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Let's Talk: Do Fans Actually Expect MechaGodzilla In The Monsterverse?

I have seen the topic of MechaGodzilla being talked about a lot and I have seen a lot of people criticize fans for expecting MechaGodzilla in the Monsterverse while discussing these topics. While I can't say that there are no people that is expecting this character, I find that most of these criticisms on this subject are talking about those having "What if..." or "This is how I would do it" discussions. I am not going to name names that criticize these people because I still have respect for them and they too have their own opinions. Every person has a right to their opinion. However, I think it is time to stop with the criticisms.

Whenever I hear someone say, "I love to troll people that believe... works because they are angry that I am telling the truth," I wonder why the criticizer does not invite the people he criticizes to a conversation instead of being blunt about it. Fans already know that MechaGodzilla is not going to be in the Monsterverse. We know the general audience would not like the idea of a robot Godzilla. We know that it would ruin any realism the series is built on. Every comment I read on YouTube videos and Reddit posts that talk about it all agree that there are characters that will not work. That still doesn't that we can't ever exchange ideas in coming as close as we can to making an obscure Godzilla character as realistic as possible.

By saying, "I don't want to see him at all," it completely shuts down the whole point of the conversation. By shutting down the conversation, you are telling your audience that you don't allow creativity in your discussions. It comes off sounding like you don't want to talk about the character and that your word is the final word on the subject.

There is no harm of having a friendly discussion about the character itself. Forget about the general audience for a minute and ask, "How would I introduce MechaGodzilla in this series?" I have seen a couple of interesting ways to introduce this character into the Monsterverse. I have read one that describes the character being like the T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgement Day where it is made out of a liquid metal. I have read another where it is made of a nanometal that was chipped off a meteorite. Both interesting ways to introduce the character. The more conversations you have about it and exchange ideas you can most likely come up with a much better idea than others might have on their own.

Lastly, I have done my own share of expressing those same criticisms as many others have. I have agreed with mainly the majority of the fans (and I still do) that realistically certain characters won't work. I have said a few times in the past why I think certain monsters can't be introduced into the Monsterverse. What I have not done is discuss how I would introduce these characters like MechaGodzilla if I was ever given the chance. So I think that I will try a different approach and talk about how certain characters can be introduced whether it is in the Monsterverse or if they have their own series in a future post.

I apologize if this came off as criticizing your opinion. That is not my intent. Everyone has their right to an opinion and stand by them. What I am criticizing is shutting down discussions because of the criticisms towards certain fans that like to share their ideas. The majority already do know that certain characters won't work and don't expect to see MechaGodzilla in the Monsterverse, but I think there is no harm in having a creative discussion about this or any other obscure characters.

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