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January Godzilla vs Kong Merchandise Round Up

NECA, MonsterArts, and Funko, oh my! January just keeps on giving and giving! During the craziness of the Godzilla vs Kong trailer, which dropped on Sunday, there are some merchandise that have been revealed. We will start with the most recent news to the least recent because there are a lot of merchandise to go over and I know you want to see the latest.

Funko POP!:

Last week, Funko started their Funko Fair event revealing the 10" Godzilla and Kong figures. Many fans waited until Monday hoping that Funko would reveal more in the line only to find out they announced that more Godzilla vs Kong figures would be revealed later in the week. Then last night, IGN shared what is most of the Funko POP! figures as well as alternate colors of the 10" Godzilla and Kong Funko POP!. Today, Funko revealed most of the Godzilla vs Kong line.

Currently revealed:

There was a listing that was leaked last year that also lists MechaGodzilla. As I am typing this, the regular 10" Kong and Godzilla figures have either sold out already or been delisted from Walmart's website. They have started appearing on FYE's website, but I am betting they will be sold out very quickly, as well. So if you want to put in an order do so now!

Stores to place preorders:

NECA King Kong (1933):

*Pictures updated to official pictures provided by Toy Ark

In an unexpected turn of announcements, the largest Godzilla blog site, Toho Kingdom, has revealed the next NECA King Kong figure. This version of King Kong is loosely based on the 1933 King Kong posters based on the paint used on Kong's face and body.

This King Kong figure comes with:

  • 2 closed hands

  • 2 open hands

  • and an alternate roaring head

Pricing is still unknown, but we should expect around $25-$30. It is estimated to hit shelves around February/March. Some time later today, toy reviewer and YouTuber, Luminous, will be reviewing this King Kong figure. So stay tuned for updates.

S.H. MonsterArts:

Announced by Tamashii Nations on very early Tuesday morning, Godzilla and Kong are getting figures in the S.H. MonsterArts line and will be releasing around June (May in Japan). Both figures are listed at the price of $68. Well known Japanese sculptor, Yuji Sakai, returns to sculpt these S.H. MonsterArts figures. The sculpt and paint of the figures were based on the CGI files of Godzilla and Kong from the movie for faithful film-accurate results.

The Godzilla (2021) figure stands at 6.3" inches tall and only comes with alternate hands. There is no atomic breath effect part that comes with this Godzilla, BUT since this figure is the same exact design as the 2019 version I am sure the alternate jaw and atomic breath effect pieces from that figure will work with this one.

I am really liking the metallic blue on the dorsal plates. He really looks like he is about to fire his atomic breath. Yet, I am not really liking that same blue in the mouth. I think it looks a little ugly. Could have kept the mouth the same and painted the blue on other parts of the body like his neck or his chest. Why not apply it on his gills too since those parts glow, also?

You can find the S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla (2021) figure at:

The last time Tamashii Nations tackled King Kong in the S.H. MonsterArts line was the King Kong (2005) figure, which was back in 2013 and was given a lot of praise. Ever since Kong: Skull Island, fans and collectors have been asking for a new Kong figure. Now the time has come. This Kong (2021) figure stands at 5.7" inches tall and accessories include:

  • 1 Battle Axe

  • 1 Alternate Head

  • 2 Closed Hands

  • 2 Grabbing Hands

  • 2 Semi-open Hands

  • 1 Open Hand

I do have to say that this Kong is definitely not like the Kong we knew from Kong: Skull Island. He has definitely been hitting the gym and pumping iron. I know that Kong would have some sort of beard, but that beard is making him look like he has a double chin. I think the axe could use some more paint. Right now, the handle of the axe is just beige. I would like to see more dirt colors to make the axe look used. I do like the blade part of the axe. It is made from one of Godzilla's dorsal plates or from the dorsal plate from one of Godzilla's ancestors, which is why it has that same metallic blue and the charcoal grey colors and the sharp edges.

You can find the S.H. MonsterArts Kong (2021) figure at:

Novelty Items:

Ever since the trailer was released, Legendary Pictures has started putting out novelty items on their Amazon page for Godzilla vs Kong. The store currently has shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, tote bags, and pillows. They all have some sort of graphic on them saying either Team Godzilla, Team Kong, ONE WILL FALL, or simply Godzilla vs Kong. The price range is between $18 - $35.

If I were to choose any shirt, it would be either the one that says ONE WILL FALL or the one with the movie's title on them because there is no Team Give Me A Good Movie. Or how about a Team MechaGodzilla shirt? There are probably people that will get a Team MechaGodzilla shirt if one was sold to them.

You can find the Monsterverse store on Amazon or by clicking here.

That is all for this month's merchandising news round up. Did any of the Funko POP! figures catch your fancy or are eyeing on the S.H. MonsterArts figures or perhaps are you saving your money for NECA's 1933 King Kong figure? If you had to pick a shirt, which team would you go with? Leave a comment in the comments section on your thoughts on these reveals. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, and Gab to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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