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Dissecting The Teaser Image For Apple TV's Monsterverse Show

On August 30th, Legendary Pictures released a teaser image for the untitled Godzilla show being made for Apple TV+. The main focus of the picture is of a satchel with Monarch's logo on it. People had tried to dissect every bit of the photo to figure out if there is any hidden detail that could tell us about the show, but it only had very little clues to go on and it is not nearly enough to speculate.

Granted, Legendary has had done plenty of viral marketing for the Monsterverse movies in the past with Godzilla vs Kong being the exception. However, the viral marketing campaign for the Monsterverse was not so cryptic as Cloverfield where things like "Slush-O" would lead to multiple websites telling a story about a corporation discovering a giant monster and sea-bed nectar them would lead to horrible consequences. The marketing for the Monsterverse movies have always been straight to the point with Legendary sharing videos, pictures, and websites that would explain in further detail about these monsters and where Monarch's containment sites are located.

One bit of detail that struck my attention was a picture of a volcano that could be seen at the top of the photo. It almost resembles the volcano that Rodan had slumbered in on Isla de Mara in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Could we see Rodan in the show? We might and we might not. Perhaps we might only get to see Monarch discovering Rodan's layer and learning more about Rodan's origin, but I don't see Rodan actually making an appearance in the show.

Could this be a clue to Rodan's return or another monster set to appear in "HourGlass?"

Another possibility is a Titan we have not seen yet called Yamata no Orochi, which resides in Mount Fuji. While there is no info on this Titan, we do know that according to Japanese mythology Orochi was a giant serpent that had eight heads and terrorized a local village before it was slain by a demi-god. Since part of the Godzilla show does take place in Japan, the possibility of seeing this Titan in the show is highly more likely than seeing Rodan.

According to the timeline in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Monarch would have discovered 15+ Titans by 2019. So having Monarch exploring certain regions across the globe discovering Rodan, Orochi, or some other monster outside of just Godzilla is a definite chance we will likely see happen. Or maybe, some of these monsters have already been discovered when this family are digging for answers on Monarch and how the family is associated with this organization.

I just want to point out there is a Monarch file that can be seen above the photo. I tried to zoom in on it to see if it could be read and the image is too blurry to get a good read on the file. It would have been nice to be able to read the file that could give a hint or clue about the show.

There is another photo on the left of the volcano photo that is in black and white. To me, it looks like a corrupted image of Godzilla and the photographer was perhaps too close when he shot the photo. There is definitely a shape of Godzilla with the 2014 design in this photo. I think what is happening here is that Godzilla rose out of the water because there seems to be what I think is land or an island in the background that Godzilla looks to be facing.

Other ideas I had were that it could be a wake trail being left behind by the boat the photographer was on and the shape of Godzilla was just broken ice and was possibly heading to Antarctica or Siberia. However, the discovery of Monster Zero didn't happen until 2016 in the Monsterverse timeline. Also, the lead with Siberia was a reference to the timeline of an event that supposedly happened in 1959 called the "Siberian Mystery." What happened was that a Russian spy plane took aerial photos of a Monarch containment facility. Because this was just a tiny speck in the Monsterverse lore I don't think anyone would remember it and so I considered it improbable. However, the same could be applied with the discovery of Monster Zero. The show could always retcon the timeline as to when Monster Zero was discovered and say that it was found on a completely different date.

Moving on to the last photo on the top right corner, it looks like a crater being surveyed or a dig happening at the site. It reminds me of the beginning scene of Godzilla (2014) when Dr. Serizawa arrive to a mining site in the Philippines that caved in and revealed a skeleton of one of Godzilla's kin. It would be interesting to see if the show will explore more about the fossil in the Philippines or if this could be another dig site of other Titans that have passed on. In the movies, we have seen fossils of a few Titans. We have seen the skeleton of a Godzilla ancestor, a graveyard of Kongs, a skull of an unusually large triceratops (if that was even supposed to be a triceratops), and a skeleton of an unknown monster looking similar to Godzilla that had died from the axe that Kong wields to fight Godzilla. To learn how Monarch studies these fossils and what they do with them would be kind of interesting to explore.

That is my analysis on the teaser photo. Take note that this is all speculation and this is nothing like the marketing for Cloverfield. There aren't any clues that will take us to a website that leads to another website, which weaves into a story that happens before the story of the show. I'm not sure if all of these findings will tell us anything about the show itself and it could just be they're randomly placed without any context.

I want to know of your thoughts on the teaser image for "HourGlass." Do you think there are clues that could tell us about the show? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on the teaser image for "HourGlass." Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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Sep 13, 2022

The marketing for Godzilla 2014 when the M. U. T. O. website was first published online, with photos of holes in Russia and other images with electronic/radiation? interference inferred was clever IMHO. When it was just a mysterious word, phrase . . . M.U.T.O. and less than 30 second snippets of phenomenon. Then it became enter a line of computer code and a Kaiju name. It was very good at the beginning very cryptic less so as it went on more gimmicky at least in my opinion. It is long gone now with only articles about it remaining from just a cursory dig online for example

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