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Coming Soon Reports "Godzilla Minus One" Is Still Coming To IMAX

A couple of weeks ago, IMAX announced Beyoncé's concert movie Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé was coming to IMAX on December 1st, the same day Godzilla Minus One is slated to release. With earlier promotions saying the Godzilla movie was coming to IMAX, as well, there were a lot of questions on whether IMAX showings for the movie was still happening. We did conclude it does make sense financially for IMAX to promote Beyoncé over Godzilla, but the question still lingered. In the wake of the red carpet premier of Godzilla Minus One in Japan, Coming Soon reports that it is still happening.

According to Coming Soon, there will be a special Early Access Fan Event Screenings on Wednesday, November 29th and it will be on IMAX across the country. They also report tickets for Godzilla Minus One will begin to go on sale November 3rd.

Now, this is the only the source that has reported about when Godzilla Minus One tickets will go on sale and about the Early Access event. It is still unknown if the movie will remain on IMAX on December 1st or if this will be a one time deal. Every other source is just reposting from this source. I have emailed IMAX (again) to find out more about this Early Access event and if they can elaborate further. So far, I have not heard from them on this yet. We may not even know until November 3rd when tickets go live. However, I reckon this one day event is the only time the movie will be on IMAX before Beyoncé takes the spotlight.

"Godzilla Minus One" Early Acess confirmed by new TV spot

I did go on the IMAX website and I did not see Godzilla Minus One on their slate. It did list Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé, Wonka, Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, and The Boy and the Heron. If the article from Coming Soon is true maybe IMAX did not update their slate yet. Perhaps, they are waiting until November 3rd to reveal Godzilla Minus One is coming to IMAX for this one day event. I am just hoping that we get some sort of confirmation from IMAX themselves on whether or not this event is actually happening because I am sure a lot of Godzilla fans would love to see this on the biggest screen possible.

Godzilla and "Godzilla Minus One" are owned by Toho Co., Ltd.

Furthermore, the movie just had a red carpet premier a few days ago in Japan and early reactions from those that saw the film are praising it to high heaven (as expected). We also did get confirmation the movie will be rated PG-13 for "creature violence and action" along with a 15 second teaser showcasing more of Godzilla's rampage, which looks very visually stunning. The new trailer even featured a scene where Godzilla is chasing this small boat reminiscent to a chase scene in Jaws. And while the characters on this dingy boat are being chased one of them pulls out a heavy weapon and begins spraying bullets at the monster's face out of desperation. So this Godzilla is really going for a large body count intentionally. He is causing so much destruction on purpose lashing out at the humans below him. And this scene illustrates that well enough to know that Godzilla knows the humans exists and he feels they must be exterminated. So it is this and everything else we have seen in previous trailers and the early reactions of the film that has fans wanting to experience this movie on IMAX and it would be neat for fans to at least have as a special event. If it doesn't happen, then don't worry about it. We will be able to see Godzilla Minus One regardless. It just won't be on IMAX.

UPDATE 10/20/23: As of two hours ago, two TV spots of the movie has dropped for the US confirming the Early Access Fan Event. This early access event will be screened on IMAX on November 29th, just two days before Godzilla Minus One officially releases in US theaters. Tickets will go on sale November 3rd.

What are your thoughts on the article from Coming Soon? Do you think this event is happening or are you going to wait until IMAX makes an announcement? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on the Coming Soon article. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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