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Ideas I Want To See In Cloverfield 2

I remember back in 2008, J.J. confirmed that a sequel to Cloverfield would be in the works if there are some ideas that he thought would work and would stay true to the first film. Since then, we saw 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Cloverfield Paradox. There were ideas that worked and ideas that didn't. With the next Cloverfield movie now in the works, there are only a couple of tidbits that we know about and those are that the next film will be a direct sequel to the 2008 movie and it will not be in the found footage style. So here are some ideas that I have that I would like to see explored in Cloverfield 2.

#1 Tagruato and T.I.D.O Wave

In the viral marketing for Cloverfield, there were two entities that were in opposition of each other: the Japanese mining company, Tagruato, and the environmental group, T.I.D.O. Wave. Like many environmental groups, T.I.D.O. Wave's mission is to protect the environment and have been trying to stop Tagruato's offshore mining operations. Due to T.I.D.O. Wave's interferences, Tagruato deemed them eco-terrorists.

If I remember correctly, T.I.D.O. Wave have been digging up dirt on Tagruato for years on their shady business practices. T.I.D.O. Wave discovered that Tagruato knew the monster existed and were using one of their drilling stations, the Chuai station, to study the monster and the seabed nectar, which is being used as an ingredient for their Slusho! drinks. However, the monster was disturbed from its slumber and destroyed the drilling station.

In the next movie, I would like to see all of this explored. I want to see how both Tagruato and T.I.D.O. Wave responded in the aftermath of the first movie. Did T.I.D.O. Wave get to expose Tagruato in court with the evidence they gathered? If so, was Tagruato punished for it or were they let off the hook? Or was Tagruato prepared for a legal battle just in case T.I.D.O. Wave tried to expose them?

#2 The Monster:

While we love some conspiracies and coverups, we must not forget about the monster that started the whole debacle in the first place. Here is what we know about the monster from Cloverfield and The Cloverfield Paradox.

  1. The Clover monster in Cloverfield is dead.

  2. The monster in Cloverfield was just a baby and Paradox has shown that a full grown adult can reach around 6000 feet tall.

  3. Clover comes from a different reality.

  4. and it carries dog sized parasites on its back.

Based on these four tidbits, there are still a lot of questions about Clover that we don't know about. If the monster in the first movie is a baby, then where is the mother/father? Will they be as big as the one in Paradox or will the size down the parent a few meters? Does Clover have any abilities that were not shown in Cloverfield and Paradox? If Tagruato knew about Clover, are there any other monsters Tagruato knew about and are currently studying?

#3 9/11 References:

The 1954 movie, Gojira, was a reminder of the horrors of the atom bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and ever since then the environmental and anti-nuclear themes have stayed consistent to present day. Cloverfield is a reminder of the horrors of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the next movie needs to keep the same theme to stay consistent. It has been thirteen years since Cloverfield was released and Cloverfield 2 needs to reflect the aftermath of the first movie. Imagine if in the sequel, the movie is set on the same day as the first movie and we see people in New York City surrounding a memorial to honor everyone that died and the news is replaying some of the clips of the monster attack as a way to remember those events.