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Unmade Projects: GODZILLA 2

Originally expected to release in 1994, GODZILLA had many set backs such as interference from Sony, cost cuts, and director Jan De Bont leaving the project due to having a different idea than what Sony had in mind. TriStar brought in Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin after they released Independence Day. On Memorial Day 1998, TriStar released what is considered the most controversial Godzilla movie. During the time GODZILLA was in theaters, Roland Emmerich was already planning on the sequel. However, the movie fell short in the box office and the budget costed double than the original budget.

Years later, a script of the unmade sequel was leaked on the internet. The script was written by Tab Murphy, the writer of Last of the Dogmen and Disney's Tarzan. GODZILLA 2 was more of a traditional Godzilla film with many elements we have currently seen in Godzilla vs Megaguirus, Godzilla (14), and Godzilla: King Of The Monsters.


The Script:

GODZILLA 2 starts where the first movie ended in 1998. Godzilla is dead and much of Manhattan is in ruins. Teams of soldiers scour the beasts layer in search of any remaining eggs or Baby Zillas. Life in New York was slowly returning to normal…

Nick Tatopoulos was invited to a warehouse where Godzilla's body parts were being researched by scientists from all over the world. While the other scientists were excited to be examining such a rare creature, Nick was feeling overly distraught over the part he played in killing Godzilla. The memories of the final look Godzilla gave to Nick before it died haunted him. The sight of witnessing more than half of the scientists crawling over one of the extracted eye balls was more than he could handle. He turns down the offer of being the head of the research project and quickly exits the warehouse.

Tortured by his guilt, Nick sneaks past police barricades into the Manhattan underground to begin his own search hoping to find any remnant of the now extinct species. His prayers were answered when he discovers one last baby Godzilla alive, but trapped under some rubble and near death. Nick is able to free the baby while trying to avoid its jaws snapping and claws swiping at him. Even though the baby is physically unhurt, it is still very weak from starvation and will die if Nick doesn't feed it in time. Nick heads to a butcher shop and the butcher is astonished when he buys every fish in the store.