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Why Is There No Godzilla Anime DVD/Blu-Ray Release In The US?

Ever since Godzilla: Monster Planet aired on Netflix, there is this question that comes up from time to time that I ponder on. It has to do with when will we see a physical release in the US. After every new entry from Toho Co., we would get confirmation for a dvd/blu-ray collectors set that would release exclusively in Japan for that title movie or series. This is all fine and all, but it has been four years since Monster Planet, three years since City on the Edge of Battle, two years since The Planet Eater, and four months since Singular Point were first aired on Netflix in the US. One would think by this point that the Godzilla anime would have got physical releases in the Unite States by now. However, there has been zero news from Toho on any sort of US release.

From what I can remember, there would be a time period for a dvd/blu-ray release of each recent installment of every Godzilla movie. I know that sounds like nobody does that now, especially having Godzilla vs Kong released this year, but for the Godzilla anime it's different this time. We see news for other movies in the series get brought over to the US with physical releases and exclusive releases in Japan, but nowhere else. It is more or less like the Godzilla anime stuff is being excluded from getting a physical releases in the US.

I browse through Amazon and I would turn up with nothing and E-Bay will have the Japanese versions priced between $30 - $90. I also did see ones for English dub priced at $20, but looking at the covers for them they are obviously bootlegs since the descriptions on the back of the covers are written out in both English and Chinese. I even browsed stores like Walmart, Target, FYE, and Best Buy and nothing turned up.

I know that I have given the Polygon trilogy movies and Singular Point a lot of criticism and I am one of the fans that I can live without a physical release since I did not enjoy any of them. However, there are fans that do like the movies and do like the show. Eventually years from now, Netflix will take down listings for the all of the Godzilla anime. Once that happens, where do you think fans will go to watch them? There are places on the internet where you can watch anime for free, but those places will get found and shut down for copyright infringement.

Also, watching a movie or show on dvd or blu-ray is a different experience from watching them on a streaming service. Most of the time, you get extra content like behind the scenes footage and the making of the movie or show that goes into more detail on how they made the film. Streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and Hulu don't give you that much content. All you get is the film or episodes of the show and that's it.

Perhaps one day the US will see dvd/blu-ray releases of the Polygon trilogy and Singular Point. The point is that I just find it concerning that we have seen the various Godzilla anime content come and go with physical releases remain exclusive in Japan. I just hope that it does not stay that way for long. If the Polygon trilogy movies or Singular Point do get physical international releases, then all I have to say is this. Please, for god's sakes, Toho, start making collector bundles for the US too! The dvd/blu-ray cases in those bundles look so much better than what we get here!

Do you find the lack of dvd/blu-ray release of the Godzilla anime content concerning? Do you think we will see dvd and blu-ray releases in the states? Let me know what you think in the comments section of your thoughts on this topic. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, and Gab to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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