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4 Ideas I Would Like To See In "Godzilla Zero"

Continuing the discussion with "Godzilla Zero," I have not seen much talk on the film ever since the movie's announcement on November 3rd, 2022. While we know this movie takes place during the right after WWII, but there are still a lot of unknowns that leaves a lot to the imagination on what this film could be. So I developed a list on what I would like to see in this new Godzilla film.

1. Godzilla's Main Theme Song

Music composer Akira Ifukube with Godzilla

This may very well be a given that Godzilla's theme song will most likely play somewhere in the movie. Originally composed by Akira Ifukube, the theme song became a main staple in most of Godzilla's films. Over the span of movies we have seen Godzilla's look evolve and change up to the current era. The same goes for his theme song. In the 1954 original, the music gave a sense of ambiance that always sent shivers down the spines of viewers and it evolved to become more and more epic over time.

I will admit that Bear McCreary's rendition of the classic theme song for Godzilla: King of the Monsters is my most favorite version out of all of them. It is a great tribute to Akira Ifukube to have his music become as epic as it was in the movie. Every time I listen to it, I can't help feel excited. I just know that when it plays it means Godzilla has come to kick some Titan ass.

For "Godzilla Zero" I want to get the same feeling of excitement, but in a way that still captures the bone-chilling shiver like in 1954. When listening to the song from the 1954 movie, the song just hits really different because I know exactly what is going on in the movie without having to watch the movie. When I listen to the original, I can picture the sirens of firetrucks blaring and the trucks tumbling over trying to avoid the debris left behind by Godzilla. At the same time, Godzilla continues leaving a path of destruction spraying his radioactive breath across Tokyo. It was literally a song that expressed Japan's inevitable defeat at the hands of the monster and all of those that tried to fight had fallen. If you click on the video and just listen to the song while watching the scene you will get what I'm talking about when I say it hits different than other renditions.

In Shin-Godzilla, there is a song called "Who Will Know" that plays during the initial scene when Godzilla uses his atomic breath for the first time. The song captures a similar bone-chilling feeling, but the scene itself was a little too over the top when the beam started shooting out of his back. So when I hear this song, I still know how the scene plays out and I get reminded about the part with beams shooting out of Godzilla's back and the feeling sort of dies. Don't get me wrong, "Who Will Know" is a really great piece of music. I just wish the scene itself wasn't so over the top as it was.

Overall, I want the original theme song that still captures that feeling of terror combined with a destructive scene that is not over the top like Shin-Godzilla.

2. A Godzilla Design With More Personality