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January Godzilla vs Kong Merchandise Round Up

NECA, MonsterArts, and Funko, oh my! January just keeps on giving and giving! During the craziness of the Godzilla vs Kong trailer, which dropped on Sunday, there are some merchandise that have been revealed. We will start with the most recent news to the least recent because there are a lot of merchandise to go over and I know you want to see the latest.

Funko POP!:

Last week, Funko started their Funko Fair event revealing the 10" Godzilla and Kong figures. Many fans waited until Monday hoping that Funko would reveal more in the line only to find out they announced that more Godzilla vs Kong figures would be revealed later in the week. Then last night, IGN shared what is most of the Funko POP! figures as well as alternate colors of the 10" Godzilla and Kong Funko POP!. Today, Funko revealed most of the Godzilla vs Kong line.

Currently revealed:

There was a listing that was leaked last year that also lists MechaGodzilla. As I am typing this, the regular 10" Kong and Godzilla figures have either sold out already or been delisted from Walmart's website. They have started appearing on FYE's website, but I am betting they will be sold out very quickly, as well. So if you want to put in an order do so now!

Stores to place preorders: