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New Godzilla Design For Singular Point Revealed!

Ever since Godzilla: Singular Point was first announced, we have had only a glimpse of Godzilla's new design for the anime. Even the trailers would mention Godzilla, but not fully reveal him. We no longer have to wait now since we finally got our first full look of the new Godzilla design for Singular Point.

S.P. Godzilla designed by Eiji Yamamori and colored by Yuji Kaneko

The first thing that pops in my mind is how the design has unique design blends of the Millenium era and the Monsterverse Godzillas. The head, teeth, and dorsal fins are similar to the 2001 Godzilla, the neck and upper body looking similar to the 2002 Godzilla, and the thigh and scutes being similar to the Monsterverse Godzilla.

However, the design has also taken some liberties with a more T-Rex design approach based on the arms, hands, and feet. I will say unless Godzilla's size is below the normal size (50 meters), the kangaroo feet does not make much sense in terms of support. In reality, Godzilla's feet would break from just standing and Godzilla would die from collapsing under his own weight.

Then, there is the long and heavy tail that curls behind him similarly to Shin-Godzilla. Godzilla can definitely do a lot of damage towards his foes if it is capable being swung.

Last thing to bring up is the dorsal fins looking red and veiny. It reminds me of a scene from War of the Worlds where the alien tripods use human blood to terraform Earth into a new Mars and vein like growths spread through out the planet. Also, the bits of red on the design is consistent with the red seen on all of the other monsters (i.e. Anguirus, Manda, Titanosaurus, and Rodan) we have seen in the trailer.

Overall, I think this design is awesome and I can't wait to see this new version in action. All we really need to find out now is what is the connection between Godzilla and the red mist that appears when he and other monsters appear. If we can find that out then we can start putting the pieces together and figure out the story of the anime.

What are your thoughts on the new design? Is it your favorite? Do you hate it? Are you still unsure and need to see it in action? Leave a comment in the comments section on your thoughts on the reveal of the new S.P. Godzilla design. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, and Gab to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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