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The Cloverfield Paradox

While many people were watching the game or watching the commercials, the preview for third Cloverfield movie, The Cloverfield Paradox, dropped and confirmed the movie's release going straight to Netflix. The commercial showed parts of 2008's Cloverfield to show that this movie is connected to the first one. But what shocked everybody was that the movie was released on Netflix right after Super Bowl LII instead of the April release like many were expecting. So how did this turn out? Well, let's dive in.


In the year 2028, Earth is at the brink of war for almost depleted energy resources and a new source of energy is needed. Putting hopes on a particle accelerator as a new reliable source of energy, a crew of astronauts find themselves with another problem after testing the accelerator a second time. The Earth is missing.

I can see why this went straight to Netflix instead of a theatrical release. This movie would have bombed HARD. As hard as I tried to pay attention this movie fails to grab my attention not once, but TWICE! That's right! I watched this movie TWICE just so I can find out if I missed anything only to find that the movie is a convoluted mess. The story is very slow and it did a horrible job explaining how this movie connected with the previous two movies. With that in mind, it seems as though this movie was rushed into production without really putting more time in trying to get everything to fit. It is like Paramount was trying to insert a circle inside a triangle. The idea the movie had and the final result just does not fit together. To sum up everything, the main explanation of the movie is that multiverse theory is a bitch. For those that don't know what the multiverse theory is it is the theory that there are multiple universes including our own and these universes comprise of everything that exists such as space, time, matter, energy, and the physical laws and constants that describe them. In The Cloverfield Paradox our crew of astronauts on the Cloverfield station found themselves in a large pickle when the Earth went missing. They find out that the Earth was not really missing, but on the other side of the sun. That is one problem solved and there is another problem. That problem was that it wasn't their Earth. So the crew has to find a way to get back to their world.

I will say the monster is seen at the end of the film is huge. It is about the size of Mount Everest. Of course the monster is not the main focus of the film. In fact, it doesn't really make an appearance until the very end of the movie. The monster's presence is hinted when one guy investigates a destroyed building, but other than that there is nothing here that makes this a monster film at all. The monster feels really tacked on and doesn't serve a real purpose to this film. This is the same problem that 10 Cloverfield Lane had when it was revealed that aliens were invading, but the way the monster was slapped on to this movie is much worse.

The acting in the movie is okay, but I am not completely sold on the idea that they are in any danger. I could not care for the characters and I think that is mostly because the story of the movie was just boring. There were times where the acting felt under performed making me lose whatever interest I had in the film.

Final Thoughts:

The Cloverfield Paradox is really difficult to follow because of poor story telling and the acting is only okay, which is a big step down from what 10 Cloverfield Lane delivered. This is not a monster movie at all, but a sci-fi thriller. If you're jumping into this hoping that the movie will give you answers about the monster from Cloverfield, then you're going to be completely let down. The monster is tacked on and has no reason to be in this movie other than to please fans of this series. All in all, this movie can be skipped.

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