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Black Widow Moved To May 7, 2021; Is Godzilla vs Kong In Trouble?

As you may have read by now, Marvel's upcoming movie Black Widow is postponed from the November 6th, 2020 release date to May 7th, 2021, which was originally the release date for another Marvel movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. From this news, I am already seeing Godzilla fans asking if Godzilla vs Kong is in trouble again. Before it gets too out of hand, I'm going to nip this in the butt while it's fresh.

In terms of popularity, Black Widow can and will hurt Godzilla vs Kong. Black Widow has been a popular character ever since her first appearance in Iron Man 2. Marvel has demonstrated their movies have been more favorable and popular than Godzilla and Kong ever since Godzilla (2014). Godzilla made $524 million and Guardians of the Galaxy made $772 million. Kong: Skull Island made $566 million whereas Thor: Ragnarok made $853 million and Spiderman Homecoming made $880 million. Godzilla: King of the Monsters made $386 million compared to Avengers: EndGame making a whopping $2.79 billion. Beating any Marvel movie that same year of release has always been an impossible task.

For a large chunk of 2019 we spent most of our time worrying about ticket sales for Godzilla: King of the Monsters. It wasn't very fun and really pathetic. We could have had much more fun discussing the movie itself rather than talking about box-office numbers all because we're too worried about how the performance of Godzilla: King of the Monsters will affect the Monsterverse in the long run. So here we are today projecting that same worry on Godzilla vs Kong.

Let's say by 2021 the pandemic is over, everyone got vaccinated, and all of the movie theaters are open in time for both Black Widow and Godzilla vs Kong to release. By that point, when you're sitting in the movie theater are you going to worry about which movie is going to do better at the box office or are you going to just enjoy the movies regardless of box office performance? To me, I would be going to watch Godzilla vs Kong glad to finally visit a movie theater again and hopefully having fun watching the movie. There is no doubt more people will see Black Widow, but I would not be caring who is seeing what movie and worrying about the box-office numbers and neither should you. We need to stop stressing ourselves out over something we cannot control.

Right now, we are in weird and troubling times. Everyone is forced to stay home more often due to covid. Not every theater across the globe is open so not everyone is going to get the same opportunities to see the same movies at the same time as everyone else. Also, the current political climate in the United States has affected some movie theaters causing to not open in some states. If this year was like any other year it would be easily predicted that Black Widow would beat Godzilla vs Kong hands down. For 2021, it's still too soon to make a prediction coming from the stand point of America's current situation. For all we know, plans can still change. Maybe by May 2021, Godzilla vs Kong gets pushed back again or Black Widow will get pushed back again or one of them could get brought over to a streaming service. Anything can still happen.

What are your thoughts on Black Widow moving to May? Does this worry you at all for Godzilla vs Kong or are you going to see these movies without caring about the box-office performance? Leave a comment in the comments section on your thoughts on Black Widow moving to May. Make sure to follow me on my Facebook, Twitter, Minds, and Parler pages to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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