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Did Toho Hide A New Godzilla Design In The Logo?

On November 3, 2022, Toho Co. announced their next live action Godzilla movie will release this year followed up with a teaser logo. Everyone can see it is a letter "G" obviously meaning Godzilla, but fans are seeing other things in the logo. For instance, at the time of writing the movie is currently referred to as "Godzilla Zero" because the calligraphy of the letter looks like a zero and the movie's setting does take place after World War II. However, many are claiming that Godzilla's newest design can be seen also.

I will admit, it has took me quite a long time to see what are talking about since all I saw was the letter and the number zero. After looking at it over and over for months, I think I can see the "design" many people are referring to.

I have made a diagram showing which part of the logo resembles in different color palettes. Starting with the part colored in red, we can assume this part of the letter is the tail. The determination of length of the tail is very debatable, but it does resemble a tail that is mix between the Monsterverse Godzilla and Shin Godzilla. Very thick at the base and very thin at the tip, which can be used like a whip in battles. Shifting our eyes away from the base of the tail, we can sort of make out some more details.

To support a thick tail, Godzilla must have a bulky body, which we can see in the area colored in orange. The posture of the body is hunched over like the Monsterverse Godzilla and maybe more lean or muscular towards the chest area. I would even say the arms might be like the Monsterverse Godzilla as well: short, but muscular enough for battling.

Continuing on to the area colored in blue, we can see this part resemble Godzilla's dorsal fins or plates. The two fins start off very large, more prominent, and ridged and then dips down to the smaller dorsals as it trails towards the tail. In my opinion, The dorsal fins look like a shark dorsal more than a whale dorsal as I have heard some claimed.

Even when we move to the head that is colored in green the head also sort of resembles a shark with his mouth open. I could argue that the lower part of the neck could be gills, but based on how the head is positioned the neck could just also be thick and wrinkly. With his mouth open, Godzilla looks like he is roaring or getting ready to use atomic breath.

Intentional or not, I will say that Toho Co. gave an interesting rorschach test. It wouldn't be the first time Toho had teased Godzilla's design if this is actually intentional. When Shin Godzilla was in production, the first teaser image we got was just Godzilla's footprint. We didn't really know what to expect from the design, but we were able to make out a couple intriguing details in the picture such as having five toes rather than the traditional four and a trilobite. It was not much to go on, yet it caught many people's attention, nonetheless.

It is unknown when we will hear more about the movie. Since "Godzilla Zero" is due to release in Japan on November 3rd, 2023 (Just in time for Godzilla's 69th anniversary), we should expect more news to appear at any time. When we do get more information, we will eventually get our first official look of the new Godzilla appearing in the movie. It wouldn't surprise me if some elements from Shin Godzilla was inserted into the design or in the movie itself. Ever since Shin Godzilla was released in 2016 Toho Co. has been milking it with merchandise and cross-over marketing campaigns to this day and Godzilla: Singular Point had a lot of references to Shin Godzilla in terms of pacing, story, and even some of the action scenes. So we can expect Shin Godzilla references inserted into "Godzilla Zero."

What are your thoughts on the teaser image? Do you think it hides the new Godzilla design or do you think people are seeing things? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on the logo. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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