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Godzilla: Planet Eater Trailer Breakdown

Well, well, well, guess what the cat dragged in last night? No, it's not another story leak or leaked monster design for Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, but it is something Godzilla related. The second trailer for Godzilla: Planet Eater has dropped and I can't say what my thoughts are for the story, but by certain scenes I think we can all guess where the story is going. With how everything else looks, this movie is starting to come together quite nicely with the animation and cgi, but that is all this movie has going for it. It looks like the same two movies with glitter sprinkled all over it.

I have to say there is not much to break down in this trailer. It gives you a straight forward idea of how the movie's story is gonna go down. Haruo grieves over the loss of his childhood friend and love interest, Yuko, and the exif priest and Haruo's friend, Metphies, has decided to unleash their god or in this case, Ghidorah, onto Earth as their last resort to beat Godzilla. This is basically going to be the same story like the second movie where the plan sounded good at first, but then Haruo is betrayed. While they added other stuff like Haruo's new love interest with Miana, one of the twin sisters from the Houtua tribe, and Metphies now becoming the villain, there is just not a whole lot that this movie is giving.

At the beginning of the trailer, we see the title of the movie, Godzilla roaring in victory after destroying MechaGodzilla City, and a close up shot of Haruo in tears. Basically, we are seeing how the last movie, Godzilla: City On The Edge Of Battle, ended. After a couple shots of the logos of the companies that worked on the film, the next shot we see are two people analyzing Godzilla and maybe measuring the radioactivity at the site where MechaGodzilla city once stood. Sleeping on the job again, as usual. Seriously?! This is the third and last movie and he decides to fall back asleep?! I would've thought that he would be hunting down those pesky humans like Metphies said in the first movie! Metphies, you are a damn liar! It's obvious that Godzilla only gets angry because nobody would leave him alone to take his naps! Let him take his naps!

Afterwards, we see our main protagonist, Haruo, grieving over Yuko's death after the full scale attack on Godzilla at MechaGodzilla City was sabotaged. Next scene is Metphies walking past Haruo and Haruo looking at him like he's suspicious. This is probably after Metphies tries to console and comfort Haruo during his time of grievance, but probably suggested Haruo that they should bring Ghidorah to Earth. Haruo didn't like the plan after how MechaGodzilla City went down, told Metphies no on that plan, and probably before Metphies walked away he could have said something like to Haruo like, "If you're not going to do your job as Commander, then maybe I will do it for you." Metphies probably wont say exactly that, but some sort of threat that will make Haruo suspicious.

The next scene shows some sort of ritual or ceremony at the Houtua village. There is also a figure at the altar made out of sticks. We see one of these later in the trailer being used for a sacrifice conducted by Metphies, but I will get to that later. For now, it is unknown on what the Hatua tribe are using these stick figures for. Honestly, this looks more like a scene from The Wicker Man. In the voice of Nicholas Cage, "NO! NOT THE BEES! NOT THE BEES!"

We get quick shots of someone walking, Maina looking concerned, and Metphies looking annoyed. First off, it is unknown who is walking in the scene or where that person is going. It could be anyone like Haruo, Metphies, or even a smaller character. Secondly, the past two movies has not made care enough for these characters to even wonder what they are doing or staring at in these scenes.

In these next few shots, we see Metphies thinking of how to proceed with his plan by staring at what looks like either a medallion or the world's last surviving waffle. What is that? What is that shape even suppose to be? Is there some hidden meaning behind it? Whatever it is and seeing how the next few scenes go, he uses this and some green crystal that turns yellow to summon Ghidorah.

Following up, that same green crystal turns yellow and is held up by Metphies. This is the first indication that this crystal serves as a beacon and it shows with Ghidorah's shadow slithering beneath their feet.

The next shot shows Metphies whispering something creepy into someone's ear and I believe that this is where one of the twins realizes that she is about to be used for a ritualistic sacrifice to Ghidorah and this is corresponding with the other close up shot of an eye that belongs to one of the twins.

Between those close up scenes, we see the Exif priest, Endurphe. He is looking troubled probably because he knows from his own experience how much destruction Ghidorah has caused on his planet. Or maybe he is just one of those dads that has high expectations and is disappointed that his son didn't study to be a doctor. My bet is that he is a disappointed dad.

A black hole opens above the space ship and the crystal glowing brighter as Ghidorah approaches closer and closer.

Before anybody says anything about this next part, Ghidorah's silhouette is NOT our first look at his entire body and yes, people think that this one shot proves it disregarding the fact that he is really 3 giant gold snakes in this movie. I could be wrong, but when we see later in the trailer that he appears from three separate black holes, it makes me question what the heck I'm looking at.

