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How Will Godzilla And Kong First Meeting Play Out

During the end credits of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters we see in the background newspaper clippings showing the aftermath. All of the monsters are awake and the planet is healing. Wild life that was on the verge of extinction have been repopulated, ancient plants ending world hunger, rainforests restored to their natural state, and even the monster's dung is looked at as an alternate viable source of renewable energy. However, strange happenings have been stirring on Skull Island and is declared unstable. This draws Godzilla and other monsters to the island and they are going to discover one unhappy ape.

According to the novelization of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters it explains what Kong has been doing during the time of King Ghidorah's reign. It even delves deeper into Kong's mind and his thoughts on the other monsters. It reads:

"He watched the smaller sun appear above. A breeze came, from some distant place, a place he did not know, with strange scents on it.

He heard the call.

He heard calls before. Not the enemies who killed his parents, the deep-dwellers. Others somehow more like him. When he was young, he did not hear them often. But in recent seasons the calls were more frequent. Once he had heard one of the others, near, very near the island. But it wanted nothing of him. So he did not care.

But this other wanted something. Wanted him to come. To hunt together.

And he heard responses. Many of them.

For a long time, each season was much like the next. The rains came and went. The animals of the island were born and died. And he went on as always.

But something had changed now. It made him restless. It made him a little angry. Change was not good.

Let them stay away from him, these others. He did not care about their places, their islands. Best they did not come for his.

He felt movement in the stone beneath him, and his anger grew brighter.

The deep dwellers heard the call, too. The crawlers with faces like bone that haunted his sleep. They were walking.

The quiet was over.

He scratched the itch on his ribs and began to hunt."

So we learn from the book that Kong is content with living alone. He does not seem to mind smaller animals as long as they don't cause any sort of racket that could potentially wake up the Skull Crawlers. Which is why we see Kong attack the expedition team in one instance and killing Samuel L. Jackson's character in a later scene in Kong: Skull Island. However, with all of the monsters outside of Skull Island waking up Kong's standing with them in his mind is that he is not going to roll out the red carpet. He is going to think Godzilla and the others are going to take over his home and has to fight for it.

So my belief is that the first round in Godzilla vs Kong will be a fight over territory. No matter what the reason is for Godzilla and the other monsters to come to Skull Island, Kong will demand them to leave. Even though Godzilla had to earn the title of king of the monsters, Kong is the king of Skull Island. That is his home and nothing is going to take it from him. He sees Godzilla and the other monsters as a potential danger. With this in mind, Kong will be the one who throws the first punch.

Godzilla, on the other hand, he has the role of king to fill and has to approach the monsters differently rather than jumping into a fight this time. At the end of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters he seems to be the forgiving type as long as the monsters behave. There was one article that even mentions Godzilla seen keeping other monsters in line. So at first glance, Godzilla is not going to see Kong as a threat, but just another monster that needs his behavior corrected. Godzilla and the other monsters were drawn to Skull Island because of an imbalance. Skull Island is unstable and could be on the verge of possibly sinking or destroyed and Godzilla can sense it. He wants to help restore the island and Kong is getting in the way. Godzilla will probably use his intimidation display and size up to Kong to scare him off. It will intimidate Kong a little bit, yet Kong is not going to just run. Kong is going to charge head on towards his target and lay the smack down on Godzilla. Once Kong throws the first punch that is when the fight begins.

This is just what I speculate will happen based on both Godzilla's and Kong's personalities and their agendas. Both have something to protect and both are willing to kill each other to protect it. But will they kill each other or will the victor decide to let the other live? That we don't know for certain until we see some footage.

How do you guys think they will meet? Do you think Kong will throw the first punch or do you think Godzilla will? Tell me your comments down in the comment section. Make sure to follow me on my Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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