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Comparing Designs: Godzilla 2014 Vs Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

Can you spot the difference?

During production, it was expected that changes would be made to the Godzilla design, but just how big of a change? The expectations were very small like cuts and scars from his encounter with the MUTOs, but nobody expected this big of a change. Let's dive in and spot what we can find.

Right off the bat, we can already see that the atomic breath is much larger and brighter compared to his 2014 counterpart. It gives off a radiance that is powerful enough to even easily attract a moth to a flame. When comparing it to the 2014 version, while his atomic breath was able to stun and kill the Female MUTO it was really weak. Now, we can truly see just how powerful Godzilla's atomic breath can really be. Director, Michael Dougherty, even commented on the photo saying that it takes place in a crucial point in the movie and is a "call to arms." So now we know that a team up with Mothra and Rodan is going to happen. Not only that, but the 2019 version's breath sort of his a spiral going on.

Next, this was really hard to see at first without putting the two pictures side by side, but Godzilla's dorsal plates are definitely much bigger and much more classic in design. Even the largest dorsal plate on G'19's back definitely resembles that of the dorsal plates from the original 54 version. It is very telling that the creature designers took some inspiration from the past designs for the dorsal plates while keeping it close to the 2014 design. There are some hints of Godzilla 2000 being another inspiration for the design as they look much more jagged and wild looking. For G'14, his dorsal plates are smaller, much more simple, and controlled.

Last and not least, the tail has also changed. The tail for G'19 is elongated and rounded like the tail from the designs from the 90's. Even the way the tail arcs when lifted out of the water in 2019's design is telling that it's heavier in weight as well. The 2014 version had a much shorter and lighter tail. Even the tip of 2014's tail had a pointed tip at the end that can be used like a whip when he defended himself from the male MUTO.

In the end, they are both awesome looking and I can't wait to see the new Godzilla design in action in the trailer and on the big screen next year. I just wanted to show and compare the changes in designs between the 2014 version and the 2019 version. What are your thoughts on the new design? Did you spot anything that I may have missed? Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the new design. Make sure to stay up to date by subscribing to my page for more news, reviews, and discussions on all kaiju related topics.

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