The next few shots shows one of Ghidorah's heads attacking and wrapping around the Aratrum. This gold, spiky snake like creature is Ghidorah's whole design and yes it is actually disappointing to see. I expected a three headed dragon and it turns out that Ghidorah are just three snakes. You can make fun of me all you want, but this does not look anything like how Ghidorah should look! It just looks barely recognizable, but this thing could have been a separate monster all together! They could have made it Manda and that would be more recognizable than calling it Ghidorah! It even wraps around the ship like Manda would do in Atragon and Godzilla: Final Wars! I would have preferred the design from the silhouette more than the real thing if this was Ghidorah!

We also get a reveal of the movie's end credit theme song, LIVE AND DIE, by the Japanese band XAI. For the past two movies in this series, XAI has always provided the end credit theme song. For the first movie, Godzilla: Monster Planet, the end credit song was WHITE OUT and the song for the second movie was THE SKY FALLS. While I don't like the last two movies, I actually enjoy their music. I actually do like their songs and sometimes I listen to it while driving. So maybe this new single will be good as well.

In the next two scenes, Godzilla begins to charge up his atomic breath as Ghidorah approaches Earth. Either that or he is just yawning after waking up from his nap. This is where the fight between Valium-zilla and Gold Snake begin their fight.

The next scene we see Metphies explaining something to Haruo and basking in the sight of seeing three giant snakes falling from the sky. Even the Servum don't want anything to do with this movie as their shown flying away from the fight.

Next, we see Maina and Dr. Martin are looking up watching Ghidorah enter their planet looking angry as they watch all of this unfold. Alright folks, move along! There is nothing to see here! Just shame and disappointment having a fight! Move along!

Next two shots, we see Godzilla firing his atomic breath at one of Ghidorah's heads and is deflected! So Godzilla can't damage or even touch this thing, but Ghidorah can bite and wrap around Godzilla and other objects? Movie, make up your mind! If you can't touch something then it can't touch you either! So do these snakes have a physical body or not?!

Now there are two scenes that I want to talk about and they are the shots where we see Miana and Haruo having a tender moment. The first one is where Miana is touching Haruo's back and the other is where Haruo holds Miana in an embrace. From how the trailer is hinting at, Miana becomes Haruo's new love interest and this is very odd to me, but I think it's just because we never really seen this side with the twins taking any actual interest in love in previous movies as Mothra's guardian. It could also be that he is trying to comfort Miana for a loss of a loved one, but for now the movie is hinting that love is in the air between the two. Sadly, this will probably the only amount of character development that we will see in the whole movie. Yeah, remember what's her name that was Haruo's childhood friend and lover that died in the second movie? Me neither.

Next scene, we see Maina and Dr. Martin reaching out to an orange orb. I think this is our first look at the egg that the Houtua holds and that Maina wants to hatch the egg. Probably hinting to Mothra making an appearance? Nah, at this point I can't see that happening unless they shoe horn her in at the last minute to entertain the fans like they're jingling car keys to entertain the babies.

Now, the scene where you are probably wondering where this sacrifice comes in. Well, in the scene where Metphies is holding Haruo while he is knocked out look at the top right corner. See anything out of place? Whose feet do those belong to? It can't be just a random Houtua that was or is about to be sacrificed...Well, I guess it could, but then it wouldn't be much of a tragedy if it wasn't someone Haruo cared about like Miana...Nah, who am I kidding. With how the last two movies went it wouldn't surprise me if it really isn't anybody special. Maybe, it's Nicholas Cage doing his Wicker Man impression.

In the next three scenes, we see a flash back to when Haruo was a child and Metphies was the one that had to care for him. We see one shot where it's a close up of a flower probably representing that someone died for the sake of saving the planet. Haruo and Miana are free falling from the sky....or maybe they're just really high on drugs and they're tripping out.

The last thing we see before it cuts to the title card and release date card is Godzilla being carried into the air by the NOT - Ghidorahs. Take a long look at that picture. Congratulations, you may have seen most of the fight in this movie. I am not actually joking or being sarcastic. This is probably the most of what we will see through out this fight, which isn't much at all. If you were disappointed that you didn't see a fight between Godzilla and MechaGodzilla in the last movie, then be prepared to be disappointed by this as well. You can't really do much if the monster Godzilla fights are just three space traveling snakes. Does this thing even have its lightning attacks? I wouldn't be surprised if Ghidorah's special lightning attack were left out of the movie as well. So yeah, Godzilla vs 3 Anacondas...Good job, TOHO. You can make your movie trailers look good, but what I am getting from this isn't looking good at all.

Overall, I am not thrilled about this movie at all. I was not happy with the first two and this just looks like the same story as the previous movie. Hopefully, when it comes out on Netflix early next year that it could prove me wrong. If it proves me wrong then I would be more than happy about it, but this movie really needs to blow the other two out of the water in order for that to happen.

What are your thoughts on the movie trailer? Were there things that you liked? Were there things that you didn't like? Let me know what your thoughts are on the movie trailer in the comments section. Make sure to share this page with your friends and if you haven't already make sure to follow me on my Facebook page to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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