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Analyzing The Godzilla vs Kong TV Spots

This morning caught me by surprise as three new TV spots for Godzilla vs Kong were discovered. One of the first ones was a Chinese TV spot that had the shortest runtime than the other two, but the other two TV spots had the most meat and potatoes in terms of new footage. So I will be going over the two TV spots with the most footage. I will not be going over the Chinese version since it is just a shortened version of one of the other TV spots we are about to go over.

TV Spot 1:

TV spot #1 starts off with the little Iwi girl, Jia, showing her doll to Kong. Then, the next scene shows Kong using sign language saying "Home". If you look in the background, you might notice that he is in the Hollow Earth. You can sort of see the ceiling of the Hollow Earth in the background. So Kong must recognize that this is where he was meant to be or at least where his ancestors came from.

The next shot then shows Eiza Gonzalez exclaiming, "Did the monkey just talk?" This shot here takes place during the scene where Jia walks out to a restless and aggravated Kong and calms him down. It is obvious that she and Alexander Skarsgard are observing Jia's interaction with Kong.

We then see the boats transporting Kong and we get a new face shot of Kong that looks to be waking up after being knocked out with tranquilizers. Then, we get a quick glimpse of Godzilla swimming towards what looks like an industrial area.

Following up, Rebecca Hall seems to be talking to somebody (possibly Alexander Skarsgard) telling him, "Godzilla will come for Kong. It will be a death sentence." In the next shots, Godzilla jumps out of the water to knock over the boat Kong is being transported on and then it cuts to the fight on the aircraft carrier where Kong is knocked down after receiving a very powerful slap from Godzilla. This leads up to where Godzilla exerts his dominance on Kong and Kong throws a punch at Godzilla's face again.

The TV spot then shows quick glimpses of Kong in Hong Kong during the day time, Millie Bobby Brown with Julian Dennison, Kyle Chandler, Brian Tyree Henry, and Eiza Gonzalez probably watching the fight come to a climax, and finally we see Skarsgard, Gonzalez, and Jia in the HEAV flying towards Godzilla. The TV spot ends with Kong blocking and redirecting Godzilla's atomic breath with his axe as Kong is about to slam his axe down on Godzilla.

Overall, the first TV spot is pretty straight forward. We learn that Kong can communicate using sign language. So it will be interesting to see how much we will see Kong using sign language in the whole movie.

TV Spot 2:

TV spot #2 begins with Jia out in the rain to calm down Kong's tantrum and we hear Skarsgard saying, "I know Jia is only a child. She is the only one that Kong can communicate with…and we need Kong." We see Kong roaring at Godzilla and Godzilla leaping on to the aircraft carrier and the first new scene we see is Millie Bobby Brown saying, "Here we go," with Brian Tyree Henry in the background. It is very hard to tell where they are. Then, it follows up with Kong punching Godzilla on the aircraft carrier.

Kong bangs on his chest and then we see Rebecca Hall saying, "This won't end until one of them submits." We get another beautiful shot of Kong inside the Hollow Earth. This time he is heading towards a mountain that are shaped like Godzilla's dorsal plates while being escorted by two of the HEAV vehicles.

Once again, we see Godzilla in another industrial area looking like he just swatted down a jet. In my original post, I mentioned about his chest glowing blue. Then, I was told it was actually a spotlight. After looking over the trailer again, it is a spotlight. It is hard to tell, but I was able to find a trail where the light was coming from.

After we see some a person sliding around on the floor of what could be the boat that Kong was chained to, the next scene shows Eiza Gonzalez asking, "Are you sure the monkey will survive this?" Every time I hear Gonzalez's character refer to Kong as "monkey" she says it like in a demeaning way. It is like she hates Kong. Maybe that could be a hint as to how she views Kong?

We then see Kong staring at Jia as Jia turns around towards the camera possibly asking for permission from Rebecca Hall to be with Kong. Then, we see Kong in Hong Kong dodging Godzilla's atomic breath and we see Skarsgard respond to Gonzalez casually, "It's us I worry about."

The TV spot then shows Godzilla ready to fire his atomic breath into the air and Skarsgard and Gonzalez screaming at the top of their lungs as the HEAV flies towards Godzilla. The next scene is probably the first "joke" (please, let this be the only one) we see in the movie where Brian Tyree Henry screams from shock and scares Millie Bobby Brown and Julian Dennison and Henry replies, "This room is so massive." My best guess is that Brown, Dennison, and Henry were able to infiltrate inside one of APEX's facilities or at least remnants of the facility. The whole point of this group as stated from Collider's article is that Henry's character is a conspiracy theorist that formerly worked for APEX and believes APEX has something to hide and Brown and Dennison are under the same impression. So I think this is where Brown, Dennison, and Henry succeeded at infiltrating one of APEX's bases. The TV spot ends with Kong and Godzilla roaring at each other like they're ready to square off.

Overall, I enjoyed this second TV spot more than the first one. We got a lot more scenes to dissect from in this second TV spot. I am very impressed with the visuals. I am ready to see how all of this plays out in the full movie.

Which TV spot was your favorite? Are there any scenes you enjoyed more than others? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on the new TV spots. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and Parler to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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