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This Godzilla vs Gigan Teaser Looks Amazing! Let's Dissect It!

Early this morning, a teaser for the live action short film Godzilla Fest 3: Attack on Gigan had dropped and it looks amazing! I am really liking how this short film was shot WAY more than the presentation we got with in the Godzilla vs Hedorah short film last year. In last year's short film, I thought it showed just how outdated the suits looked and it did not inspire much hope for using costumes in Godzilla movies anymore. For Attack on Gigan, however, I am gonna put my foot where my mouth is.

The teaser starts off with Gigan taking a swing at Godzilla and Godzilla dodging Gigan's attack. It follows up with Godzilla firing his atomic breath and then we see sparks flying as Godzilla and Gigan clash in the next scene.

Then, we see Godzilla tumbling over and destroying a highway. If you look closely, Godzilla has this giant gash going down his chest, which is a nice detail. It is unknown if it came from Gigan slashing at Godzilla with its claws or if it came from the buzzsaw on Gigan's chest. Seeing as the wound is vertical, the wound was most likely made by Gigan's buzzsaw. We have seen Godzilla take so much damage, but we never see the wounds and scars from those battles. The only other time we saw Godzilla heavily wounded was at the climax of Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla when Godzilla rose out of the frozen water with a giant hole in his chest from MechaGodzilla's "Absolute Zero" cannon. The rest of the time we see Godzilla wounded we may see blood splurting out, but no wound to be seen. So I appreciate the addition of that detail on Godzilla.

We move on to see Godzilla and Gigan silhouetted by the flames of their continuous battle and then we see an interesting shot from the perspective of inside an office building. The shots from inside a building are really appreciated as it really gives the monsters a sense of scale showing just how large they are and it was a shame I did not get that impression from the Godzilla vs Hedorah short film.

The last shot we see is a bit weird. It is another scene of Gigan slashing at Godzilla, but what I find it odd is that I am not sure if the strike was a hit or miss. We see Gigan strike at a downward diagonal and Godzilla seems to react as if it was a hit. At the same time, however, Gigan's claw doesn't make contact anywhere on Godzilla. If this was suppose to show Godzilla getting hit, then this shot could have done better, in my opinion. The teaser ends with the title card Godzilla Fest 3: Attack on Gigan and the release date of the short film, which is on November 3rd (Godzilla Day).

Aside from that last scene at the end of the teaser, this has me really excited. I can't wait to see how this short film plays out when it releases. November 3rd is just around the corner and I am glad to see a lot of effort was put into this short film.

What did you guys think of the Attack on Gigan teaser? Tell me how much this made you excited by leaving a comment in the comments section. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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