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Unmade Projects: GODZILLA 2

Originally expected to release in 1994, GODZILLA had many set backs such as interference from Sony, cost cuts, and director Jan De Bont leaving the project due to having a different idea than what Sony had in mind. TriStar brought in Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin after they released Independence Day. On Memorial Day 1998, TriStar released what is considered the most controversial Godzilla movie. During the time GODZILLA was in theaters, Roland Emmerich was already planning on the sequel. However, the movie fell short in the box office and the budget costed double than the original budget.

Years later, a script of the unmade sequel was leaked on the internet. The script was written by Tab Murphy, the writer of Last of the Dogmen and Disney's Tarzan. GODZILLA 2 was more of a traditional Godzilla film with many elements we have currently seen in Godzilla vs Megaguirus, Godzilla (14), and Godzilla: King Of The Monsters.


The Script:

GODZILLA 2 starts where the first movie ended in 1998. Godzilla is dead and much of Manhattan is in ruins. Teams of soldiers scour the beasts layer in search of any remaining eggs or Baby Zillas. Life in New York was slowly returning to normal…

Nick Tatopoulos was invited to a warehouse where Godzilla's body parts were being researched by scientists from all over the world. While the other scientists were excited to be examining such a rare creature, Nick was feeling overly distraught over the part he played in killing Godzilla. The memories of the final look Godzilla gave to Nick before it died haunted him. The sight of witnessing more than half of the scientists crawling over one of the extracted eye balls was more than he could handle. He turns down the offer of being the head of the research project and quickly exits the warehouse.

Tortured by his guilt, Nick sneaks past police barricades into the Manhattan underground to begin his own search hoping to find any remnant of the now extinct species. His prayers were answered when he discovers one last baby Godzilla alive, but trapped under some rubble and near death. Nick is able to free the baby while trying to avoid its jaws snapping and claws swiping at him. Even though the baby is physically unhurt, it is still very weak from starvation and will die if Nick doesn't feed it in time. Nick heads to a butcher shop and the butcher is astonished when he buys every fish in the store.

Back in the devastated subway tunnel, Nick feeds the baby Godzilla. Once fed and filled with energy again to move around, the baby Godzilla imprints Nick thinking he is its mother. Suddenly, voices echo in the tunnels with beams of lights from flashlight can mean only one thing. The search squad is coming and Nick knows that the baby would be shot on sight if found by the soldiers. Using the remaining fish as bait, Nick lures the baby Godzilla away from the search party. Having reached the surface, Nick uses a long overcoat to hide the baby Godzilla so nobody notices and guides the baby down to the waterfront. A homeless person intercepts the pair and thinking the baby Godzilla was a person begs for spare change. When the bum held out his hand, he is shocked after the baby snapped at him. The bum shrieks in horror attracting the soldiers nearby. Realizing they were discovered, Nick tries to force the baby Godzilla into the water. It refuses to budge unwilling to leave its "mother" behind. Out of tough love, Nick yells in anger and throws rocks at the baby. Heartbroken, the baby makes a dive into the water and swims off into the murky depths.

Then, the main title rolls.

Two years later…

A series of strange and inexplicable events have been occurring around the world. A cruise ship is found adrift off the coast of Australia with not a single soul present on board. An entire village in Fiji vanished without a trace. An Indonesian jet sliced in half at thirty eight thousand feet in the air with no bodies found at the crash site. Headed by General Hicks, a Global Task Force is formed to investigate the incidents.

In a downtown park of a New England town, a giant egg is discovered. When word reaches Hicks about the giant egg he sends a task force to investigate. The investigators reaches the town only to find it destroyed and the people vanished without a trace. Remnants of the egg are found in the town's center and investigators conclude that some how, some way, a Godzilla is responsible. The nightmare has begun again and General Hicks puts out an APB for Godzilla and worm expert, Nick Tatopoulos.

Wedding bells chime outside a small church in Vermont. Nick and Audrey have finally tied the knot. We see that Nick is more or less resigned to his fate. The newly weds make their way to the waiting limo. When Audrey waves good bye one last time, the door suddenly shuts and locks, trapping Nick inside and speeds off with a stunned crowd and equally shocked bride. Nick shouts at the driver and demands an explanation only to discover Phillipe Roache was behind the wheel. Phillipe apologizes for the abrupt departure and hands Nick a classified folder of the recent events that have been occurring around the world. He reveals that he now works for General Hicks and his new Global Task Force and they believe Godzilla is responsible. Nick insists that Godzilla is dead and even if there is one out there alive there were too many inconsistencies to hold Godzilla reliable. Phillipe is determined to find out once and for all on what could be responsible and if a Godzilla had survived – "It must be destroyed once and for all." Stopping the car, Phillipe asks Nick for his help on his search and Nick agrees for a different reason.

