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Godzilla V. Gamera Fan Film Praised By Fans

For quite some time, Godzilla fans and Gamera fans have always wanted to see these two monsters clash in a big budget film. Whether it was a collab between Toho and Daiei/Kadokawa or Gamera integrated into Legendary Entertainment's Monsterverse series. Fans have tried a couple of times to make their own Godzilla vs Gamera short, but none of them has really blown up with recognition among fans as this current one that was released on October 11th.

The video is titled Fan Art of Godzilla V. Gamera and is a minute and forty-five seconds short film that was made by one person that goes by the username UE's VFX on YouTube and @delta_area on Twitter and was made over the span of three months. He has also worked on another video called G vs. G, which is the Godzilla vs Gigan short film he did for the YouTube channel called Gemstone. Even though the video is very short, it is not the short length fight that fans are praising, but the visual work that was put into the video and how putting Gamera next to the Monsterverse Godzilla doesn't look as ridiculous.

The gist of what the video shows is Godzilla waking up from his nap down at the bottom of the ocean and then proceeds to attack Japan. There is a girl dressed in white robes holding a jewel and praying for Gamera to come rescue the city and Godzilla gets hit by a fireball while continuing his march through the city. Looking annoyed, Godzilla turns his attention to the sky and sees Gamera flying straight toward Godzilla. Godzilla responds with his atomic breath, which Gamera dodges, but then Gamera gets swatted by Godzilla's tail. Gamera gets right back up and the video ends with both Godzilla and Gamera roaring at each other.

I do really have to say, the visuals of this fan short film is very impressive. This is the quality level of CGI that people expect when watching a Summer blockbuster film from Hollywood. If I had no awareness of this video's existence until someone had shown it to me and told me it was a teaser for the next Monsterverse movie, I would believe it. It just looks that good. The video is just very detailed and cinematic despite how short it is. Even though the Gamera we see in the short film is from Gamera III: Revenge of Iris, I wouldn't doubt that if Gamera were to appear in the Monsterverse the monster would look something similar to that design and it just fits really well when put next to the Monsterverse Godzilla.

With this video, it really sparked more interest in seeing this cross-over actually come to fruition whether it is a collaboration between Toho and Kadokawa or by appearing in a Monsterverse movie. Either way, fans really want to see Gamera return and in a really big way. Gamera has not had a movie since Gamera: The Brave was released in 2006. Plus, Kadokawa really skipped out on releasing a new film for Gamera's 50th anniversary. They did release a proof of concept teaser back in 2015, which made many kaiju fans believe Gamera was getting a new movie only to be let down when a representative from Kadokawa stated that the teaser was the full film. Ever since 2015, fans have been begging to see Gamera return and this short fan film really stirred up conversations again to see Godzilla and Gamera meet face to face in a Hollywood style film.

Again, all credit goes to delta_area for the remarkable job with the visual effects he put into this video. I hope he gets a lot of recognition from either Toho, Kadokawa, or maybe even Legendary and that he gets work on a full length monster movie.

What are your thoughts on the Godzilla vs Gamera fan film? Did it make you want to see more in a full length film or would you rather see Gamera in a stand alone film? Do you think Gamera could work in the Monsterverse? Let me know in the comments section of your thoughts on the fan film and make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, and Gab to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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