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Will Camazotz Destroy Skull Island In Kingdom Kong?

Photo provided by SciFi Japan and owned by Legendary Comics

In Godzilla vs Kong, part of the story focuses on finding a new home for Kong. We learn from the TV spots that he wakes up in a place that looks like Skull Island only to discover that he is being held inside a housing facility. Kong makes his journey to Antarctica where he is lead to the entrance of the Hollow Earth and discovers the history of the war between his and Godzilla's ancestors. But there is one question that has been bugging me. What happened to Skull Island?

While the movie may explain what happened to the island, I think the answer lies in the upcoming graphic novel GvK: Kingdom Kong based on the most recent preview.

If you remember in Kong: Skull Island, the whole island was surrounded by severe lightning storms. In the graphic novel, Houston Brooks discovers that the storm was being generated by a bat monster known as Camazotz, the king of the deep. Apparently, Camazotz has been in hiding for many years building an army so it can invade Skull Island and the Iwi tribe has been trying to warn people for eons about the incoming threat.

What we know about Camazotz from this preview is that it doesn't like sunlight, which is why it is generating such massive storms around Skull Island. Once the storm has grown large and strong enough to blot out the sun, he and his army could rise and invade.

I believe that Kingdom Kong will reveal that Skull Island was destroyed during Kong's battle with Camazotz. With the power to generate storms and build an army, Camazotz could easily overthrow Kong and claim the title as king of Skull Island. However, Camazotz would not be expecting Kong to have an army of his own. An army of humans, which have advanced their technology since the last time Camazotz has laid eyes on them.

His legion of bats will prove to be quite strong, but Camazotz will learn that Kong's human army have proven to be stronger. This will aggravate the king of the deep to the point where if he can't be king of Skull Island then it may as well be destroyed.

As you may know at this point of time, Godzilla has just established himself as king of the monsters and the whole world is his kingdom. His job is to keep nature in balance and fight off anyone or anything threatening this balance. With the absence of Skull Island and Godzilla on a power trip, Godzilla will learn that Kong and the other monsters are off the island and are in dire need of a reminder. This is why Rebecca Hall and Alexander Skarsgard are acting desperate to relocate Kong to the Hollow Earth.

Thank you SciFi Japan for providing these pages from GvK: Kingdom Kong. Click here to see these pages in full.

Do you think Camazotz will destroy Skull Island or do you think there is another cause for Skull Island's disappearance? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on what you think will happen in Kingdom Kong. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and Parler to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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Jul 21, 2023

Great content. Came to an internet search which led me here on the top of the storm surrounding Skull Island

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