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Anime Matsuri and TOHO Co. Partners With Hilton For Godzilla Themed Hotel Rooms

Have you ever wanted to go to Japan and stay at the Hotel Gracery's Godzilla room? This July, you can experience that at Hilton Americas in Houston, Texas. Anime Matsuri reported on their main website on January 15th stating that they are collaborating with TOHO Co. and Hilton Americas to set up Godzilla themed hotel rooms for guests attending the Anime Matsuri convention.

The attendees of the Anime Matsuri will have two Godzilla Rooms available for the duration of the convention. There will be a Double (two beds) and a King (single bed) Godzilla Themed room. These rooms will part of the Anime Matsuri hotel block.

There is no extra cost with the room, but there is a catch. These rooms can only be obtained if won in a raffle. Everybody that reserves a room at the Hilton Americas from July 9th – July 12th or 13th will be participating in the raffle automatically. Winners will be picked at random from the room block and surprised with the keys at check in.

The winners will not only win a Godzilla themed room, but will get the chance to meet and greet the representatives of TOHO and Anime Matsuri Chairman, Deneice Leigh, which will take place at the Swallowtail Butler Cafe during the convention.

The last perk for the winners is they will be a sort of VIP to the Godzilla Store. The winners will be the first customers to shop at the official store located at Exhibit Hall E.

If you have already booked your rooms at the Hilton Americas in Houston, TX, then you are automatically signed up for the raffle, but for those that want to take a chance at the raffle click on the link down below to book your room. Anime Matsuri 2020 will be attending at the George R. Brown Center from July 9th – July 12th.

Poster signed by Jason Liles, Alan Maxson, Richard Dorton, and T.J. Storm
Ghidorah poster signed at Anime Matsuri 2019

I may go again this year just to see who is there and for any Godzilla related conferences like I did last year. When I attended last year, I got to meet the actors Jason Liles (King Ghidorah - Middle Head and Rodan), Alan Maxson (King Ghidorah - Right Head), Richard Dorton (King Ghidorah - Left Head a.k.a. Kevin), and T.J. Storm (Godzilla) in person and they were such awesome people to talk to. Very fun to talk to and when they had their panel you can really tell that they loved playing the roles of the monsters in Godzilla: King Of The Monsters and loving their job overall. So hopefully this year, we get to see that again if any of the actors from Godzilla vs Kong decides to attend. Fingers crossed.

Will you be attending Anime Matsuri 2020? If so, will you be booking your stay at the Hilton to enter the raffle? Leave a comment in the comments section on Anime Matsuri partnering with TOHO and Hilton for this raffle. Make sure to follow me on my Facebook, Twitter, and Minds pages to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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