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This Is Not A Team Up Scene

Over Valentines day, there was a teaser drop for Godzilla vs Kong. It was uploaded in a certain ratio where it was focused on the main, middle area of the trailer cutting out everything happening on the sidelines. Then, the wide-screen version of the trailer dropped on Monday. For the most part, we saw everything except for one little detail in a specific scene.

In one scene we see a certain perspective where we see Kong through the windows of a building and we see people trying to run away. However, if you look inside the white circle in the picture you can barely see Godzilla sneaking up behind Kong. There are people that have speculated this scene is where Godzilla and Kong are teaming up to fight MechaGodzilla. I'm going to call it out and say no, this is not the team up scene. I think Godzilla is just sneaking up behind Kong for his next attack and Kong is not paying closer attention to his surroundings.

I heard an argument where Godzilla and Kong are facing in the same direction and looked startled by something and that something could be MechaGodzilla. My argument for that is Godzilla is actually looking towards Kong and he doesn't look startled. Godzilla is moving the same way he has always moved in the previous movies. Kong is not startled either. If you look closer, the axe is wedged inside the building and Kong looks to be trying to pull the axe out from the building. Kong is more in a rush to grab his axe so he can continue protecting himself from Godzilla.

In fact, we have seen another scene that shows the axe missing. If you look back at the first trailer, there is a scene where Kong slams both of his fists on Godzilla. In the background, you can see the axe stuck inside that same building. In fact, both of those buildings can be seen in the picture above. This actually proves that the scene that many people thought was a team up is not a team up at all. It is just Kong trying to grab his axe and Godzilla is just moving in on Kong so he can make his next attack.

There are other scenes in the second trailer that we can certainly argue that MechaGodzilla's presence is there. It is just not happening in this specific scene that some have speculated. This is not the scene where Godzilla and Kong will team up.

I am interested to see what happens in this scene. Will Godzilla make a successful sneak attack at Kong or do you think Kong will pull his axe out in time to counter? Let me know in the comments section of your thoughts on this scene. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and Parler to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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