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Na Kika - Titans Explained

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

After Emma and Maddison Russell were kidnapped by Alan Jonah and his troops of eco-terrorists, Dr. Serizawa, Dr. Vivienne Graham, and Sam Coleman fly to Colorado to inform Mark about his ex-wife's and daughter's kidnapping. Wanting to save his family, Mark joins the team and boards an osprey to Monarch's main base, Castle Bravo. On the flight over, Mark skims through the list of titans documented by Emma using her bio-accustic device, the ORCA. He asks how many titans were documented and Dr. Serizawa confirms there are seventeen and counting. The "counting" meaning there are some that are some that have been discovered and not given a proper identification yet. Thus, these titans remain classified until the titan is identified.

UPDATED 07/28/2023: The Titan in this post that I originally called as a kraken has been identified as Na Kika according to Godzilla Dominion.

Na Kika as illustrated in the graphic novel "Godzilla Dominion."

Fast forward, Ghidorah has been unleashed and has claims the title of Alpha. His first order of business is to awaken the titans all over the globe and invite them to hunt. In the middle of the Indian Ocean is a classified outpost that contains a tank holding the sleeping octopoid titan, "Na Kika." Before being identified as Na Kika, it was temporary called "Kraken," a name that the Monarch personnel gave until a proper classification has been identified. It is in relation to the mythical monster that has been known to sink ships.

Ever since Ghidorah and Rodan have escaped containment Dr. Kingsley Ikande has been keeping a close watch on Na Kika. Vitals were steady showing no sign of activity at first, but then the monster's heart rate flat lines. This makes Dr. Kingsley and other Monarch personnel to panic thinking it is on the brink of death. However, they did not expect Kraken to play possum. The containment barrier that was built was meant to work on titans that are alive and Na Kika was able to drop its vitals low enough to escape the containment barrier's detection. It destroys the elevator tube and swims up to the surface and sinks the outpost. After Ghidorah was killed by Godzilla, it did not appear in Boston to witness Godzilla become king of the monsters.

Just like any octopus in containment, Na Kika has proven to be intelligent. It was able to learn the schedule of its caretakers whether it was for some testing or just to monitor its health. Na Kika watched how his caretakers got around from one area to the next. It may have even tested the limits of the containment barrier to find a loophole in the barrier's system. It devised a plan and put it into action.

After Godzilla killed Ghidorah, Na Kika went to search for a new place to rest before she was captured by Titan poachers. She called out to Godzilla for help, which then prompted Godzilla to come aide her. He swiftly attacks the poachers with his atomic breath killing them in the process and Na Kika was freed swimming away peacefully.

This would have been an awesome scene if it was inserted in the movie. There is nothing more scarier than an intelligent giant octopus capable of escaping any time. If you look up stories about staff members at an aquarium they can tell you their experience with handling an octopus and how they can escape from their tanks without anybody noticing. I remember reading one story about how food has been going missing and security footage showed an octopus leaving its tank to grab food. It memorized when security and its caretakers would make their walk around and wait until the coast was clear.

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