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Fifth Monsterverse Movie, "ORIGINS," Wraps Up Filming

Ever since "ORIGINS" was first announced back in March, Legendary Pictures has remained silent on the film's production. This has made fans (and myself) very eager to learn more about what the next Monsterverse movie is about. So we relied on leaked behind the scenes photos and Australia's local news stations to learn about the film. In a new set of leaks, we now learn the initial photography and filming for "ORIGINS" has just wrapped up.

Gormaru Island and Königreich der Monster (Kingdom of Monsters) has broke this news last night. One picture shows rows of filming equipment being packed up and put away. From this point forward, the movie will be in post-production adding in the CGI effects and cutting scenes together. It may take a few months before we start hearing about test screenings.

The wrap up is not the only information that was leaked. Yesterday, DangerVille put out a new video about the fifth Monsterverse movie that has fans reacting with a sort of sigh. In this video, they were leaked images of merchandise such as hats and t-shirts for crew members that worked on the film. In these images has the title "Godzilla And Kong" and it is as generic that anyone can think of.

The title doesn't differentiate itself enough from Godzilla vs Kong. It may actually confuse general audiences as the font used for the Godzilla And Kong logo is the same for Godzilla vs Kong. Also, the word "And" replacing the word "Vs" is not enough to tell audiences this is a completely different movie and that a subtitle may be required. There are already some that have taken to social media and are calling it Godzilla And Kong: Origins.

In my opinion, Godzilla And Kong: Origins already sounds better than calling just it Godzilla And Kong. I just hope that Legendary does consider adding a secondary title no matter if they go with "Origins" or another secondary title. It just needs to make this movie stand out on its own and away from Godzilla vs Kong.

One take away from the leaked merchandise is that there is a graphic for a t-shirt showing Godzilla and Kong fighting each other. I can definitely see a scenario in the movie when the two monsters do meet again for the first time they would slug it out for a couple of minutes before changing direction to them acting like a team for the rest of the movie. Plus, this is just one graphic we are seeing from the t-shirt. We may see others like this and we may see others showing Godzilla and Kong standing side by side as equals.

Lastly, there is this water bottle that says "Hollow Earth Advance Team" or H.E.A.T. for short. If you ever watched Godzilla: The Series on the Fox Kids channel, it followed a ragtag team of monster researchers called H.E.A.T., which stood for Humanitarian Environmental Analysis Team. While the show followed the story after the 1998 movie, it looks like H.E.A.T. will return in Godzilla And Kong under a different acronym and it is a cool nod to the 1998 cartoon. No, I don't think this means Zilla will appear in this movie.

With that, that is a wrap for this segment. Now, I want to know what your thoughts are on Godzilla And Kong wrapping up and the movie's title in the comments section. Do you like the title or do you think it could be better? Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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