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Godzilla: Singular Point Episode 9 Review

You can watch Godzilla: Singular Point episode 9 by clicking here or by going to

In a cocoon-like state, Godzilla evolves once again to new form while Salunga has been reported to have disappeared. Mei deciphers that the Ashihara Catastrophe is about to happen at any moment and that another Archetype is going to be needed to stop the catastrophe. Meanwhile, Jet Jaguar continues to fight off the hive of Kumonga while Yun, Haberu, and Goro try to find a way to escape the pier.

Godzilla's new form is called Godzilla "Terrestris", which is based on another classic monster called Gorosaurus. At least Godzilla is starting to look like Godzilla now. To be honest, the new form is basically Godzilla colored blue and yellow. The only thing that gives the hint that this form is based on Gorosaurus are the colors, Godzilla's face being long and narrow, and sprinkles of Gorosaurus's roar mixed in with Godzilla's roars. What blew my mind, however, was how Godzilla used his own blood to grab or swat away missiles. There is one moment where Godzilla looked like he was charging his atomic breath and this blue ring appears and suddenly there is this explosion of red dust that looks like a nuke was dropped onto the city. When you see that same explosion at the end of the episode, it is visually haunting to see. I hope that in the next four episodes, we do see more Godzilla action. At this point, Godzilla is here and he should be the main focus.

To everyone that wanted to see Kumonga in a new Godzilla movie or series, you finally got your wish. According to the show's official website, this bug is officially identified as Kumonga. Not Megalon nor "Kamanga" and not "Sarunga". When I first saw this monster in the trailer I thought it was Kumonga, but then after watching the recent episodes I started to think this was Megalon more than Kumonga. It has a lot of the characteristics to support the idea that this was Megalon with the drill arms, the wings, the horn, the mouth, the eyes, the antennae, and the beetle shaped body. I could recognize hints of Kumonga here and there, but not enough to recognize it as Kumonga. I even saw a couple of them with mantis arms, which I thought was interesting and hinted that some had Kamacuras features, as well. However, the case seems to be reversed as it is really Kumonga with features of Megalon and Kamacuras mixed into the design. But hey, you can finally celebrate with #KumongaConfirmed!

In terms of story, I am still sort of struggling to understand what is going on. They were talking about singular points across many universes going out of whack, the catastrophe that was predicted by Ashihara has already begun, Godzilla being the potential singular point. There were talks of using the orthogonal diagonalizer on Godzilla. The story is all over the place and I am losing interest. I would like some character development in this series please! The only character development we got in this episode is Professor Li believing Mei that they need an alternate solution rather than using the orthogonal diagonalizer and trying to save a cat from the Rodans. I do have to say that ending scene with Professor Li got dark really quick. There was this silence when Mei was trying to warn Professor Li to watch out for an incoming Rodan suggesting that something bad happened with this character. Could it be that Professor Li was killed or could it turn up that she is fine in the end? Who knows? Maybe we will find out that she is in a coma and she wakes up towards the end of the show. As for everyone else, show us something that tells more about these characters. Give me something that I can connect with these characters on a personal level. With four episodes left and the direction where Singular Point is heading, I don't think the show has any time left for these characters to develop enough for me to care.

What are your thoughts on the ninth episode of Singular Point? Did you like it, hate it, or somewhere in-between? What are your thoughts on Kumonga and "Terrestris"? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on Godzilla: Singular Point. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, and Gab to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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May 29, 2021

I don't care if someone/blog/studio calls it Kumonga or Colonel Sanders, it's non-subjectively mostly derived from Megalon with the drill foreclaws, head anatomy and color/pattern scheme.

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