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Fourth Gamera Villain Revealed For 'Gamera: Rebirth'. Who Will Claim The Fifth And Final Spot?

While everyone still has Skull Island on the minds, Netflix and Kadokawa decided to make a move that I did not fully expect. I was sort of certain that they would wait until July to reveal the next monster, but it goes to show that they had no intention of waiting another two months to reveal Gamera's fourth opponent: Guiron.

Having first appeared in Gamera vs Guiron, this monster's role in the film was a sort of guard dog to the alien space women. Gamera arrives on the planet to save a couple of boys from the aliens, but was forced to duel Guiron to the death. Gamera was knocked out of the first round after sustaining too many injuries. By the second round, he quickly healed and was able to kill Guiron and bring the children back to Earth safely.

His Showa design has a unique design that resembles a butcher's knife and this new design for the anime is keeping in line with a knife design, but is also a drastic change. Even though the poster is only showing the silhouette of Guiron, there are some details worth noticing right off the bat. He looks to be much skinnier, has a more razor sharp blade, sharp ridges line from the nose and all the way down his back, his lower jaw splits open, and his eyes are low to where his bottom jaw is located. It will be interesting to see how this version of Guiron will look when put into action. It makes me think this version is going for a more lizard-like design, which would not surprise me. Even the original version had a reptilian look to the monster. Who knows? Maybe I will get surprised and it turns out to be more like an insect like a beetle just as one of my friends speculated.

As for why Netflix and Kadokawa decide to show it so soon is speculative, but I have a feeling that Skull Island could be a part of the reason. The show had just released and the result swings to either being positive or mixed. I'm in the minority where I just straight up did not like Skull Island at all, but that is beside the point. The point is that the show is out, people are talking about it, and Netflix and Kadokawa could be using this to make Guiron's reveal while everyone is riding the monster train.

With four revealed, there is only one slot left. Which monster could Kadokawa be saving for last? Could it be another Showa monster like Barugon or Viras? Or perhaps a Heisei monster like Legion or Iris or Zedus will join the fray? Or could Kadokawa be throwing a curve ball and it is a brand new monster all together? Currently, the popular bet is on another Showa monster. It makes sense because the last four Gamera villains were all from the Showa era. I have speculated in a recent post that Viras could appear in Gamera: Rebirth using the monster design from the 2016 concept trailer because of how similar Gamera and Gyaos look in the show compared to their 2016 counter parts.

Maybe Kadokawa doesn't want to go that route. What if the final opponent is not a Showa monster at all? Who could they go with then? I will be honest, my bet would be on a brand new monster for Gamera to fight. While I would like to see Legion and Iris again, Kadokawa knows those are popular monsters in the series and they can save them for a second season if the first season is received positively. On top of that, I just do not see Barugon nor Zedus as final boss material. I think Gamera needs an opponent other than the Gyaos that can give him a run for his money. One that tests Gamera's strength after all of the hard fought battles. I just hope that if it is a new monster that he becomes a new favorite.

What are your thoughts on Guiron being revealed for Gamera: Rebirth? Are you happy this monster is making an appearance? What are your first thoughts on the new design? Who do you think will be Gamera's fifth and final opponent? Leave a comment in the comments section on this reveal and more. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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