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Did Shimo Freeze King Ghidorah In Antarctica?

Ever since the monster was introduced in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, King Ghidorah gets brought up time and time again and we seem to get a lot of information on what happened to this monster. In the 2019 film, he was the big bad that sought only destruction of the planet causing category 6 hurricanes and calling other Titans around the globe to go on a rampage. From what we know about Ghidorah is that he and Godzilla had a fight at one point in Earth's history in Antarctica before the events of the 2019 film transpired. It was always thought that Ghidorah sustained heavy damage and laid unconscious and was frozen over time in Antarctica. In the novelization of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, there is reason to believe more went on than expected.

The prologue of the book takes place in Greenland in the year 2016 where a certain researcher named Dr. Magezi Maartens was with her students doing some field research on the ice cores in an unspecified area. That was until an aerial vehicle that looks like a hybrid between a plane and a helicopter with a logo shaped like an hourglass comes in to land. I am pretty sure the book was trying to describe the Argo, which is Monarch's flying fortress that looks more like a stealth bomber, but it could be something else that Monarch uses to travel, as well. After the plane lands, Dr. Maartens was greeted by four Monarch researchers: Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, Dr. Emma Russell, Dr. Vivienne Graham, and Dr. Ilene Andrews.

Dr. Serizawa invites Dr. Maartens for a private conversation about a research paper she had written about a certain layer of crystals she had discovered through out her research on ice cores and how this layer of crystals was very peculiar. In her paper, she theorized that the ice formations from the Ice Age happened in pulses as the crystals were very small resulting with the water freezing very quickly. Of course, her research was thrown out by the way side of the scientific community branding her as a fringe scientist that sought to bring back catastrophism. This kind of criticism made it harder for to get funding from her community for further field tests. However, there was one tidbit of information she did leave out of her paper that Dr. Maartens feared would tarnish her reputation even further. A piece of information that Dr. Serizawa was most interested in.

Dr. Maartens confirmed there was some sort of pattern in the ice. A pattern that resembled that of compression/sound waves as well as trace signs of radiation bursts. A different kind of radiation that slows down atoms to the point of stoping them from their tracks. A bioacoustic pattern was not something that any of Monarch's researchers were able to decipher.

At this point of questioning, Dr. Maartens wanted to know how she and her research are involved with Monarch's interest in Godzilla or the MUTOs he fought in San Fransisco in 2014. To no avail, she was unable to drill any information from them other than what each of them specialized in. The only information she gained was that Monarch has been researching these ice formations before Dr. Maartens wrote her paper. However, Dr. Serizawa offered to give her unlimited access to information if she joined Monarch. To entice her interest, Dr. Graham showed a photo of what Monarch has been researching.

The description of the photo is very vague, but is described that it is a photo of the ice that is not magnified. Just a regular picture of a glacier of ice and yet "something" was inside of the ice. Something that terrified Dr. Maartens to the point of her swearing. Despite everything she saw, this was enough for her to join Monarch and to get the funding she needs for her research.

The current theory from the prologue is that the photo Dr. Maartens saw was Ghidorah. It does make sense as Ghidorah was discovered in 2016 according to the Monsterverse timeline and is the only known monster that was frozen in ice. Yet, it brings the idea that Ghidorah was not frozen over the period of years, but rather instantaneous. This brings into suspect on the newcomer, Shimo, to be the one responsible.

Shimo is the newest Titan to be added in the Monsterverse first appearing in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire as a slave of Skar King. Her ability does include an ice beam called "frost bite," which can freeze everything it touches. When she first used it on Kong, it caused enough damage to his right arm to cause some major nerve damage and needing an arm brace just to keep his blood flowing. When she used this ice beam on Godzilla, he was only frozen momentarily before he broke free and continued his attack. It doesn't stop there as she is seen later on to use her frost bite to start another Ice Age event at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Once she was free from Skar King's control, she used her frost bite to freeze Skar King in retaliation of the abuse she had to endure from him for many years.

Putting everything that happened in the prologue and everything we know in the Monsterverse lore, we can speculate that Shimo may have been involved helping Godzilla fight and freeze Ghidorah in Antarctica. What I am curious about is if there is a sort of build up to King Ghidorah's return. With each installment after Godzilla: King of the Monsters, it just seems like King Ghidorah keeps being brought up whether it is about his current whereabouts or if it is more historical lore. In the novelization of Godzilla vs Kong, Mark Russell was asked by a reporter about a rumor that King Ghidorah might still be alive and also learning that two of the heads were being used as a super computer to pilot MechaGodzilla. In Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, there was only one other time King Ghidorah gets brought up and it was during Bernie's rambling about aliens while he was talking to Dr. Andrews.

Tiamat concept art by DopePope

Yet, what if there is something else Dr. Maartens had seen? The description of the photo is very vague and the location of the photo was never disclosed. All it details is an ice glacier that had something inside and this something was horrifying enough for Dr. Maartens to be frightened out of her wits. For all we know, there could be something else at a different location. Something else that could have been frozen by Shimo. Ghidorah does not have to be the only Titan that was frozen in ice. It could have been Tiamat since she was resting inside an ice glacier before Godzilla kicked her out. Tiamat was first introduced in the graphic novel Godzilla Dominion which Godzilla had fought her over reclaiming territory that he lost over by another Kong. We did learn from Monarch: Legacy of Monsters that events in graphic novels can be ignored and rewritten to fit the narrative. What are the chances that it could be some other Titan that was found in an ice glacier? It seems also likely.

For now, the theory supports Shimo has had involvement in helping Godzilla fight Ghidorah in Antarctica. However, that does not mean there could not be others that were frozen by Shimo's frost bite. It just means that Shimo freezing Ghidorah is the most prominent one.

What are your thoughts on Shimo possibly having frozen Ghidorah? Do you think this theory holds water or do you think this could be something else? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on this theory. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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