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Scylla - Titans Explained

Rick was driving to Sedona, Arizona where he works in the oilfields. He reminisces when he brought his three kids to Sedona and would drive to a creek to play and swim. He arrives to the oilfield he is stationed and sensed something was off. He knows that there is some land that belongs to the government that was commandeered claiming some sort of bio-hazard. He didn't pay much mind to them, but notices that some government officials were acting unusual.

Sawyer calls out to Rick from a shed and asks if Rick has checked his texts. It was the seismograph that Rick built many years ago and was updated to digital by his son, David. The seismograph was recording what seemed like an earthquake. Then, the ground shook and explodes revealing a long, black, spider like leg arching over and slamming back down to the ground. More legs sprout from the ground and with all six of them the monster rises revealing its bulbous body with a face full of tentacles. The last thing Rick thought while staring at the creature with fright were his three kids, David, Anna, and Molly.

Titanus Scylla is not related to any species of arachnid. She is a mix of a spider crab and a squid. She awoke to King Ghidorah's call to join the hunt like many others. However, she was stopped dead in her tracks after Madison Russell broadcasts the ORCA at Fenway Park. Scylla did make her way to Boston to aid Ghidorah to fight off Godzilla and Mothra, but did not make it in time. Instead, she did make it in time to witness Ghidorah's fall and Godzilla's rise to power. Scylla, along with Rodan, Behemoth, Methuselah, and MUTO gathered around Godzilla and bowed to their new king. During the end credit sequence, the first article mentioned Scylla's existence expands from Greek mythology to Chinese temples to stories heard on nuclear ships. Then, another article reports that Scylla is helping to slow down the ice melting in Antarctica allowing sea levels to stabilize. Finally, we see her mentioned one last time with #Scylla trending on Twitter.

The name, Scylla, came from Greek mythology about a female sea monster of the same name and was the daughter of Typhon. Scylla is also a genus name given to classify crabs. Much like how Methuselah was revealed and misidentified for Anguirus, many have speculated that Scylla was Kumonga, a spider monster that first appeared in Son of Godzilla.

While Scylla's design could be inspired by Kumonga I find the design sort of generic. It may as well have been another spider monster if you replace her tentacle face with a spider's face. Maybe if I saw more of it in action like in a fight then maybe I would like Scylla just a little more.

What are your thoughts on Scylla? Is she one of your favorites or are you disappointed? Would you like to see her come back in Godzilla vs Kong? Leave a comment in the comment section your thoughts on Scylla. If you would like to support my blog then go ahead and click the donate button at the top of the page. Make sure to follow me on my Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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