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Godzilla: Singular Point Trailer 2 And Story Revealed

Jet Jaguar ready to fight Anguirus

This whole week has been ramping up with tons of news lately for the giant monster genre. We had the Godzilla vs Kong trailer drop and some merchandise showcased, a Skull Island anime series for Netflix was announced, a new Cloverfield movie announced, a new trailer for the upcoming Netflix anime, Pacific Rim: The Black, and now another trailer from Netflix for Godzilla: Singular Point as well as the anime's plot synopsis has been released.

Image provided by James Sidoti

The show's synopsis has been roughly translated by Google translate, but this is what it says:

"In 2030, Etsuo City, Chiba Prefecture. Yun Arikawa of the "Otaki Factory", a town factory that is an "everything shop", goes to investigate because he seems to be in a Western-style building where no one should live. Kamino Mei, a graduate student studying fantasy creatures, goes to investigate the mysterious signal received by the former Tsuno district management bureau "Misakioku". In a completely different survey, two strangers who visit completely different places hear the same song in each place. The song connects the two and leads to an unimaginable battle involving the world. A mystery left by a solitary researcher, monsters appearing in each country, a world dyed red. Can the two of them overturn the irresistible future <Godzilla> that will come to humankind?"

So there are some of new info take from the plot synopsis. The time it takes place is in the not so distant future, monsters have been appearing across the globe, and an unknown song/signal that a few people heard from different places. As you may already recognize, any reference to a song usually hints towards Mothra and there is one part in the trailer that also hints of her appearance in the anime.

The trailer itself is actually heavily focused on introducing the main characters and Jet Jaguar. We learn that Jet Jaguar does need a pilot in order to operate, but I also have a feeling that Jet Jaguar could possibly override commands and operate on its own based on the ending of the trailer. In Godzilla vs Megalon, Jet Jaguar overrode his master's orders and decided on its own to help fight Megalon. We also see Jet Jaguar taking a stance in preparation to fight what looks like Anguirus.

Another thing people are noticing are how small the monsters are. Like they're smaller than 100 feet based on the scale with the human characters. Also, we have confirmation that the pteranodon is, in fact, Rodan or at least a pre-evolved or pre-mutated form of Rodan based on the pterandon's roar using the classic Rodan roar. What is interesting about Rodan's appearance is that the character, Takehiro Kai, talks about Rodan like it is a creature from mythology saying, "Rodan? Could it exist?" It makes me wonder if this series is approaching the monsters similar to the Mosnterverse where the monsters have mythological elements to them. Even Mai's background is her interest in fantasy creatures. So there must be some elements to mythology mixed into the origins of the monsters.

A hint to Mothra's appearance in Singular Point?

In one part of the trailer, we hear one of the characters say, "She may be able to stop them." and we see one of the scenes with Haberu and Goro running out of their warehouse that is covered in silk. This, to me, sounds like another hint that Mothra could possibly appear in this show. Going back to the plot synopsis, it mentioned that at least two of the characters heard a song and that usually ties in with Mothra. So could that scene with the silk, the plot synopsis, and the quote be tied towards Mothra? Possibly, but we also have to recognize there are a lot of obscure monsters returning in this show. So that scene with the silk could also be hinting towards Kumonga's return too.

Overall, I am more curious with Godzilla: Singular Point than excited. I was let down once by the Monster Planet trilogy, so I am reserving my excitement until I actually watch the anime. From how it looks in terms of art style, I prefer this art style a lot more than the CGI animation being passed off as anime from Polygon studios. Singular Point definitely has my attention if obscure characters like Anguirus, Jet Jaguar, Gabara, and Titanosaurus are returning. All I ask for is for this series to be better than the Monster Planet trilogy.

What are your thoughts on the second trailer for Godzilla: Singular Point? Does it have you excited or are you more cautious? Which monster are you most excited to see returning? Let me know in the comments section on your thoughts on the second trailer. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, and Gab to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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