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Gamera: Rebirth Details, Trailer, And Figures Revealed At AnimeCon Japan 2023

The panel for Gamera: Rebirth at AnimeCon Japan happened last night and we got quite a lot for the most part. There is still no release date for the anime yet, but we finally got to see Gamera in action in a new trailer. On top of that, we also got reveals for the action figures in the S.H. MonsterArts line and in Bandai's Movie Monster Series line.

S.H. MonsterArts Gamera (2023):

Gamera returns in the S.H. MonsterArts line to celebrate the release of the upcoming anime. We got our first look at this incredibly detailed figure in its display case at the convention. Gamera stands at an average 6 inches tall, but if I were to judge at the pictures alone this version of the monster is probably the bulkiest version to date on screen and in figure form. The modeling of the figure is not only just based around the CGI assets of the character, but a skeletal model was created so the joints on the figure are arranged as calculated at the joint positions to allow a variety in range of movement.

Gamera (2023) will also come with a few accessories including:

  • A set of flight parts for Gamera's flight form

  • and a flight stand

The figure is set at the price of ¥13,750 ($105.18 USD) and will release in August 2023. Preorders for this figure will begin on April 6th.

As beautifully detailed as this figure is, you are not really getting a whole lot for the price. You will only be getting a flight stand and flight parts to go with this figure, which I feel is underwhelming. It would be worth it, in my opinion, if Tamashii Nations had included Gamera's fire breath effect part. I can see why it is so expensive as it is because despite the height of the figure it is very bulky. And as I stated, this is probably the bulkiest version of Gamera we will ever see on screen and in figure form. On the other hand, this is Gamera's first debut on screen. There has not been any Gamera content since Gamera: The Brave was released in 2006, which was 17 years ago. I just think Tamashii Nations should have went all out with this Gamera figure that includes all of the bells and whistles in the accessories.

Otherwise, this is a beautiful figure. I really love the blue/green highlights that contrast with the dark grey skin texture. I love just how menacing this Gamera looks. He really looks like he is about to kick some kaiju butt. I am thinking about picking this up. I have a feeling this Gamera figure will look great standing next to the Monsterverse Godzilla and Kong figures. I can see a lot of collectors buying this figure and having him posing with Godzilla in a fight scene that all of us wish to see happen one day. We will see what happens in the coming months if I really do come around to getting this figure or not.

Movie Monster Series Gamera, Jiger, and Gyaos: