We got so hungry. It was bad, but we ate our old skin and our old head. It tasted good, but it was still bad. We were still hungry after that and asked for food. They gave us food, even our favorites, but none of it tasted right to us. All that tasted good was one piece of meat. We asked for more of that.

SCP-939-101: They locked two people in the dark with us. We asked them not to, but they didn't listen to us. We weren't hungry for a while after that, but we're hungry now.

SCP-939-101: We're very sorry. We know lying is wrong. We didn't mean it.

<End Log, 10:37 hrs>

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