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Warner Bros. Showcases Godzilla vs. Kong At Cinema Expo 2019

Last week at Cinema Expo 2019, Warner Bros showcased a cinematic panel, presenting their upcoming line up of epic blockbusters inbound for the remainder of this year, and 2020. One of them being 'GODZILLA vs. KONG', with a representative presenting to the hall:

"In the film, the characters of Japanese and American cultures will come face to face - Godzilla and King Kong. The dealer promises a technically perfect movie that will deliver larger than life high-quality spectacle and a feast of incredible visual effects."

The head of the Caro Premier would go on to assure those present in the hall "that the confrontation of icons from different film universes and the desire to find out who will truly triumph will foster an event of excitement and interest in the film among a vast wide-scaled audience." In addition, the film will host an incredible cast of Hollywood actors and actresses - with Millie Bobby Brown, Alexander Skarsgard, Kyle Chandler and many more to join within the film's thrills.

A clip of Godzilla vs Kong was shown at the panel, with reports noting of it being spectacular despite still being polished visual effects. Alexey Ryazantsev admitted that the previous outing of the MonsterVerse (KOTM) missed the expected cash mark in Russia ---

But followed excitedly with firm confidence that, thanks to the advent/emergence of a new monster (KING KONG), that there will be no challenges in both continuing the film's vast universe, nor any in drawing-in audiences and grossing collections.

Source: Gormaru Island - Warner Bros Showcases 'GODZILLA vs. KONG', 'Joker', and 'Wonder Woman' at Cinema Expo 2019


The mentioning of a clip being shown at the expo and getting positive feedback from the attendees is great news so far. We need that positivity from the attendees. I am glad that they liked it. The more positives we hear about Godzilla vs Kong the better. However, we can only take this report with a grain of salt because we don't know how many people actually liked the clip that was shown. Think back to all of the showings for Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. We saw on Twitter from those that liked the movie were the ones posting how much they loved the movie. We never hear about the rest that didn't like it until the Rotten Tomatoes score was revealed and it was not a pretty site. I just think until we see something we should lower our expectations this time around.

Also, I feel as though just from showing a clip of the movie we might be getting a trailer very soon. March is not too far away. It is almost five months from now until the movie's release unless Warner Bros. decides to delay it/push back the movie's release date another few months. Also, Joker will be in theaters next week and that is as good of a time as any to drop a trailer. Joker is looking to be a huge hit based on reports from the Venice Film Festival getting an 8 minute standing ovation, which is getting a lot of comic book fans excited. So to put a Godzilla vs Kong trailer in front of Joker would make a lot of sense.

Speaking of the delay, I have to bring this up. I know that there is a lot of you are worried that the movie will be delayed and I will say that it could very well happen. However, I am not going to be worried about it. We are still getting Godzilla vs. Kong whether it is delayed or not. By worrying about it we are setting ourselves up for disappointment that a trailer didn't happen sooner. It has been a long road to get to this point and we are starting to get antsy for that trailer with each passing day it doesn't drop (I am feeling it as well), but we must practice patience. Even the Russian movie poster in the picture above has it pinned for March 12th, which the day before the US release date.

The release date could just be a place holder, but until there is any confirmation of a date change from Warner Bros. March 13th is still the target date.

The next item I want to bring up is how the article states "But followed excitedly with firm confidence that, thanks to the advent/emergence of a new monster (KING KONG), that there will be no challenges in both continuing the film's vast universe, nor any drawing-in audiences and grossing collections." It sounds to me it is just PR talk to get people excited for Godzilla vs Kong. I think they are just saying they want to make sure they don't overdo the marketing in hopes of Godzilla vs Kong being successful. It even mentions that Godzilla: King Of The Monsters did not meet expectations in Russia in the previous paragraph and then continues saying that they are confident with the next movie thanks to the addition of King Kong. When you read that sentence a couple of times the person is saying they are putting a lot of faith in Kong to make the movie a success. Kong is a popular monster in America, but I don't know if his popularity will make a difference. I have heard most people outside of the Godzilla/Kong fanbase laughing at the idea of a movie about Godzilla and Kong fighting each other because of size difference and there is a good reason for that.

When people think of Kong, they think of the original King Kong. The one that is 25 feet tall and dies from falling off the Empire State Building. That is the only King Kong almost everyone outside the fanbase knows about whether they are talking about the original 1933 movie or the remade 2005 movie. Those movies will always be a masterpiece. So when they hear of a movie about Godzilla and Kong fighting each other, it gets laughed at and/or ridiculed a lot. Even explaining to them that this version will be larger, it will only make it sound even more ridiculous to that audience. Even though Kong: Skull Island was more successful than King Kong from 2005, I am not confident enough that Godzilla vs Kong will have the same result just because Kong is in the movie.

What are your thoughts on this report from Gormaru Island? Do you think we will see a trailer in front of Joker or do you think Godzilla vs Kong will get delayed? Do you think Kong is more than enough to help Godzilla vs Kong to be successful? Leave a comment in the comment section on your thoughts on the article. If you wish to help support my blog, then click on the donate button at the top of the screen. Make sure to follow me on my Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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