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Love And Monsters Coming To Video On Demand

Back in December or January, I had a list of monster movies that is expected to release this year and one of those movies was Monster Problems starring Dylan O'Brien, Jessica Henwick, and Michael Rooker. That was until the coronavirus happened and I sort of lost track with what was going on with this movie. I was more worried about what is going to happen to Godzilla vs Kong that I forgot Monster Problems existed. Two weeks ago, however, Paramount Pictures released the first trailer for Monster Problems except the title changed to Love and Monsters and I only learned about this last night while I was watching the one hour episode of South Park.

After a Monsterpocalypse forces humans into underground colonies, a young man decides against all logic to brave the surface and face the monsters standing between him and his lost love.

Based on the trailer, the story sounds like it came from a teen-romance novel. It will probably have a "you're probably wondering how I got here" moment at the beginning of the movie, then cuts to everything before the monster uprising progressing forward from there up to where the movie began when the movie is close to the climax. Probably the same story where the guy must rescue his girlfriend because he has no one else in his life and then learns that it isn't the journey that was important, but the friends he made along the way. That is what I got out of the trailer.

As for the monsters, we see only a handful of them we see there is a variety of them instead of just one species. At the beginning of the trailer we see an explosion with a very large monster silhouetted in the foreground of the explosion accompanied with other explosions in the horizon. Then, there are monsters like a giant frog, the insect monster that looks like a centipede, a giant claw from a crustacean like a crab or a lobster, sky jelly-fish, and an earthworm that looks like it came from Tremors. So there is quite a handful of monsters in this movie.

Love and Monsters will release on October 16th on Apple TV, VUDU, Amazon Prime, Fandango Now, Google Play, and XFinity.

Will you be watching Love and Monsters? Let me know in the comments section on your thoughts of the trailer. Make sure to follow me on my Facebook, Twitter, Minds, and Parler pages to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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