Jinshin Mushi And The MUTOs - Titans Explained

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Male MUTO brings the female a gift

Updated 04/23/2020: Made a small change to the bio for the Queen MUTO.

It is the 11th century B.C.E. and the Phoenicians were struck with tragedy with tidal waves and earthquakes. They were cursed with misfortune. They prayed to their great goddess, Asherah, to protect them. Suddenly, their prayers would be answered when Dagon rose from the abyss. The Phoenicians praised Asherah for sending her divine son to protect them for they needed it with what happens next. A great abomination rises from the ground and Dagon challenges the demon to battle.

Godzilla's ancestor, Dagon
Dagon in a Phoenician tablet from the graphic novel, Godzilla Aftershock

Their battle was fierce and was described like two great storms clashing one another. Yet, something unforseen happens. Dagon had fallen and was knocked out by the demon. The demon unleashes its scorpion like stingers, stings Dagon, and leaves. The Phoenicians mourned and questioned why their great goddess would abandon her son. Many Phoenicians would travel to the location where Dagon rested until they started hearing what sounded like a heart beat. His heart was like listening to drums banging and were coming from the wounds that the demon left behind. Suddenly, Dagon awakens. Astonished, the Phoenicians praised Asherah that her son was still alive and gave praise to Dagon for his divine protection. However, the demon was still out there and its spawn would go on to eradicate the Phoenicians.

In ancient Japan, a similar battle about the god of thunder, Raijin, would have a fierce battle with a demon called Jinshin-Mushi, the Dragon Beetle (aka the Earthquake Beetle). Legend tells that Raijin would pound his drums to keep Jinshin-Mushi away and if Raijin tires then Jinshin-Mushi would rise.

In 1999, Dr. Serizawa and Dr. Vivienne Graham from MONARCH were called to the Philippines to investigate a cavern that opened up at a mining operation. The two go into the cavern with radiation suits to discover a giant fossil of a creature similar to Godzilla. Two large spores were also found attached to the carcass. One was still dormant, but the other had already hatched and made its way towards the Japan's Janjira nuclear power plant, began to feed on the nuclear reactor, and made a cocoon.

Fast forward to 2014, former Janjira operator, Joe Brody, and his son, Ford, cross to the quarantine zone to reach to their old home to look for Joe's disks of the data he collected before the Janjira plant fell. After finding out that the air was clean all along and not contaminated they observe something odd happening at the location of where the plant once stood. Both were caught by MONARCH operatives and were brought to the containment facility for questioning. When Joe mentions that the brown outs were being caused by an electromagnetic pulse getting stronger and stronger, this gives a clear indication to Dr. Serizawa that the cocoon they have contained is done feeding and about to hatch. He gives the order to throw the kill switch, but it did nothing to what was about to hatch from the cocoon.

The male MUTO threatens Godzilla at Honolulu airport

Designated as MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism), it breaks out of containment killing any MONARCH personnel in the process and flies off to Honolulu, Hawaii. On the way to Honolulu, Joe Brody passes away from the serious injuries he sustained. Ford was brought in for questioning by Dr. Serizawa and reveals to Ford that monsters like Godzilla and the MUTO exist. This leads to them asking Ford if his father told him anything and he didn't remember a whole lot about what his father was studying because he thought Joe was disturbed. However, Ford reveals that he remembered one thing that Joe heard something talking like a call and was studying echo location.

Along the way, the MUTO attacks a nuclear submarine and was feeding on the radiation from the sub. Unbeknownst to the MUTO, a much larger predator is making a B-line to Honolulu causing a tidal wave and revealing itself to the world. After the MUTO attacked the Honolulu airport he finds himself face to face with Godzilla. The MUTO makes an attempt to attack Godzilla, but Godzilla was stronger and was slammed into the ground. It was lucky to make a quick get away and retreat and Godzilla followed after giving chase.

After the attack in Honolulu, its next stop was San Fransisco. Dr. Serizawa figures out that the calls were mating calls to the now active second spore that hatched and grew to a much larger size. It attacks Las Vegas, Nevada and makes a B-line to San Fransisco. Now, there are two MUTOs on the loose, one that flies and the other much bigger and has no wings. This made the identification of gender easier and identified the flying MUTO as the male and the larger wingless MUTO the female.

General Stenz makes a plan to use nukes to lure the creatures away from the populated areas and have them set to go off when they're away enough from inland. The plan fails miserably after Godzilla and the male and female MUTOs arrive at San Fransisco. The male gives the female one of the nukes and the female begins making a nest in San Fransisco's China Town. In the mean time, the male MUTO would fight Godzilla long enough for the female to finish building her nest and lay her eggs.