Due to the proximity of the unusual events, climate, and ocean currents their search was restricted to the Southern Hemisphere and the only land mass that can support a creature of Godzilla's size is Australia. As Nick and Phillipe travel deep into the Australian Outback, they have a run-in with a beautiful and rugged no-nonsense biologist, Anna Charlton, who claims to be doing research on dingos. Anna takes an immediate dislike to the pair, but more so towards Nick. Anna was asked if she has seen or heard anything unusual and gives them a curt and brusque "No" and asks them to leave and not disturb her research area. Nick and Phillipe leave as she requested, but not without Phillipe sneaking a tracking device into the back of her jeep suspecting she is hiding something.

Later, they trail Anna's jeep further into the Outback until their own vehicle breaks down and loses her. Nick and Phillipe argue over their situation of being stranded in the middle of nowhere, but then they both hear a familiar, bone chilling ROAR. Grabbing their gear, they race up a nearby bluff and come face to face with GODZILLA, now fully grown! However, Nick and Phillipe discover that Godzilla is not alone and the creature has a brood of young Zillas its own, each nearly three stories high. As Godzilla and the brood come into full view, a pack of dingos attack the RUNT of the litter. Smaller and much weaker than the rest, the Runt cries out for help and Godzilla roars to scare off the dingos. While Godzilla fends off the hungry pack, Nick and Phillipe find themselves in the path of the stampeding Zilla brood. Anna pulls up next to them with her jeep and screams for them to get in. Anna swerves trying to avoid getting stomped by the feet of the young Zillas with Nick and Phillipe clinging on to their seats. Anna is able to get out of harms way just as Godzilla comes on the scene with the Runt riding on its tail. As the brood calms down and begin foraging, Anna turns to Nick and Phillipe admitting that maybe she has seen something unusual.

Phillipe tries to contact General Hicks over the radio in Anna's jeep, but Nick pleads with him to wait. As they argue, a shot was fired at the radio and both Nick and Phillipe turn to Anna astonished to find her with a gun in hand and aimed at both of them. Anna reveals that she stumbled across Godzilla over a year ago and has since dedicated herself to studying and protecting the species with militant determination. Anna even knows about Nick and his role in killing the first Godzilla. Nick pleads with Anna that he is also a scientist that wants to help preserve the species. To gain Anna's trust, he comes clean and admits his secret he has been hiding from Phillipe that he rescued a baby Godzilla (now full grown) in New York City two years ago. Phillipe is left speechless that Nick allowed one of the creatures to survive despite knowing how they can rapidly multiply. Phillipe is even more determined now to contact General Hicks of the threat, but Nick ducks behind the wheel and drives off with Anna's jeep towards Godzilla determined to gain Anna's trust and prove to Phillipe that Godzilla is harmless. All Phillipe and Anna can do is watch in horror as Godzilla gives a glass shattering roar at the approaching jeep. Nick steps out of the vehicle and stands before the giant behemoth. Godzilla raises its foot ready to squash Nick like a bug until a familiar scent grabs Godzilla's attention. Godzilla brings its foot back stopping short and lowers its giant head to Nick. In a touching moment, Godzilla recognizes Nick as its "mother" and nuzzles Nick with affection. Nick turns to find Anna and Phillipe astonished by the sight and he shouts, "You see? He's very gentle!" At that moment, Godzilla gives Nick a welcome home roar that knocks Nick off his feet.

In the outskirts of Sydney, Australia, another giant larva egg was discovered. General Hicks and his troops mobilize and heads for the land down under. However, another disturbing message arrives. There has been no word from Phillipe or Nick for some time. They seem to have vanished without a trace…

In the Outback, Nick has new problem: Godzilla has been following him everywhere! And wherever Godzilla goes, the babies follow. This makes some amusing situations, especially when Godzilla insists on sleeping beside Nick. Having won Anna's trust, Nick invites Anna to study Godzilla and the brood up close and personal. Anna shares some of her findings with Nick including that a full-grown Godzilla can only reproduce once that the size of the brood is determined by the carrying capacity of the land. Nick wrestles with the blossoming affection for Anna since he is already married. He makes repeated attempts to contact his wife, Audrey, only to be continually met with being screamed at and hang ups. Nick tries to convince Phillipe that Godzilla is docile and would only attack when its young are threatened. All three are especially amazed by the tenderness Godzilla shows to its young, especially the Runt. Nick and Anna are certain that they're witnessing the birth of a new natural order and that Godzilla is the next step in the evolutionary process accelerated by the nuclear testing fallout. Phillipe begins to come around thinking this is not as bad as he thought and that perhaps there is a place for Godzilla afterall.

