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First Look At PlayMates 11 Inch Godzilla And Kong Figures From Godzilla vs Kong

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

UPDATE 07/17/2020: Had to change pictures and reword the section on Kong as I had the wrong Kong figure to compare with.

This evening, Walmart has unveiled the 11" Godzilla and Kong figures by PlayMates Toys for their Godzilla vs Kong toy line on the store's website and are on sale for $20.00. If you want to purchase either or both of these, the links can be found at the bottom of the article.

The description for the toys reads:

Legends collide as Godzilla and Kong, the two most powerful forces of nature, clash in a spectacular battle for the ages! The monster war rages on the surface deep within our world as the spectacular secret realm of the titans known as the Hollow Earth is revealed!

When I look at the Godzilla figure, I have to say there are a lot of similarities with this figure and Jakks Pacific's 12" Godzilla toy for Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. However, there are some differences in the mold that makes PlayMates Toys stand out from Jakks Pacific like the face and Godzilla's posture. Even in one of my previous posts back in January, I mentioned PlayMates Toys recent releases for Godzilla figures looked like bootlegs. In my honest opinion, I like Godzilla's face on the PlayMates figure more than the Jakks Pacific. He doesn't look static and wide-eyed like in the Jakks Pacific figure and there is just a little bit more detail on the PlayMates figure. I was able to order one off of Walmart and the confirmation email has notified me that I will be receiving this toy by Saturday. So if it arrives on Saturday as scheduled, then I will take some pictures and do a review on it. Unless, Walmart changes the date of shipping to a different date like March or April 2021.

As for Kong, he does remind me of PlayMate's other Kong figure for Kong: Skull Island, but it looks so much darker with the brown paint and looking less menacing. He looks very unsure of himself where as the Skull Island figure has teeth showing, mouth wide open, and looks battle ready. I do also have him ordered and should arrive Monday. So same with the Godzilla figure, I will take pictures and write up a review for Kong unless shipping date changes.

Also tomorrow, Walmart will be showing off some exclusives toys that will be hitting stores. It is believed that this is where the Godzilla vs Kong figures from PlayMates Toys will be presented. If they do, I will do my best to not post any spoilers. I remember last year when Burning Godzilla was leaked I showed the picture of the toy and got into an argument with a buddy of mine over what is and isn't considered spoilers. I didn't realize Godzilla's burning form was how he defeated King Ghidorah in the movie. I did remove the picture afterwards, but this time no more mistakes. If I make a mistake and the toy is a spoiler I need you guys to let me know so I can remove the image.

Which do you like more, Jakks Pacific or PlayMates Toys? Are you thinking about picking up this figure or are you skipping and waiting for more to be revealed? Leave a comment down in the comments section on your thoughts on Walmart's unveiling of PlayMates Toys 11" Godzilla and Kong figures. Make sure to follow me on my Facebook, Twitter, and Minds pages to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

11" Godzilla: click here

11" Kong: click here


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