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My Reaction And Break Down Of The Godzilla: King Of The Monsters IMAX Trailer

WARNING: There will be spoilers. If you don't want the movie spoiled then I recommend you turn back now.

As of right now, the IMAX trailer has leaked online and have watched the trailer probably twenty times already. I knew that it was going to be leaked online and I could have waited, but if I want to watch an IMAX exlcusive trailer I may as well see it as intended. Yes, I paid for a ticket for Shazam on IMAX just to watch the trailer. You know what? Totally worth it. First time I viewed the trailer, my mouth was just wide open the whole time. Watching the trailer on the big screen really makes the experience a whole lot of difference compared to watching a video on the computer.

I watched the leaked video of the trailer when I got home and ever since last night, I could not stop watching it. The level of excitement that I have for Godzilla: King Of The Monsters is beyond orbit. NASA would have needed to invent a whole new metric system just to measure it. The sheer excitement made me feel like I was going to emotionally break and I did. When I played the leaked trailer on my phone this morning I would start to break down and cry. The trailer is that powerful. It reminded me of last year when the first trailer appeared on YouTube I had that same emotional break down. Ever since that first trailer I did not expect another trailer to be that overwhelming, but I was proven wrong.

The trailer starts off with Admiral Stenz (David Strathairn) giving a monologue that monsters are starting to wake up around the world and that most of them don't have names yet and that the military is running out of solutions and time to stop them all. During his monologue, we see battleships that are lining up like they're about to go into war with jets flying over. Then, it cuts to the nations capital being totally destroyed, civilians in Mexico rushing to evacuate, and Rodan waking up and crawling out of the volcano.

Next part of the trailer is like a 2 1/2 - 3 minute clip of waking up Ghidorah in Antarctica. It starts off where Ghidorah is still frozen in ice and we see Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown) being curious and touching the ice and we see her mother, Emma (Vera Farmiga), arming the bombs to get ready and wake up Ghidorah. In the next shot, there is a stand off between Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler) and the terrorists on a cat walk where we see Ghidorah's foot in the ice. Suddenly, Emma holds up a detonator and tells Mark to run and detonates the bombs. The ice that kept Ghidorah in suspended animation starts falling apart, there is a helicopter taking off with Emma, Maddison, and the terrorists on board, soldiers running for their lives as the containment facility crumbles beneath the ice. It's chaotic, but nothing get more bone chilling when Emma activates her invention called the Orca, which is a sound system used to communicate with the monsters, and awakens Ghidorah.

There are disturbances at first with lightning flashing until one of Ghidorah's tails slowly rises as the spikes on the end of the retracts and detracts making this rattling sound like a rattle snake. Suddenly, all three heads majestically rise out of the ice, hissing and snarling at the soldiers beneath him. As he uses his wings to push the rest of his body out, there is all of this ice and rubble being tossed all over the place sending some guys flying into the air and soldiers shooting at the monsters. Ghidorah is not happy about this and all three necks begin to glow and all three of the heads shoots out beams of lightning from their mouths vaporizing the soldiers. Maddison freaks out wanting to save her dad and Emma holding her back to keep her from falling out of the helicopter.

Meanwhile, the helicopter that Mark is on is now being toyed with and Maddi