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Character Biographies For Godzilla: Singular Point Revealed

We just received new info on the upcoming anime series Godzilla: Singular Point. There is new info on the cast of the series and their character's biographies from the website. The translation I am using is from Google Translate, so some parts will be rough.

Character: Kamino Mei

Biography: The main character of this story. A strange graduate student who studies "non-existent creatures". Cheerful and cheerful personality. Although she is a genius, there are some aspects missing, and there are many things left behind. After receiving a request to investigate "Misakioku" on behalf of an absent professor, she was involved in the battle with "Godzilla".

Character: Arikawa Yun

Biography: The main character of this story. An engineer who works at the "Otaki Factory," a town factory that sells everything. A so-called genius who is familiar with many things such as robot manufacturing and programming, but a strange person who has difficulty interacting with people. After investigating a Western-style building in a vacant house, he is involved in the battle with "Godzilla".

Character: Katosa Havel

Biography: Like Yun, he works at the town factory "Otaki Factory". His hobby is muscle training, and his nickname in highschool was "barbell." Yun's good companion, along with Yun and Otaki's father, will challenge the battle with "Godzilla".