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Margygr - Titans Explained

The corpse of Margygr from the art book, The Art Of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

Margygr first appeared in the novelization of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. After Mark Russell was given the bad news about Emma's and Maddison's kidnapping, he was brought to Castle Bravo (aka Outpost 54), MONARCH's main base of operations. It was located out in the middle of the Atlantic where they may observe Godzilla in his turf. After arrival and being greeted by G-Team's leader, Colonel Foster, Sam gives Mark a tour of the base up to level two where Mark is greeted by a corpse of a monster. Mark stares at the creature like it came out of a nightmare and asks what this is. Sam replies this is Margygr.

Margygr looked as reptilian as Godzilla, but the resemblance ended there. The face was flat, the eyes were facing forward like a human, and her nose was located above the eyes. The skull continued to the neck where a boney shield was formed. When Margygr was first discovered, she was found frozen near the Arctic already dead from a fatal wound that rifts from the bottom of her neck down to the abdomen. Her scales were like that of armor, but not even that could have prevented her face from being torched off. It was evident that another monster was what killed Margygr, but it is uncertain if this was the work of Godzilla or another monster.

Margygr would not be the only corpse in Castle Bravo that MONARCH has been dissecting. The corpses of the male and female MUTOs and MUTO Prime (aka Jinshin Mushi) were there, as well. Sam explains that MONARCH's mission is to understand everything about the titans, but was interrupted by Mark after hearing Sam listed DNA sequences as one of the things MONARCH is studying. This makes Sam suspicious that MONARCH could be trying to clone the monsters or even use their DNA for genetic enhancements. Sam denies any of Mark's assumptions, but before Mark goes off on a tangent about why hates Godzilla he remembers why he is at Castle Bravo in the first place. He is there to save his ex-wife, Emma, and his daughter, Maddison. So he let go of the conversation to stay focus on the matter at hand.

The name, "Margygr," is a species of mermaid that came from Greenlandic tradition. It is said to be a hideous creature that has piercing eyes and a flat face. Basically, an uglier version of the mermaids that are popular in today's culture where we see them as beautiful maidens with a fish body below the torso. Mermaids are usually known for bad luck as they use their singing to lure ships to their watery grave.

While we never know what Margygr really is the book does give some incite to the happenings going on inside Castle Bravo. There was the female MUTO's head that was on display in the movie, but the movie never delved deeper into what MONARCH was doing with it. In the book, we find out they have been dissecting these corpses and analyzing the ins and outs of these titans. The fact that Mark even jumped on Sam after mentioned that MONARCH is researching titan DNA, which makes me wonder if we may see the idea of DNA splicing/cloning/hybridization could play a larger role in Godzilla vs Kong. While everyone is speculating what the terrorists are going to do with Ghidorah's severed head, maybe we should look into the possibility that maybe the terrorists could possibly infiltrate Castle Bravo and steal titan DNA and mix it with Ghidorah's DNA to build their own man made titan.

What are your thoughts on Margygr? Do you think Margygr could show up in Godzilla vs Kong in some capacity? Leave a comment in the comment section of your thoughts on Margygr. If you want to help support my blog click on the donate button at the top of the page. Make sure to follow me on my Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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