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Solving Kingdom of Monsters' Riddle: Godzilla AND Kong Origins Edition

If you have been following my blog or follow content creators like Dangerville and D-Man1954 on YouTube, you may have heard of Königreich der Monster (Kingdom of Monsters) a few times when new details on a Monsterverse project leaks. He would post details such as cast and crew members joining the projects, where they will be filming, and the amount of time on production before anyone else can get the news out there. He will even post photos and videos of the filming going on behind the scenes. In other words, he has been a valuable source for information.

When it comes to details on leaked plot details, he has been trying to say as little about "Godzilla AND Kong: Origins" as possible. He is really trying to not spoil any details and would rather let everyone find out for themselves. Yet, KdM has also been posting little riddles with emojis as a way to let his followers try to guess what we should expect in this movie. What I want to do is take a stab at one of these riddles and guess what KdM is trying to tell us. What I will be guessing is pure speculation and I will probably get most of these wrong. So don't take this as the absolute answer.

In his riddle, KdM posts:

KdM's riddle

"Dark areas -- HE -- the 🌊 —🦖 🦍 🥊 ❌ ❌— New 🧍🧍🧍🧍🧍🧍🧎‍♂️ — Neon lights — ⚠️ 🌄 ⛰️🚄 (HEAV) — 🦍 🧎‍♂️👈🏻 ✋🏻 — 👩🏾‍🦲 👩🏻‍🔧 🤣 — ☀️ 🏢 🏚️ 🌇 💥 🔥 — the CHAOS begins 🌎 🌊 🏝️ 🌴 🌲 🌳 🎄 — more than 3 — World building —"

When we think of dark areas, we can correlate this part with caves, tunnels, or an area that is hidden like a hollow pocket. We know "HE" stands for Hollow Earth, but the wave emoji is interesting because it could be interpreted with anything like there is a Hollow Earth entrance in a very deep part of an ocean. Or the wave emoji could also mean a tsunami took place because a Hollow Earth entrance opened up by an underwater earthquake. Maybe the wave emoji could have a different meaning such as a location of where Godzilla and Kong have a rematch as suggested by the next set of emojis.

The next line has a T-Rex (Godzilla), a gorilla (Kong), a boxing glove, and two "X" emojis. It has been speculated for two years that the fifth Monsterverse movie will probably show a quick rematch between Godzilla and Kong and end in a tie before they team up again for the majority of the movie. What KdM has done here was reconfirm to us that a rematch will happen and it ends in a tie. What he hasn't detailed was if the tie happened as a natural result of the fight that happened or if the fight got disrupted by the movie's antagonist or antagonists.

Afterwards, he says "New" and then six human emojis: five standing and one kneeling. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that a new tribe is discovered in the Hollow Earth. Remember that the working title is "ORIGINS" and everyone is in agreement that this movie will have an origin story to some extent. On top of that, KdM has posted asking if anyone wanted to see the Iwis return on the big screen and filed a picture of an Iwi under the Easter Egg album. Also, KdM has confirmed there will be Iwis based on a recent announcement of an extra playing an Iwi in the film. With Kaylee Hottle returning as Jia and seeing the photo of a grade school Monarch has established we can say Jia is not really fitting in with the other kids and feels alone since she is the last of her tribe on Skull Island. Then, she and/or a Monarch research team discover there is a tribe that have been living in the Hollow Earth and Jia (along with Kong) tries to integrate themselves with this newly discovered tribe.

Then, we see "Neon lights" and the next line has four emojis (caution sign, sunset, mountain, and bullet train) with HEAV in parenthesis. Just to be clear, the bullet train emoji represents the HEAV. However, something happens to the HEAV. I'm not sure what is going on here. There are too many variables on what KdM is trying to say here. I could say a Monarch research team was traveling to or from the Hollow Earth and the entrance closed causing the HEAV to crash. As for the neon lights, it could reference the HEAV's travel through the Hollow Earth entrance or perhaps a scene taking place in a city during the night time.

The gorilla, kneeling person, pointed finger, and hand emojis represent Kong and Jia communicating with each other through sign language. This was established in Godzilla vs Kong that Kong was taught sign language by Ilene Andrews (Rebecca Hall), but only responded to Jia. Even in the novel, Kong was not comfortable with communicating to people from Monarch. He preferred talking to Jia because Jia is part of the Iwi tribe and the other humans from outside of Skull Island were not. So we will see more of Kong and Jia communicating with each other.

The black woman face, the asian woman engineer, and laughing emoji probably indicates a couple of things. Either Jia made a new friend or it could be something funny happened involving Jia and this engineer.

The next six emojis are a sun, a building, abandoned house, city at sunset or sunrise, explosion, and fire. Obviously, this means a city is under attack during the day. KdM didn't indicate which city, but we can only speculate it could be Rio de Janeiro or Morroco since those are the only cities we know, thus far. On the other hand, it could be another city we don't know yet getting attacked.

On the next line it says "the CHAOS begins" followed up with the globe, a wave, an island, and four trees. I will say this right now is there are going to be multiple Titans appearing in the movie. If there is chaos going on globally this is telling me that multiple Titans have to be involved. One monster is not enough to be a global threat. An alpha destroyer Titan could awaken a bunch of Titans, but a bunch of Titans would still be needed to cause chaos globally.

And it also correlates with the next hint that says "more than 3." Again, this is confirming that there will be multiple Titans for Godzilla and Kong to fight. This also indicates that we see more than three fights. I predict Godzilla and Kong will have their quick rematch, which is interrupted by the big bad and lead to Godzilla and Kong teaming up the first time and losing, Godzilla will fight the big bad in a 1v1, then Kong will fight the big bad in a 1v1, the monsters awaken and take sides causing a Titan war to erupt, and then Godzilla and Kong team up again the second time and defeat the big bad. However, the Titan war will not end there, but will conclude in a sixth movie.

The final hint KdM gives us is "World building," which just means more Monsterverse lore and digging into the history of Kong, Godzilla, the first Titan war, the Iwi tribe, and maybe some history of the new antagonist monster or monsters. Since the working title is under "ORIGINS" some lore established into the historical events of the Monsterverse very much the same way as the previous four movies.

As I have said before, these are only my guesses. Parts of it are based on information confirmed by KdM, but even then all of this should be taken as speculation. By the time KdM reads this, he will probably tell me which ones are wrong and making this post age very poorly.

However, I want to see if you guys can take a crack at solving KdM's riddle. Just leave your guesses in the comment section. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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