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SCP-939: With Many Voices Part 3


SCP Involved: SCP-939

Description: On 01-30-1992, a statistical rate of missing persons reports more than ██ times the ████████ national average was noted among civilians administered AMN-C227 following the capture of SCP-939 on 11-28-1990, two (2) kilometers northwest of █████████ ████, ██████. Pending further investigation, use of AMN-C227 was suspended. On 01-31-1992, Field Agents ███████, ████, and ████████ were dispatched to the area to investigate. Though collaboration with local law enforcement, Agent ████ was able to secure an interview with J████ S████. Approximately seven months prior to the arrival of Field Agents, J████ S████ reported three individuals missing under suspicious circumstances; all had been previously administered AMN-C227.


Document #939-73: J████ S████ Interview 1

Interviewed: J████ S████

Interviewer: Agent ████

Foreword: This interview is being conducted by myself, Agent ██████ ████, in order to confirm or refute the possibility of a link between the disappearances of A█████ M██, J███ B█████ N█████, and C██████ W███ reported by J████ S████ on the 5th of June, 1991, and prior administration of AMN-C227 to all four named individuals on the 28th of November, 1990.

<Begin Log>

Agent ████: Thank you for taking the time to meet with me, Mr. S████. To begin, I'd like you to relate the events of June 5th in as much detail as you can.

J. S.: Ok… I called some friends and we decided to go for a hike, just sort of fuck about in the woods, you know? It was a nice enough day out and we had nothing better to do. I remember [SUPERFLUOUS DIALOGUE REDACTED] Nothing seemed strange until I commented on a feeling of deja vu. A█████ gave me a funny look and said she felt it too. We all did. M█████ musta been the only smart one. He got creeped out and went home. The rest of us were curious and decided to look into it. I mean, when have you ever heard of five people all feeling deja vu at the same time?

Agent ████: Can't say I ever have. Please continue.

J. S.: It got even stranger. The feeling of familiarity got stronger and stronger as we neared █████████ ███.

Agent ████: █████████ ███?

J. S.: Yeah, huge cave nearby. I don't think any of us had ever been inside before. We only had one flashlight and it was dumb as hell in hindsight, but we went inside. The feeling kept getting stronger the further in we went. I know I keep calling it deja vu, but that's not the right way to put it. It was more of a general feeling of familiarity, not like this had happened before, but something about it was just familiar and nobody could put their finger on what. The deeper we went, the more familiar it felt, the more certain we felt we were getting closer. To what? I don't know. None of us knew and that's why we kept going.

Agent ████: Did you find anything?

J. S.: No. Well, I don't know. I remember C██████ saying something about it getting late, that we should turn back. I don't remember anything after tha… that until I… I…

Agent ████: If you need to take a moment, that's fine.

J. S.: (Sobbing) I… don't remember a fucking thi… thing until sit-ting on the side of the highway. It… It was dark out. An officer was as… as… asking me questions… telling me to st-ay calm un… until an ambulance a-rrived. I was all… cut up, screaming ab-about red, beg…begging the officer to let me g-go, I had to get…a-away.

Agent ████: Away from what?

J. S.: The red!

Agent ████: What was red?

J. S.: I… I d-don't remember.

Agent ████: What about your friends?

J. S.: Th-they weren't with me. They th-think I did it, w-won't list-en to me, said I w-was high on something, th-that I was coming down off a bad acid t-trip. Said I k-k-kept scream-ing at the ambulance's fl… flashing lights, that they w-were going to get me. I d-don't remember that… b-but red makes me f-feel uneasy now.


<End Log>

Closing Statement: My team is ill-prepared to investigate further. We'll be returning to [REDACTED] in the morning to report our findings. A minimal coverup should be necessary, depending on what's found, at least for this particular incident. To this end, I suggest Mr. J████ S████ be strongly implicated in his friends' disappearances. Following his conviction, he could be recruited from the prison system as Clearance Level 0 janitorial staff and transferred to whatever installation can us him.


Agent ████ reported the possibility of an SCP-939 den in the area and an eradication detail was dispatched to investigate. SCP-939 presence was confirmed within █████████ ███ and was destroyed by 02-06-1992.

On 02-20-1992, Dr. ██████ confirmed the sensation of familiarity reported by J████ S████ was solely attributable to a hitherto undocumented effect of a second exposure to aerosolized AMN-C227 following a first exposure of an individual to ECt. This sensation appears to act as a lure in those affected by AMN-C227, drawing them toward higher concentrations, most often centering around dens of SCP-939.


Addendum 03-01-1992: AMN-C227-aided Tracking of SCP-939

We can use this. Anyone exposed to a concentration high enough for temporary anterograde amnesia to manifest can stalk them like bloodhounds if they know to identify misplaced sense of familiarity for what it is. Based on Agent ████'s retracing of the route Mr. J. S. and his friends followed, we know to expect an effective range of █ kilometers if we use this form of tracking. No, it can't find individual SCP-939, but it can guide us to their dens.

I recommend we brief a number of field operatives on this plan. Anyone willing would then be exposed to AMN-C227 under controlled conditions and dispatched first to the locations of AMN-C227 use on civilian populations. Any errant sensation of familiarity experienced by these operatives will be taken as identification of an SCP-939 den nearby and reported as such. Eradication teams will be dispatched to investigate, destroying these dens as they are located.

After this has been accomplished, I believe the dispatch of these operatives to major population centers to facilitate their securing, coupled with standard monitoring of civilian, military, law enforcement, and [REDACTED] channels of information is the best course of action to locate and exterminate SCP-939 in the wild. - Dr. ██████

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