All three of them were even amazed when Godzilla left one night and they witness how Godzilla hunts. Using its atomic breath under the ocean water, Godzilla herds schools of tuna to the surface. Godzilla explodes out of the water forcing even more fish on to the beach. As dawn approaches, the brood appears over the horizon. They descend down to the beach and the hungry young Zillas gorge on the stranded fish. This was all the proof Nick needed that Godzilla is not responsible for the other attacks and the people disappearing. But if it was not Godzilla that was responsible, then who or what? To answer that question, all three of them take a trip to Monster Island, Godzilla's birth place.

Following Godzilla's death, Monster Island was given a clean sweep. No other anomalies were found and the island has been off limits to visitors for two years with the waters being heavily patrolled by U.N. warships. Approaching the island Nick, Anna, and Phillipe don wet suits and scuba gear in an effort to slip past the blockade. Swimming toward the island, a massive shadow looms over them. It was a blue whale that was three times its normal size swimming past the trio.

On the island itself, more strange creatures awaits them. A plethora of new species with some mutated beyond recognition, but none of them seem capable to cause the amount of destruction being reported across the globe. Suddenly, the skies have darkened and a strange buzzing sound fills the air. A large swarm of mutated insects with vicious mandibles and a deadly stinger are approaching the island carrying their human captives with their six spiny legs. Nick, Phillipe, and Anna watch in horror as the people that were captured by these giant bees were brought to the hive shrieking in terror.

When one man tried to escape, he is immediately stung to death. Meanwhile, wingless termite-like insects swarm out of the underground hive and herd the human captives underground. Nick, Phillipe, and Anna prepare to follow until HORRIBLE SCREAMS echoed from the entrance to the underground nest. One by one they die out until there was only an eerie silence. Just as when things couldn't get any worse, the Queen of the hive, the "QUEEN BITCH", emerges from the underground nest. Swarms of other insectoids flock around her tending to the Queen's every need. She is so nasty that she has no problems eating her kind. Nick, Anna, and Phillipe look on as the Queen takes flight and disappears over the ocean. Nick and Anna conclude that Godzilla and its brood must be the natural predators for these insects and without Godzilla to keep them in check these insects will continue to rapidly multiply and threaten the natural order and the entire human race. Somehow, they must get Godzilla to follow them back to Monster Island and reestablish order and harmony in the food chain.

Strangely and extremely agitated, Phillipe insists they must return to the Outback at once. Nick and Anna are perplexed by their friend's behavior until Phillipe admits a secret of his own. He explains that Godzilla and the brood are in danger and that Phillipe notified General Hicks and the Global Task Force as to Godzilla's whereabouts. Stunned, Nick and Anna demand to know why. The truth is that Phillipe has been having frightening nightmares about Godzilla and the brood taking over the planet and he acted on those fears. Agrivated and feeling betrayed, Nick fights with Phillipe. Anna breaks them apart and tells them they can finish their fight later and that time is running out for Godzilla and the rest of the world. But they're too late…

The trio return to to a scene filled with death. Bodies of the young Zillas lie all over the Outback. The surprise attack from the Global Task Force came from the sky and ground. General Hicks and his troops are advancing on Godzilla and the Runt when Nick, Anna, and Phillipe arrive on the scene. Nick races past the troops and the missile launchers to protect Godzilla, which causes Hicks to call off the attack. Nick sees the carnage Godzilla put up with fighting to protect its young. In tears, he turns to Godzilla helplessly, "I'm sorry…" The look in Godzilla's eyes are one of heartbreak and betrayal. It roars in anguish, crying for the death of its brood and escapes burrowing underground with the Runt and leaving Nick alone with the devastation. Meanwhile, Hicks congratulates Phillipe in finding Godzilla, but Phillipe tells Hicks that he made a terrible mistake. By killing the brood, the world may be doomed. Before General Hicks could respond, he received word from Sydney that something bizarre is occurring with the giant larva egg.

Near downtown Sydney, a greenhouse-like enclosure has been built surrounding the larval egg. This gave scientists the opportunity to study the strange anomaly in a controlled environment with tanks and missile launchers surrounding the enclosure as a protective measure for whatever could hatch from the egg. Realizing the was laid by the Queen, Nick argues with Hicks that the egg needs to be destroyed immediately or otherwise it will lead to a worldwide spread of these mutated and deadly insects. While Nick and Hicks argue, the Queen makes a sudden appearance with the intent on protecting the egg. As Nick, Anna, and Phillipe take cover, a familiar figure bursts through the pavement. It was none other than Godzilla and the Runt clinging to Godzilla's tail. Godzilla and the Queen take their battle into the city and at one point, Godzilla takes a nasty sting to the throat causing temporary paralysis. The Runt tries to help and was quickly met with the Queen. Anna tries to aid the Runt, but the Queen succeeds in killing the baby and then taking Anna. Godzilla roars in anguish for the death of the Runt and torches the larval egg with its atomic breath out of spite. The Queen screams in rage and retreats with Anna in her spiny clutches. Nick, Phillipe, and Hicks watch as Godzilla swims out to the open ocean towards Monster Island for one last showdown.

Nick and Phillipe decided to put aside their differences to save Anna. General Hicks organizes a rescue party led by a squadron of jet fighters and jumps into an Apache helicopter with Nick and Phillipe. As the chopper lifts off, Hicks hands Nick a note he's been carrying. Nick's face drops even further as he reads the note finding out his marriage has been annulled.

On the approach to Monster Island, they are attacked by the swarm of the insectoids. A sky battle ensues as the jet fighters take on the swarm. However, the numbers of the insects prove to be overpowering. The battle ends with every jet destroyed and the Apache helicopter crash landing on the island just as Godzilla makes landfall and attacks the swarm. While all hell is breaking loose, Nick, Phillipe, and Hicks scramble from the wreckage. Godzilla is under attack by both the swarm and the wingless termite-like bugs on the ground. Godzilla's atomic breath incinerates everything within range. While Hicks awaits for reinforcements, Nick and Hicks make their way into the underground hive with maze like passageways in search for Anna. The two of them stumble upon a chamber where hundreds of half-starved human prisoners are being guarded by the termites. Using incinerator grenades, Nick and Phillipe manage to kill guards. Nick and Anna embrace for an emotional reunion.

Phillipe, Nick, and Anna help guide the others topside until the Queen suddenly appears blocking the human captives only exit and trapping them inside the hive. The Queen advances and as she was about devour Nick, Godzilla bursts the cavern wall beginning round two. As the fight between Godzilla and the Queen progressed above ground, Nick, Anna, and Phillipe lead the survivors topside. Everyone witnesses Godzilla claim victory killing the Queen and bringing the natural order back to Monster Island. General Hicks' reinforcements arrive and aiming their guns and artillery at Godzilla which is exhausted from the battle. Nick and Anna are enraged with Hicks and were ordered to be put under protective custody. All seemed lost and thinking he is doing the right thing for humanity Hicks was about to give the order until all of the survivors by the hundreds surround Godzilla forming a protective circle with Phillipe leading the blockade. Hicks realizes that pulling the trigger on Godzilla is the wrong the to do and calls off the attack. Cheers rang loudly from the people that helped free Godzilla until a another voice is heard. It was the Runt calling for its mother as it made its way on the shore of Monster Island. The sight and the sound of the baby revitalizes Godzilla back to life and reunites with its baby.

Nick, Phillipe, and Anna wave good-bye to Godzilla and the Runt as they return to the ocean.


To this day, many wish for this sequel to be made. However, if a sequel became a reality it wouldn't be the same as read in this script. This was a very early draft and there would have been a lot of changes made. Characters would switch or be written out completely, Godzilla's enemy would change through out production, and the story would be reworked over and over. Also, the excitement for the sequel would be null as GODZILLA (98) was considered one of the worst American adaptations at the time.

Godzilla: The Animated Series is a better replacement for a sequel as it covers everything that the sequel had to offer. In the cartoon, Nick saves a baby Godzilla and the baby imprints on Nick as its mother. Nick accidentally scares it off and then tries to search for the baby. Nick was able to lure the baby into a trap, but discovers that the baby is now full grown. Godzilla recognizes Nick and travels everywhere with him. Meanwhile, there are other strange happenings across the globe as more mutations reveal themselves and Godzilla is the only that can stop them. The show ran for two seasons and topped the number one charts for Saturday morning cartoons. The cartoon was technically the sequel everyone asked for and it is what has made a lot of Godzilla fans see past the hate for the design. The cartoon made Godzilla look powerful as he should have been in the first place, but retaining the animal characteristics.

What did you think of the script? Does it make you wish the sequel was made or is the cartoon enough? What did you like or didn't like about the script? Leave a comment in the comments section on your thoughts on the unmade GODZILLA (98) sequel. Make sure to follow me on my Facebook, Twitter, and Minds pages to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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